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Original Thread: Time moves forward; nothing changes. Let's Play Max Payne 3!



Max Payne 3 is a third person shooter developed by Rockstar Vancouver and published by good old Rockstar Games. It was mercilessly ripped from the hands of the makers of Max Payne 1 and the original version of 2, Remedy Entertainment- by which I mean voluntarily handed over so that they could work on Alan Wake- and is now completely theirs. There is unfortunately no Wanted Stars system in Max Payne 3. It was released on PS3 and XBox 360 simultaneously in May 2012 with a PC release a few weeks later. Recently it was ported to OSX in June as well! There's even a Linux version! This game runs on pretty much everything but the Wii.

It follows the story of happy-go-lucky retired cop Anders Detling, who has come to Brazil to help the children of Sao Paulo find refuge outside of their run-down favelas and innoculate them to prevent the spread of malaria among the poor (and because his wife told him to get out of the house). Along the way he runs into some crazy gun-toting guy named Max Payne a couple times.

But ACTUALLY, in the series' tradition of film-noir storytelling, there's not much I can say about the plot firsthand without spoiling any fun stuff. Eight or nine years after the events of the second game, good ol' Max Payne has been hired to bodyguard a rich family in the quaint little town (read: massive sprawling city) of São Paulo, Brazil and it takes him about ten minutes to learn that things may not be all that they seem among the Branco family... and it only gets more complicated from there.

There's also multiplayer! It's basically dead now save for a few nondescript communities (Something Awful once had one!) but a recent sale has spiked interest once more. I might do a few videos of it if there is enough interest to get a band together.

This game's art style has changed wildly from Max Payne 1 and 2's. While those prior to Max Payne 3 used a 'graphic novel' style of cutscenes and story presentation, this one uses live action cutscenes (that is, not in comic book form). One of the changes made was to the game's text and how it appears; I have incorporated these into the OP so it looks neat and stylistic.

Max Payne 3 is a game with a lot of problems. It is a brilliant addition to the series and an equally brilliant game on its own, but that brilliance comes at a cost. The PC version is plagued with bugs and crashes and things that may turn you off of it from the get-go. At times the story can have pacing issues and Max's noir-style narration is a bit more 'visceral' than the writing of the previous two games; but I feel that despite those issues, it is a great video game worth a playthrough- the gameplay continues to be a blast and it's not a far cry from the other two -and if not a playthrough, a watch.

Something important to note is that there are two versions of every video. If you click on the chapter's name in the video list or the word 'text' you will get a text commentary version, and if you click on the 'vocal' link beside it you will get a vocal commentary version. For the purposes of preserving the tone, the text videos are considered the 'real' Let's Play; the vocal videos are just me and a friend knocking back beers while we make fun of the game's super seriousness.

Yes, to an extent. As long as they are tagged and the thread doesn't turn into an FBI document you can talk about stuff we haven't seen yet. Just don't start off a discussion with I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE STRIP TEASE MINI GAME IN CHAPTER 10 and I'm sure we'll be fine.

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