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Part 2: 400-420 YE-New Industries, New Innovation

New Industries, New Innovation

Over the first two decades of the 400s, investment and development of new equipment and methods for industry on Nares proceeded relentlessly, with the industrial base of the planet significantly modernised by approximately 415. Sophisticated robotics far extended the output of the relatively tiny heavy industrial workforce, helping increase the output of durable goods and bolstering the real income of the planet. The dropping prices for hardware led to a steady wave of investment of modernisation in information systems across the planet, tracking the new innovations in electronics that seemed to be coming increasingly quickly as time went on. The prosperity of Nares steadily marched forward.

In 406, Salen Personal Vehicles introduced the first high-performance void-ready small craft. These small vessels are primarily engine, with a control chamber mounted on a framework around the spinal engine containing a heavily-cushioned shock couch for the pilot, along with high-output attitude thrusters on the frame. Although these are of little practical use, being unusable in atmosphere and lacking the range for travel outside of orbit, nonetheless orbital flying as a recreation became a passion amongst a significant subculture on Nares, with professional racing and precision maneuver demonstrations emerging within a decade of the introduction of the craft.

Fighter Pilot will improve both offense and defense of fighters in the fleet with this leader, while Helmsman improves the defense of actual ships. Not a bad leader with a Fighter Bays start.

Continued improvements in electronic and computing technology led to a new generation of guidance computers for small craft by 418, along with many incremental improvements in existing consumer and business computers and electronics. Experiments into efficient and effective optical computing are already underway, and are expected to totally revolutionise the computing industry on Nares when they are unveiled.

Narestan Civilisation as of 420 YE

Nares now has a population of nearly 9.8 billion persons, with an agriculture sector now employing an estimated 250 million to support the growing population. Real prices of durable goods have fallen with the revolution in industrial technology on Nares, while the new industry of personal voidcraft has appeared from nothing within the past 15 years. Powerful and compact computing technology has begun to be more pervasive than it already was in the Information Age society of Nares. Incremental investment in new technology should minimise the time needed to implement optical computing on a wide scale when it finally becomes practical.

Now that we have 5 production per turn on Nares, we can save it up for future improvements. Because of the way production switching works in Master of Orion 2, using a Colony Base as a store of production in the early game helps us more efficiently get early improvements in place, which is something of a big deal this early in the game.

Innovation continues at a similar pace as it has for the past two decades, rapidly bringing new technologies and new applications, given the heavy investment into R&D and the rapid adoption of new ideas and new devices by the Narestan populace. Investment capital continues to accumulate, with 24 trillion credits being saved up per year. Despite the activity in the orbit of Nares, Narestan activity still remains firmly focused on that single planet, for now. It is anticipated that the next decades will bring new and significant changes to the planet, but only time will tell what the future will bring.

Investment Proposals

Void Piloting Sporting Leagues
Interest amongst both prospective pilots and audiences in high-precision voidcraft events is high, although it is possible that audiences could grow even larger. With sufficient revenues to support high-grade training and equipment, the development of Narestan piloting talent and a tradition of void flight could be greatly accelerated. All this, ultimately, depends on just how popular these sports are.
Please vote on whether to hire our new expert pilot leader.

Space Technology, Exploration, and Colonisation
As Nares grows more developed, its ability to support large-scale space exploration and colonisation will grow steadily greater, and large-scale investment into space technology is likely to happen within a decade, following anticipated revolutions in computing and agriculture. That said, whether Narestan investors and colonists will focus on an immediate drive to colonise Sedal or focus more heavily on exploration of nearby stars in hopes of better prospects first remains uncertain. Colonisation of Sedal is likely to be considerably cheaper, but Sedal itself is a planet of only modest attractiveness.
Please vote on colonisation of Sedal as soon as we have the technology and infrastructure in place to support it, or focus on immediate scouting in hopes of better worlds.

Changes are slowly accelerating on Nares, and slowly its people look to the stars as the last barrier to their ambition.