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Part 34: Republican flag and party logos

rudatron posted:

Conservative. Well, the liberals have shown their true colors. It's not the glorious magenta of our united republic, that color never runs. No, liberals have revealed their true agenda - the disarmament of our society. Ships? Canceled (let's be honest, liberals never like Neil Armstrong). Troops? Fired (so crass!). Future? For sale (Working families need not apply).

I'll note that if the dominant color of the Republican flag was magenta, I would have chosen purple as our color in the game. The Republican flag is largely blue. The logo of the Conservative party is a stylised, 'futuristic' blue hawk or eagle, over the party name. The Social Democrat logo is a pair of hands cradling a stylised globe (latitude and longitude lines in a circle, only), in green, over the party name. The Liberal logo is a black lamppost shedding yellow rays of light, over the party name. I'd do art for them myself, if I had any talent at all for computer graphics.