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Part 16: Sedesen Fine Imports

Sedesen Fine Imports

Rifles, Enamel Artworks, Data Records, and Curios of Mrrshan Origin

[image: A table spread with several rifles, enamel plates, and various knick-knacks of alien origin.]

With the opening of Mrrshan markets, the products of an entirely alien tradition of arts and culture now can be brought to the Narestan consumer, and Sedesen Fine Imports is very pleased to offer a selection of Mrrshan consumer items to its customers.


Mrrshan personal armaments are products of a tradition of deep craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Even the simplest and cheapest models we have imported, if simple in design, sport excellent accuracy at all effective ranges and are fine items for the dedicated marksman. More elaborate examples of the craft exhibit hand-customised components, engraving, and inlay to create weapons that are themselves one-of-a-kind works of art.

[image: A rifle with a reddish wooden stock, darkened steel barrel, and brass accent fittings. The stock is carved on either side with elaborate knotwork designs, while engraved lines down the barrel inlaid with gold make a striking contrast to the dark metal.]

Enamel Art

A long tradition in the dominant Mrrshan culture of decorative art is of decorative enamel plates set into the walls of dwellings. The vivid colors and striking scenes depicted help provide a window into a culture very different from our own.

[image: An enamelled ceramic plate, about a foot on a side, done in bold colors with stylised forms, depicting a Mrrshan in metal helmet and metal-reinforced leathers, plunging a spear into the throat of a shaggy beast larger than he is, with long claws and teeth. The claws and teeth are very white, and the blood flowing from the spear wound very red.]

Data Records

A sampling of the literature, music, and images of famous artworks and architecture of Mrrshan history are available for study and enjoyment. The library of translated literary works is still limited, but self-study courses for Mrrshan languages are also available.

[image: A computer screen covered in text in an alphabet unfamiliar on Nares.]

Assorted Curios

Artifacts of Mrrshan daily life and culture of various sorts are available for the collector. Check our online catalogue for what is available with current shipments.

[image: Mrrshan garments, tablewares, vases and pots, and jewellry, spread for display.]

Sedesen Fine Imports- bringing the alien into the homes of the public.

[data address: Sedesen Fine Imports network site, Nares planetary network]