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by nweismuller

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Original Thread: Let's Play the Human Electorate in... Master of Orion 2



Master of Orion 2 is one of the old classics of the 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) genre, developed by Simtex and published by Microprose in 1996. In it, new empires rise in a galaxy once dominated by now-vanished races, and struggle for eventual dominance over the galaxy.

As the electorate of the United Republic that has finally unified Humanity, however, we do not yet know that. Instead, we are looking to the first elections after the last remaining pockets of autocracy on Earth have been brought to heel by the United Republic, guiding Humanity into its future...

Spoiler Policy
I'm certain that many, and likely most, of us are fully familiar with Master of Orion 2. Nonetheless, in the interests of maintaining a certain atmosphere of discovery for whoever hasn't played Master of Orion 2 yet, I would appreciate refraining from discussing elements of the game I have not yet introduced.

Voting Policy
Please limit yourself to one vote per vote I request, and place your vote in bold for easy review on my part. Non-bolded votes will be ignored. As well, supporting any form of autocracy makes you look bad in front of the voters. A vote for Communists, Nazis, Kings, or Theocrats will lead to the vote being ignored.

Narrative Conventions
In the interests of my own belief in the fiction, I will refer to total population of planets as billions rather than millions, will treat each turn (which is ambiguous, in the game, whether it is one year or one tenth of a year) as one year so that population growth rates are approximately correct, and treat the starting year as 2700.

Table of Contents

Updates Lore, Propaganda, and Awesomeness
Anything linked here can be presumed to either accurately reflect some factual matters about the setting or be an actual cultural artifact (although the facts in pulp novels or propaganda may be open to dispute).
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