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Part 46: A brief guide to the galaxy ca. 2940

If, like me, you've been having a hard time keeping the commonwealth from the council or telling who was the star empire, you'd appreciate a:

Guide To The Galaxy: 2940

(Clockwise from Ninsar)

United Republic, Human, Blue on map. That's us!
Enlightened Council of Matrons, Elerian (Alien Ladies), Brown on map.
Klackon (Bugs!), Red on map. Xenophobic, nor cuddly.
Union of Peace, Psilon (Scientists), Yellow on map. Currently no contact, last seen at war with Klackon. We should probably do something about that.
The Sakkra Nations, Sakkra (Saurians), White on map. Dinosaur Law and Dinosaur Love. Currently fairly friendly.
Star Empire, Trilarians (Squid folk), Purple on map.
Commonwealth of the Compact, Gnolam (Theocratic Capitalist Gnomes!), Orange on map.
Unified State, Mrrshan (Cat people), Green on map. Cat people, fascist cat people.

Foreign Relations, 2940:

For those who are curious, home systems and government structure of the races in this galaxy:
Humans: Sol, representative liberal democracy.
Elerians: Draconis, militarist syndicalist feudalism.
Klackon: Kholdan, species empathy-based 'communism' or 'hive'.
Psilons: Mentar, technocratic administrative dictatorship.
Sakkra: Sssla, clan-based patriarchical feudalism.
Trilarians: Trilar, enlightened hereditary absolute monarchy.
Gnolams: Gnol, theocratic state with a strong capitalist culture.
Mrrshan: Fieras, absolutist totalitarian militarist state.