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Martian Dreams

by Nakar

Part 1: Introduction

"At the Columbian Exposition of 1893, Astronomer Percival Lowell unveiled his Space Cannon."

"Before the greatest minds of his day, he proposed a Mission to Mars."

"But disaster struck!"

"The cannon discharged a day early!"

"With the leaders of the Victorian Era on board."

"Now YOU must rescue them from the Red Planet!"


"Come in!"

"Did you not send for me? I received a telegram urging me to come..."

"Friend? I came alone..."

???: "I have something you will find most interesting..."
"Hmmm? Papers, a map, and a book... about the Orb of the Moons!"

The Avatar and Warren Spector, being totally jaded to this sort of thing, don't even ask who this person was.

"Well then. Let's see what we have to work with..."

"The man on the left is Nikola Tesla, the inventor."

"I'm not sure, Doctor, but I suggest we follow the map and find out."

Pack your bags, kids, we're going to Colorado!

Despite appearances, this game is not a Sierra-style adventure game starring the Avatar and Warren Spector, although it's pretty much exactly as awesome as that one would have been.

"How do we begin?"
"The book says you must face a heading of 37 degrees."

"Right here, Doctor."
"Now toss the Orb eight feet in front of you."

"If these instructions are correct, it leads to this same spot in 1895."
"Shall we, Doctor?"

You might wonder why the Avatar and Warren Spector would just casually waltz into a time-traveling Moongate with no guarantee it will even be safe, but then again given who we're dealing with I suppose it would be tough to imagine them not doing this. Plus, Steve has shown incredibly poor Moongate judgment several times before.

"Soon, Doctor Freud, soon. The electrical accelerators must be properly adjusted."

"Mr. Tesla. I am Doctor Warren Spector, and my friend is the Avatar. We've travelled quite some... distance... to bring you this message."

"They might be anarchists, here to subvert our expedition... using stage magic to impress us and cover their entrance."
"Whether they snuck in is easy enough to check... Mr. Garrett!"

"Since they did not come in past you, they must have arrived from the future."

"Actually, Blood, the most compelling reason to believe them is this note."
"Oh? And just who wrote this compelling message?"
"I did, Doctor. Or, I WILL. The signature, I assure you, is genuine."
"Perhaps you could tell us about the mission, Mr. Tesla."
"Two years ago Percival Lowell assembled a scientific team to explore Mars... but his team has not signalled earth in over a year. Our purpose is to find out what happened to that expedition. And here is the final member of our team."

"I'm delighted to meet you both."
"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Bly."

The steampunk ladies can't resist Warren Spector.

"Now, if everyone will take a place in the space bullet, it is time for our departure. Ms. Avatar, Dr. Spector, if you have any further questions, I'll be happy to answer them when we arrive on Mars."

Character Creation

He sits down next to you, studying you intensely.
"Good day, I am Sigmund Freud. I have been meeting the other travellers. So I may know you better, I was wondering if you would mind answering a few questions. Since we have not been properly introduced, may I ask how you wish to be addressed?"
"A pleasure, Steve. I am continuing the research that I began in Vienna prior to joining this expedition. First, allow me to ask you this: With which of your parents do you most closely identify... your (A) father or (B) mother?"
"I guess my mother."
"Naturally. Most women see themselves as more like their mothers, while they are closer to their fathers. In fact, they see their mother as a rival for their father's affection. Now, Steve, lie back on your seat and get completely relaxed. Try to clear your mind and respond as you think proper. Personally, I do not think that you belong with us on this expedition. Does this statement (A) anger you, (B) frighten you, or (C) neither, because my opinion does not matter?"
"I guess A."
"I see that you are defensive. Probably the result of too strict toilet training as a child. Try to relax, Steve. Now answer this: You are planning a journey to see an old friend who is of the opposite sex. Are you looking forward to (A) a warm conversation or (B) a warm bath?"
"When we arrive on the Martian surface, we will assuredly need to explore our surroundings. Do you think we should (A) send out one of us as a scout, or (B) travel together as a group?"
"A, I suppose."
"Pretend that you have been commissioned to build a monument that exemplifies your beliefs in life. Would this monument be more like (A) a grand tower, or (B) a beautiful garden?"
"Uhhhhh, A."
"Hmmm. I must admit that your answers support a theory I have been creating. You are not alone in defying your womanly graces in favor of more masculine pursuits. I thank you for your answers, Steve. My research is proceeding well and I hope to publish my findings someday. Rest assured that I will not mention you by name as an example."

Which brings us... to Mars!