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Part 24: 3016-3041-The Gathered Might of the Republic

The Gathered Might of the Republic

"The twenty-five years following the destruction of the last Guardian of Orion saw a significant increase in Republican military strength. Over these twenty-five years, the Republican Navy went from four heavy combat ships to twelve heavy combat ships, and its existing heavy ships were upgraded to take advantage of advances in military technology. New colonisation was limited to the settlement of new worlds in star systems already inhabited by Humans, Gnolams, and Mrrshan."

"This period saw the formal dissolution of relations with the Council of Enlightened Matrons in 3019, leading up to a declaration of war in 3020 and the incorporation of the Elerian species into the United Republic in 3021. The advantage in the war was firmly with Republican forces, who were dealing with an impoverished and backward enemy. Following the annexation of the Elerians, their technology and standard of living was modernised, helping to liberate them from the stagnation and poverty of their former feudal-syndicalist system."

"The period also saw the first and only Antaran attack on Republican territory by four Antaran scouts escorting a light primary combat vessel headed for the colony at Crossroads. Elements of the Republican Navy were dispatched to intercept, and, in a battle in 3030, relativistic cannon fire from the Majestic destroyed all Antaran vessels in the raiding party before they could inflict damage."

"Amongst the important scientific breakthroughs of the time was the invention of generators for full stable hyperspace conduits by FREYA ATLASBUILT in 3032. This drastically reduced travel times within the United Republic, helping pave the way for the integration of our modern economic system. Although innovation and research continued actively, as it does today, this marked the beginning of a 'plateau' for Republican science, with further advances primarily being incremental refinements of existing theory and practice rather than fundamental breakthroughs, in a pattern that continues to the current day."

"Also worth noting was the growth of Republicanised elements of Sakkra noble, merchant, and scientific Lineages, culminating in Sardaur, the current Lord of the Nation of Qablu, marrying Commodore Lucy West, a Human Republican Naval officer. Sardaur had been beginning instituting legal reforms within the Nation of Qablu treating individuals rather than Lineages as having fundamental legal protections, and, following his marriage to West, his reforms and his attempts to seek allies amongst the other Lords of the Nations only accelerated.

By the time twenty-five years had passed, twelve Republican vessels, as well as Avenger, were on station in Sol, ready to pass into the pocket dimension the Antarans were imprisoned in. Confidence was high amongst the Republican people that victory over this ancient tyranny would be theirs."

- extract from A Survey of Republican History, 2697-Present, by Yara Hssar, published 3098 by University of Stessh Press

Wealth and innovation has continued to grow in the United Republic, although the concrete results of innovation have slowed as Republican scientists have unlocked many of the basic secrets of the universe. Republican population stands at approximately 318 billion Humans, 133 billion Klackon, 70 billion Mrrshan, 13 billion Elerians, 12 billion Gnolams, 3 billion Zetel, 2 billion Psilons, 64 million AIs, 48 million Sakkra, and 8 million Trilarians.

Foreign trade with the Nations has been steadily expanding as the Nations have grown in population. Other than the conflict with the Antarans, the galaxy exists in peace and harmony.

13 warships and a contingent of 80 million surface troops stand ready to assault Antares. The Majestic, Terrible, Invincible, Glorious, Courageous, Triumphant, Relentless, and Implacable have been manufactured by Williamson-Lin, while the Republic, Freedom, Constitution, and Justice have been manufactured by Republican Atlantic. The Majestic and Terrible serve as flagships for the Republican admirals leading the assault, while Loknar has transferred to the Invincible to help lead the assault against Antares.

Victory is nigh, but one final thing remains to be decided- do you people want one final planetary report, or shall we forget the planetary report and see Antares fall immediately?