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Part 41: Republican surface military equipment ca. 2920

Pvt.Scott posted:

What's the current state of the United Republic's ground combat equipment look like? What kinds of guns and armor are we using, ground vehicles etc?

The United Republic standard infantry weapon is the Bauer-Faust Group BR-76, a rail rifle that launches dense metal darts at extremely high velocities against targets, supported by the AVR-12, a larger rail weapon with heavier projectiles designed to be effective against vehicle armor. Armor is the Advanced Modular Tactical Operations Suit, essentially consisting of tactical vest with Isozaki Metal inserts, equipment harness, and generators for a personal shield bubble, along with an Isozaki Metal helmet with integrated over-ear commo gear. The AMTOS is also capable of accepting a 'jump pack', which is a backpack unit that uses a countergrav generator and thrusters to permit rapid vertical movement to take positions on varied terrain. The three most important surface force combat vehicles are the 'Raven' transport craft, which fills a role similar to both an IFV and a transport chopper today, the 'Hoplite' heavy assault gunship, which is a heavily-armored, heavily-armed craft which can essentially be compared to a both ground- and air-capable main battle tank/heavy fire support vehicle, and the 'Valkyrie' air interceptor, which is a lightly-armored but very fast and well-armed vehicle. All these vehicles integrate countergrav, Isozaki Metal, shield generators, and rail weaponry as primary systems.

In game terms, we have Fusion Rifles, Tritanium Armor, Personal Shields, and Anti-Grav Harness techs affecting our ground combat, for a total ground combat bonus of +50.