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Part 53: Regarding the Span of Years of the Races

Regarding the Span of Years of the Races

The various races have to them allotted differing spans of years, beyond which few will live even under the best of circumstances unless they have the skill to stop the march of years upon their body through a very great skill in magic, held only by the great wizards. Worn by hardship, disease, and hunger, members of any race might live considerably shorter spans, violence, mischance, and childbirth might steal away life at any time, and, of course, disease slays many young children of every race before they reach their fifth year. The span of years of every race and kindred known to dwarves in the modern worlds is as follows:

For dwarves- two hundred twenty years.
For dark elves- two hundred ten years, and unlike any other race known they retain the vigor and beauty of youth up until the very last months of their lives. The high elves too retained their beauty and vigor through all their lives, though whether they yet survive is still unknown to me.
For dragonkin- one hundred years.
For goatkin- sixty years.
For centaurs- fourty years.
For minotaurs- eighty years.
For manticores- thirty years.
For gnolls- the hardship of their lives makes it difficult to know their true span of years, though it seems that few live past thirty-five as things stand. It is almost certain their true span of years is longer than this.
For orcs- seventy years, though their harsh society means that very few live longer than fifty years.
For high men- seventy years.
For halflings- eighty years.
For low men- sixty years.

These are the span of years of every race yet known. In time we may yet learn of more races.