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Part 55: Regarding Freya, Elvenqueen of the Wind Tribes

Regarding Freya, Elvenqueen of the Wind Tribes

Freya, the Elvenqueen, was born in 1303, and ascended the throne of the Wind Tribes in 1396 upon the death of her father. While she waited to ascend the throne, she slowly studied the lore of Nature magic, and married one of the few remaining high elves of her land, Jakob, to help replenish their numbers in 1350. Despite this marriage, she yet remains childless.

By about the time Freya ascended the throne, she had developed formidable skills in Nature magic, enough so that she could be regarded as a true wizard, at which point she began laboring to pacify the threats posed to the men she ruled. Her reign thus far has been relatively peaceful, save for the efforts against the various monsters of her land, although the Wind Tribes remain a relatively minor kingdom compared to the great kingdoms of the Fairlands, the Storm Tribes, or Greater Dvergursheim.

By temperament, Freya is relatively benevolent and fair-minded, ruling her subjects with a steady hand. Although she is rarely roused to anger without cause, once her anger is stirred she has been set and determined in punishing whatsoever wrong has been done, before returning to the studies that are her true love.