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Part 30: ARC III: Part 8: Takes Two Asses.

ARC III: Part 8: Takes Two Asses.

We rejoin Cade in his dorm room the next morning, and head to history class. There, Professor Tyer informs us the test today should hopefully be less controversial than the guest speaker and Cade moans that he forgot all about it. Anyway, I'll write out the questions and show the answer selection.

1. Name the famous Gallian Lord and General who led the attacks on Rellenia.

2. Name the Queen of Rellenia at this time, who fought on long after her husband had been killed.

3. Name the leader of the rebellion within the city of Gallia.

4. Name the Chairman of Gallia's Council who died under mysterious circumstances.

5. Who replaced this Chairman after his demise?

First time Ariel's name has come up in this game.

6. What catastrophic event in history did the Gallians use as justification for their rule?

7. Before being renamed to honor the elven queen, what was the name of the port Gallia established overseas?

8. What criticism did many Gallian officials have for General Lysander after his promotion?

9. For approximately how many years did Gallia rule?

10. What document symbolized a partnership between Gallia and the necromancers' guild?

A scene late but thanks game.

Next it's time for an interrogation!

Shut up!!

We left her behind this time. The guards were afraid if she got worked up this place might be on fire... again.

I've still got some questions, and it's time for answers.

I'm not saying one damn thing!

Is that so? Fine then. I'll do the talking for now. We know more than you probably think, anyhow.

W-what's that mean?

That symbol you wear... I've seen it before. A couple times, in fact. You work for The Hand, and by extension, Equipment King.

I don't know what you're talking about! I don't know nothing about no Equipment King!

Oh, don't embarrass yourself. You all work pretty well as a team. We saw firsthand what you were able to do in Port Arianna... and we heard about what went on in Rellenia.

I had nothing to do with any of that!

For once, you're right. It's clear that The Hand would always have to keep some agents in this general area... To keep track of what was going on at the monastery if nothing else. Judging from your... erratic behavior, it seems clear you've been stationed in the forest for awhile now.

These... these are all just assumptions, man!

There's a distinct pattern Equipment King ues. They set their sights on a town, and all of a sudden trouble starts. People get scared, so they want weapons and armor. Equipment King comes in and gives gear away for almost nothing.

You knew there was a fire elemental here, so you set fire to this place knowing she'd be blamed. Isn't that right, slimeball?!

I'll handle this part, Baron. Takes practice.

It doesn't seem that hard.

Those are all the things I know, but there's still plenty that I want to know. Who leads The Hand? Who handles communication between your group and Kovak's?

You're nuts if you think I'll tell you any of that!

Pearlton, Rellenia, Port Arianna. They're all on this same continent. That means The Hand's base has to be nearby. Where is it?

Ha! I'm almost tempted to tell you just for the satisfaction of knowing how fast you would get killed!

I'm not so sure about that. You weren't all that much of a challenge.

You just don't get it, do you?! You think I'm the best they have? Not even close!


I'm almost at the bottom of the ladder, man! Why do you think they make me prowl around this forest all the time? You have no idea how powerful the higher officers are! Your swordplay and his gunslinging wouldn't do you a bit of good!

Well, who are these all powerful leaders? Tell me!

Not a chance!

He's not caving. Should I try again?



Look Torin, you may feel defiant now, but I'm not sure you grasp how much trouble you're in. We caught you right in the act. With that kind of evidence, you'll be cooling your heels in this cell for a long time. You work with us and it could lead to some leniency.

Leniency. Right. You know who won't be lenient? Anyone in The Hand if they knew I gave them away. Forget it, man.

Fine. We'll be back, and next time we bring Zala. She can focus her fire very carefully if instructed.
I wonder how serious Stoic is here... He is kind of pragmatic and ruthless.

Wha? What's that mean?

Oh, I think you'll find out. Come on, Baron.


Hopefully soon. Don't forget, though, they have never seen any need to market to customers outside of this general area.

Yeah... maybe you're right. I guess it can be a lot to take in when you've been sheltered your whole life.


Cade leaves class just in time to see some old guy finishing up a chat with Gabriella.

I forgot that he was on the board of directors.

He just doesn't think sometimes. Why would I want anything in that dinky little office?

Come find me after, okay?


Well, bye for now!

Finally! To the Tower of the Sun!

Gah! The kid that has a crush on Selene is messing things up for us!


STUDENT: Shh!! We need to make him feel safe!

POET: My poem is called "Lifeless Abyss." Ahem...

I have nothing left to live for.
I have driven away all who I loved.
Nobody can truly see
I am a lifeless abyss.
I love this game.

STUDENT: Stunning!!

What the hell... that doesn't even rhyme.

Phew... you startled me.

Do you like poetry?

Cade glances at the poet and then back at Evrind.

I'm not sure anymore. What is this, anyway?

This? They do this every couple of days. I know what's really going on here, though.


You're trying to skip our class!

Yeah, you caught me!

Well, you lucked out. Our instructor was feeling under the weather, so class was cancelled.

I was just embarrassed after yesterday's class. I looked like a fool.

No need to feel like that. It's not easy. It'll teach you a few tricks now. Come on!

You will?

Yeah! We'll use the training area outside the building. Let's go.


How did you know?

I can tell by your movements. It's like our instructor said. You aren't comfortable relying only on your hands and feet... because you've never had to.

I suppose not.

You've got the potential to be a perfectly capable monk. I've seen that you move swiftly and are almost unnaturally light on your feet.

That does come in handy.

No doubt. Let's work some more on counter attacks.

You're fast enough to dodge, but you wait too long to attack.

I moved to attack as soon as I got out of your way!

Exactly. That isn't what you want to be doing. In combat that is this fast-paced, the key is anticipation.
It will be not enough to simple strike after you have dodged me. You have to begin your attack in advance, knowing where I will be as you dodge.

