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Part 1: The Guns of Max Payne 3, Part One

Oh boy, here we go. Pre-emptive note: I probably got some of this wrong.


Part One: Handguns

The Colt M1911A1, which sane people just call the 1911, is the replacement for Max's standard beretta during the New Jersey chapters. It does pretty high damage, able to kill any enemy in two gut shots (I don't think I should count headshots because any enemy will be killed in one with any weapon). In the game it's double-action even though it's a single-action gun in real life.

The Glock 17 Glock 18, called the Auto 9mm by the game (because that's basically what it is anyway), is my favorite pistol in the whole damn world because it is a portable bullet hose. Smaller than an uzi and with a bit higher magazine capacity, it's definitely a force to be reckoned with. I forgot to mention it in the LP but each Auto 9mm comes with the option to set it to semi-auto fire mode which Max even has an animation for. (EDIT: This makes it a Glock 18, not 17, despite the two guns looking virtually identical otherwise) Although really you could just simulate it by tapping the mouse button instead of holding it down but then Rockstar would lose points on realism.

The golden gun version of this weapon is special because its model gets augmented with an extended magazine! Neat-o!

The Desert Eagle, better known as the Motherfuckin' Desert Eagle, is the best pistol in the game, stats-wise. It can kill dudes in one body shot! It's based on the real-life Desert Eagle Mk VIII but also looks similar to the Mk XIX (because they're almost the same gun). Annoyingly though you only get to use it in a couple of chapters (11 and 14) despite Max magically obtaining one at the tail end of Chapter 5.

The Smith & Wesson Model 20 is the revolver most of the Comando Sombra use throughout the game. Passos also uses it whenever he shows up, which brings its coolness level down a significant amount. The cylinder doesn't rotate when you fire it which is probably a bug because Max does spin it when you reload. The model featured in the game, specifically, is called the Heavy Duty, which definitely owes to how much damage the thing does.

The Taurus 608, called the 608 Bull by the game, is a bit of a misnomer; the Taurus Raging Bull looks similar but it uses a different caliber of ammunition (.44 magnum) than the .357 rounds used in the game. Since it's used by the Comando Sombra, UFE, Cracha Preto, and even AUP, it shows up all over the god damn place even though the Raging Bull is more popular in real life.

The Taurus PT92 is the other replacement for Max's standard beretta. Being made by Taurus, it's the Brazilian version of the Beretta 92, which makes it pretty aptly named! In fact, the two guns are similar in almost every way though the Pt92 is a bit cheaper in make and model. Consider it the chinese knockoff of the Beretta 92. These things are fucking everywhere in real life. Not only are they the official handgun of the Brazilian Army and military police, but they're also really easy to get ahold of and so they're used by gangs since they're easier to conceal and transport than assault rifles.