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Part 13: The Narestan Species and Culture

The Narestan Species and Culture

The Narestans are gracile, gray-or black-skinned mammalians with nearly hairless bodies- most of their hair (which is black) is found on top of their heads, somewhat similar to Humans. On average, they are very slightly shorter and rather thinner than Human averages, but have a relatively larger cranial cavity. Psychologically, Narestans are calm, rational, calculating, and deeply, deeply individualistic- by Human standards they would often be considered 'cold' and 'selfish', although likewise fair-minded and essentially entirely free of defects of cruelty, envy, or sadism. They are highly intelligent, channeling this intelligence both into abstract intellectual pursuits and, especially, economic and commercial ventures- the Narestan economy is extremely entrepreneurial, highly innovative, and exceptionally fluidly responsive to consumer demand and variations in real market conditions, enabling a lifestyle of almost startling wealth for the vast majority of Narestans. Narestan risk-aversion and lack of any real spirit of 'patriotism' or 'self-sacrifice' cripples them in military and espionage endeavors- Narestan security professionals in high-risk fields demand immense sums, forcing reliance on inefficiently high levels of automation in those fields. For only one example, reliance on swarms of drones with only minimal manned backup despite the relative vulnerability of drones is typical of Narestan ground tactics.

The Narestan 'government' is not, strictly speaking, a 'democracy', largely because it is not, strictly speaking, a 'government'. Widely interlocking series of arbitration agreements and customary law serve as the governing authority over Narestan society, locally enforced by security firms competing on an open market on price and service for the business of other individuals and firms. In the case of disagreement between different security firms, resort to neutral arbitration is typical. Personal and economic liberty in Narestan society is extremely high, while internal security on a society-wide level is largely non-existent.

The Narestans are, thematically, the anti-Klackons. Where the Klackons exemplify collectivism, and leverage the percentage bonuses granted by Unification through inherent bonuses to agriculture and industry, the Narestans exemplify individualism, and leverage the percentage bonuses of Democracy through inherent bonuses to science and money. As of the start of the game, with all bonuses accounted for, each Narestan population unit generates 3 BC and each Narestan population unit on research generates 6 RP, tripling and doubling base output respectively.