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Master of Orion II

by nweismuller

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Original Thread: Let's Get Incredibly, Ludicrously Rich in... Master of Orion 2



Master of Orion 2 is an old classic of the 4X genre, which I have previously visited in a prior Let's Play: If you want detailed discussion of basic mechanics of Master of Orion 2, my earlier LP is probably a better introduction to the game. This run through will be focusing on one of the things you can do with the custom race design system.

The Narestan people have a long history of relative peace and prosperity, and as their technology advances, they believe that the future shall only be brighter...

Spoiler Policy
Knock yourselves out- I'm not keeping any secrets this time around. That said, don't necessarily assume you can guess my interpretation of future events.

Voting Policy
Please bold any votes. Bear in mind also that the Narestans are individualistic to a literally inhuman degree- insofar as they have 'politics' they'd tend to view almost the entire spectrum of Human politics as unnaturally authoritarian and socialistic, and most votes cast will explicitly be glossed as private investment decisions that have nothing to do with their apparatus of law, and should be formulated as such if presented in an IC format.

Narrative Conventions
Population units, as before, are treated as billions rather than millions, and the starting year will be presented as 400 YE (Year of the Era of Exploration; the beginning of which was marked by the discovery of a major new continent on the planet of Nares).

Table of Contents

400 YE-That Blue Jewel, Nares
400-420 YE-New Industries, New Innovation
420-440 YE-Beyond the Luminal Constant
440-460 YE-Horrors in the Void
460-480 YE-Trade and Traffic
480-500 YE-Trade on Alien Shores
500-520 YE-Life in the Machine
520-540 YE-The Years of Isolation
540-560 YE-The Birds and the Bears
560-580 YE-The Changing of Worlds
580-600 YE-The Guardian of Orion
600 YE and beyond-The Beginning of the Long Peace

Supplemental Material

The Narestan Species and Culture
Heavy Lift Vehicles, Orbital Lighters, Freighters, and Communications Probes- Communications and Trade in Early FTL Societies
Shipkillers, Laser Cannon, and Attack Boats- The Basic Theory of Void Combat
Sedesen Fine Imports
Historical Files- The Great Wars on Nares
Currency Markets, Insurance, Security, and Adjudication in Narestan Civilisation
Assorted Lore Compilation
The Feast: a sequel to Thanksgiving
Economic Technologies, Institutions, and Methodologies of the Known Galactic Region, YE 600
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