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Original Thread: The Guild of Ethical Necromancers Endorses This Master of the Wind LP!



Sometime in 2005, the beloved 'The Way' series was wrapping up.
Sometime in 2005, 'Laxius Power 3: The Final Terror' burst into the RPGMaker community's collective awareness and nicked a whole load of awards from The Way (Or so certain people believed. Looking at you Emperor Jeramyu). It was quickly shunned as an embarrassment despite its tremendous victory, in the hopes everyone would forget it and its creator existed someday.

I already told The Way's story, and I don't feel ready to do the Laxius Power story just yet...

But while this was happening, another series that would earn its place as a beloved, Misao Game of The Year Award winning series (it won twice even, like The Way) was beginning. November 2005, 'Arc I' of this new series came out.

It was called Master of the Wind.

It deserved those awards, completely.
(Master of the Wind does its best to use every variation of the main Bubba Ho-Tep theme but fails. Still, six of them isn't too bad!)

How to describe this game in a way that sounds appealing? A friend of mine that has also played the series suggested 'The Witcher' except you play as two guys cosplaying as superheroes. Also they fight capitalism, and lots of cheesy rock music is used for the score.
Fantasy superheroes confront criminals, and then capitalists and human supremacists is probably just about right. Also there's a necromancy guild filled with completely trustworthy and ethical necromancers!

Our two primary heroes are Cade and 'Bones'.
Cade's a Wind Mage and uses that magic as a stand-in for superpowers under the guise of Shroud.
'Bones' is a skeleton. The undead kind, not some strange race or fantasy robots. His alter ego is Stoic whose superpower is wearing a cape and bandana while being a skeleton.

This is a long series, longer than The Way for sure. Like The Way it's a story focused game, but unlike The Way it doesn't fuck its gameplay up pretty badly by virtue of being pretty standard stuff. The plot is a lot more straight forward than The Way and it's even completely finished and not just 'sort of finished?'

The game has some genuinely heartbreaking moments in it, but also plenty of humor. One warning though, the story does take a bit to really get going.

ARC I: It Begins With Andau.
ARC I: Part 2: World Building OR The Game Wears Its Heart On Its Sleeve.
ARC I: Part 3: War Heroes.
ARC I: Part 4: Andau.
ARC I: Part 5: Touten and Tiger.
ARC I Finale: Should we call you both Stoic and Shroud or Shroud and Stoic?
Clean Slate Part 1: Seth and the Council.

ARC II: Sellout.
ARC II: Part 2: Never Argue Politics and Ideology With Your Girlfriends Friend.
ARC II: Part 3: Beach Combers.
ARC II: Part 4: Dican.
ARC II: Part 5: Meet the Villains.
Clean Slate Part 2: The History Lesson Within A History Lesson.
ARC II: Part 6: Setup for the Party.
ARC II: Part 7: Finley Gets Serious.
ARC II: Part 8: Daydream's Debut and Rana's Question.
Clean Slate Part 3: Lysander's Abuse of Women.
ARC II: Part 9: Setup For The Raid.
ARC II: Part 10: Behind The Music.
ARC II: Part 11: Face the Music. (I mean come on, what else could I title this?)
ARC II Finale: Never Underestimate Birds Or Skeletons.
Clean Slate Part 4: The Big Fortress on Dwarven Land, the Elven Lands and the General of Light.

ARC III: Finley Donner Must Die.
ARC III: Part 2: The Birth of Shroud.
ARC III: Part 3: Pearlton.
ARC III: Part 4: My Lodite To Burn. (This 'joke/pun' doesn't even work or make sense on any level.)
ARC III: Part 5: Time for School.
ARC III: Part 6: More of a rant, really.
ARC III: Part 7: The Baron's Big Debut!
ARC III: Part 8: Takes Two Asses.
Clean Slate Part 5: The Last Nightmare.
ARC III: Part 9: The Spell With The Ominous Name.
ARC III: Part 10: Preparing For A Freezing Vacation!
ARC III: Part 11: Terrible News!
ARC III: Part 12: Cade and Auburn.
ARC III Finale: A Song of Ice And Fire And Death.
Clean Slate Part 6: Rebel Scum.

ARC IV: A Helpful Messenger.
ARC IV: Part 2: Ruins of Rellenia.
Clean Slate Part 7: The Gathering.
ARC IV: Part 3: The Necromancer.
ARC IV: Part 4: House by the Sea.
ARC IV: Part 5: And Now For Something Completely Different.
ARC IV: Part 6: Force of Un-nature.
ARC IV Finale: The Die Are Cast.

ARC V: Re-Introduction.
ARC V Part 2: Everyone's Got Their Own Plans.
ARC V Part 3: The First Flashback.
ARC V Part 4: Over and Under.
ARC V Part 5: Affirmative Knighthood.
ARC V Part 6: Volrath Blacksteele, The Dark Knight.
ARC V Part 7: Volrath's Castle
ARC V: Part 8: Freaking Skeletons, Man.
ARC V: Part 9: The Forrest Gump of Solest.
ARC V: Part 10: The Sixth Age.
ARC V Finale: The Upset.

ARC VI: Villains Ascendant.
ARC VI Part 2: Into Trouble.
ARC VI Part 3: And Into The Tower.
ARC VI Part 4: And into the Sun and the Wind both.
ARC VI Finale: Heroes Ascendant.

ARC VII: The Great Awakening.
SUPPLEMENTARY UPDATE: The Guardia Hall of History.
ARC VII Part 2: The Great Aftermath.
ARC VII Part 3: A Start.
Clean Slate Finale: A New Solest Struggles To Be Born.
ARC VII Part 4: The Midnight Guild.
ARC VII Part 5: Auburn.
ARC VII Finale: Battle for Rellenia.
Master of The Wind: Bonus Scenes.

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