I see what you mean about my past training now. I wouldn't be feeling so vulnerable if I had a weapon.

Confidence in the power of your own raw physical strength and agility is part of becoming a monk.

Cade messes up again.

Still not early enough. Try again.

This next time, Cade actually does land the hit on Evrind.

Good! That was it! That's what you need to do every time.

Forgive me for blocking, but I saw the force behind that blow... it looked like I would have been in for quite a bit of pain.

No need to apologize. Still, I don't understand how you are the same class as me and not already a full-fledged monk.

I wouldn't go that far... But the advantage I have mostly comes from my brother.

He was a student here?

He loved it here. Especially the chapel. That was his favourite place.


Yeah. He hated to leave the monastery, even though everyone here knew he would go far.

"I feel like I'm just following in his footsteps."

... Dican?

Where... where is he now?

He's dead.


You said you were from Port Arianna, right?


That's where the funeral was. I took a carriage up there so I could attend. It wasn't a very good turnout. There was some huge music event going on in town around that time.

I'm... I'm sorry for your loss.

You ever hear of those two guys who hang around the port in costumes?

I have.

Everything I heard made it clear they had something to do with it. I wouldn't mind settling the score, but I didn't want to put my studies on hold.
I'm sorry... This is a lot to dump on you, I know.
You know what, though? Helping you out kind of makes me feel a little better about it... because he used to help me in the same way.
It's almost like... keeping his memory alive.

Well... uh... Glad to be of assistance.

Let's get out of here and grab some food or something.

Yeah... sure.

Ha! It's a shame you won't be here to see it. Where are they sending you again?

To the northeastern shoes... The Terr Mountain area.

At least you'll be able to enjoy the scenery.

Perhaps... then again, perhaps not. I was led to believe I would not be spending much time outdoors.

Doesn't that sound dreary. You sure that's worth your time?

Yes. My own discomfort means little when weighed against the possibility of making a real difference.

So that's the glamorous life of a monk, eh? They can keep it!

Ha ha ha! Just wait until they want you to shave off your hair!
I brought this up during The Way LP when talking about the themes of both The Way and this game and how while they're far from perfect games, they are games I love as though they are. Master of the Wind has some themes beyond the racism, capitalism, education things, and the biggest one is dealing with the past. The story is all about the consequences of the pasts of people and nations. The other big theme is that... well, bigots aren't often bigots for no reason, and they're not all inhuman monsters. They might act like it from the perspective of non-bigots but... they have relationships, hopes, dreams and feelings. Volrath goes out of his way to humanise most of the antagonists in this series to some degree.

And I want to make clear I'm deliberately referring to it as 'humanising' and not 'make sympathetic' or something.


It's nothing important.

Okay... I was just wondering if you wanted to have a sort of late lunch with me tomorrow!

That sounds pretty nice... What gave you that idea?

Tomorrow is the last day of class and I was really hoping for some way to unwind.

I have a busy day tomorrow too. Comparative religion and our history class. It sounds like a nice break.

Great! So we'll meet outside the main building tomorrow after class!
Gabriella starts to leave but stops and turns back to Cade.

I guess.

You know... You could talk to me about whatever it is if you wanted... I'm your friend.

It isn't worth worrying about right now. Let's just focus on getting through our classes tomorrow and having a nice time afterwards.

Okay... Good night.


He has a deep fear of you for some reason, so I expect it to be very effective.
Finley's sitting there making cracking noises, presumably from his fingers.

What do you mean "For some reason?" Everyone with any sense fears me!

We're trying to have a conversation here! Do you need to crack your fingers so loudly?

B-Man, in dangerous matters, you undermine my exercise at our peril.


I need to keep my fingers in top shape!

Can you at least do it somewhere else?

Fine, I will.

"and once Cade returns with some hard evidence from the monastery, we'll finally have the upper hand against Equipment King."

Do you think he will be able to find something?

You don't know him. He won't stop until he does. I'm sure that's why he's been gone so long.
He's only trying a little here and there because he's too busy enjoying school life. Sorry, B-Man!

What will be your next move?

We'll take the information to the local government in Port Arianna, and perhaps Rellenia as well.
Would you like to come with us? Kovak and The Hand will do whatever they can to try and subdue us. You would be a great help.

It has been good to see you again, but I'm afraid I have to decline your offer. To be honest, I'm not very eager to be swept up in another adventure right now.
There are other things that I have planned... People and places I would like to see.

I understand.

I'm just not a very reliable person these days, Bones. *Chuckle* Those Toutens probably will expect me to return to them, but I doubt I will.

Wha? Toutens?

Yeah. You've heard of them?

... Of course. You're the "Old Lady" they mentioned.

That's what they call me?! Those rude little punks!

They actually said you might have information about The Hand.

They just think I know everything. I can give you background about Gallia... but you already know all that.

Too well.

I do have one suggestion for you, though. If you find that you need more information, you should get on a ship and head north to Boreal.

Boreal? You're right... I didn't think of them.

The leaders of that place have always been pretty astute... they keep a lot of records on world affairs.

I'll keep that in mind, but I am hoping this will be enough. Things could get out of hand if we don't put an end to this soon.
So... Boreal. I guess that means we might be seeing the telepathic, winged holy mage who once magically dueled Ariel again. Dasani, the mayor of Boreal.


"They tried to get me to rat on everyone else, but no dice! I knew someone would spring me eventually. I'm glad it's you. You're like me...
And people like us have to stick together!"

There's a long pause.

Well, hurry it up!
That is why you're here, right? To get me out of here?

Torin steps back just as the Sparrow phases...

And next time, I think schools finally out!!!!!!!

the end