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Part 25: 1423-The Power of the Lord Protector

The Power of the Lord Protector

At the very beginning of 1423, in Firstmonth, Lord Protector Horus once again completed his work of mastery over the winds of the worlds, stilling winds for others and harnessing great winds for his own ships. The field forces of the Royal Army, which were journeying by ship to the node of Sorcery off the western coast of Dvergursheim, were thereby greatly delayed.

It was not long after, in Secondmonth, that a notable warrior and shaman of the Low Men arrived at one of the towers held by warriors of Greater Dvergursheim, seeking service with Queen Dagmaer and accompanied by an pack of wolves held in his thrall by his magic. Though he was a warrior of some skill, Dagmaer nonetheless chose to decline his services, judging that they would not be of any great value to her.

By Fifthmonth, the field forces of the Royal Army finally arrived at the island west of Dvergursheim, and marched forth to challenge the dangerous creatures living there. It soon proved that the node was home to three mighty spirits of Sorcery, such as the one the Army had challenged earlier on Westerland, and a great dragon, blue-scaled, of surpassing swiftness and size.

The spirits of Sorcery called upon their powers, setting a greater barrier to the use of spells against them and stripping Hrodvaldur of an enchantment that helped provide him with the strength and skill of greater experience in battle. Hrodvaldur, for his part, attempted to bolster the forces under his command with the power of the Stalwart Warrior, but the Sorcery that suffused the node did not permit his efforts to bear fruit.

Vigny and her scouts focused their shots upon the dragon, sending it crashing, dead, to the ground, shortly before reaching the front lines, while the elven combat magicians fought desperately against the spirits of sorcery, which dissolved and reformed to fall upon the rear of the Army. Though the magicians fought bravely, and purchased time with their deaths for Vigny and the scouts to fell two of the spirits of sorcery, all three companies were wiped out, and the last remaining great spirit assaulted one of the infantry companies.

Teleporting enemies, as always, are extremely dangerous to shooters.

Between the skills of the infantry and the shots of the scouts, the final spirit was destroyed, with sixteen of the infantry slain or maimed in the clash. Still, for all the costliness of the battle, it was a famous victory against formidable foes.

On the island, the survivors of the battle soon found an armory with two suits of magical armor and a sword limned with lightning. The suit of fine plate was claimed for the use of Hrodvaldur, as was the sword, with his old equipment returned by magic to Goldwash, as was the new suit of mail. With the prizes of victory claimed, the Army prepared to cross the channel back to Dvergursheim, there to seek rest, healing, and recruitment of replacements for their fallen comrades.

The month following, Shadowwood finally recieved the blessing of the Sagacious Counselor, as had Firesands in Thirdmonth. With this, every town of the kingdom was granted the wisdom and insight to share in the great prosperity of this modern era.

It looks like I didn't get a screenshot of Shadowwood getting Prosperity, although, at the time, I thought I had done so. Apologies for that.

The rest of the year passes peacefully enough, with the folk of Greater Dvergursheim laboring at their various trades. In Eleventhmonth, news filters to the kingdom of the efforts of the High Protector Horus to prove his great benevolence and authority, which has led to a great swell of support for his rule. Much of the lawlessness in the further reaches of his domain has been set to right, although Newcastle remains a center of smuggling and wrecking.

Over the course of the year, also, Horus has used his power to summon forth a brilliant light over Baronstown and Graystone, bathing the center of his rule in a radiance that leaves no doubt amongst his people of his favor with the gods.

Dagmaer's puppet-spirit, too, has spent this year further exploring the southern part of the land of the Wind Tribes, mapping the whole of the desert about Torwell.

The Kingdom of Greater Dvergursheim as of Twelfthmonth 1423

The population and prosperity of the kingdom continues to grow, and the power provided by the node of Sorcery has greatly increased the power available to Queen Dagmaer for her works of magic.

A major shipbuilding industry has flourished in Darkshore, and its importance as a trade port is growing. Merchant houses of the elves in Darkshore have been establishing themselves with the wealth provided by the town's endeavors.

The academy of magic in Blademarsh has been completed, and a great training grounds established for combat magicians in the town. Work has begun to recruit and train combat magicians here in Blademarsh, to join with the Royal Army and assist with future campaigns to pacify the dangers of Myrror.

Fangrock now enjoys great prosperity as a center of trade and shipping, providing many goods for the kingdom. Work has begun in the town on a massive temple complex, the largest structure in the entire town and adorned with every fine thing and work of art the artisans of the dragonkin can provide for it. This will provide a place of beauty and serenity, and a place where the meditative religion of the dragonkin can gather many monks for study.

The great academy of magic in Leer has been constructed, with teachers and texts it needs gathered to it. It shall open its doors to students within a month.

As in Bloodrock, priests in Darkhold have begun training in the use of Sorcery that they may monitor the whole district and remain informed of disorders and deceptions round about. The alchemical workshops for the region now operate at full capacity, doing great business in supplying the materials for works of magic.

Firesands has seen a surge of new prosperity and happiness with the blessing of the Sagacious Counselor, its folk better finding the opportunities to better their lives. Mines in the northern Stonespine mountains have been expanded over the past year, in the hopes that greater production of iron and copper from the mines can be of use in the forges of Firesands and further.

The alchemical workshops of Pyre now do great business, and a fine temple to the Four Bright Gods has been erected in the town over the past year. Word has been set forth for volunteers for Pyre's local militia, which should be built up to full strength quite soon.

The past year has brough great changes to Shadowwood, which has seen greatly expanded mining and forestry, as well as a growth of the number of savants in the town involved in the great correspondence of learning in the kingdom. The little temple of the Great Lady in the town has started a project of renovation, to be expanded and adorned with rich furnishings.

With the university at Bantanu opened, the study of many fields of learning in the town has grown greatly. With the chance to learn from the dwarves, Bantanu has adopted new principles of moneylending and accountancy that strengthen its businesses and merchants, while work to take advantage of advanced machinery and engineering in the town goes apace, with the work to develop triphammers and skilled architects and builders.

The mistrust of Dagmaer by the other wizards has, perhaps, deepened somewhat over the past year, while the Storm Tribes and Wind Tribes have recognised their kinship and concluded oaths of peace. Horus' mastery over the winds and the guidance he has sought from the gods in his rule is clear enough for all the wizards of the worlds to see.

In the embers of 1423, we can look forward to see 1424 approach us. The prosperity of the kingdom is well-assured for now, though what the future holds remains uncertain. May the next year continue in prosperity and peace!