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Mega Man 3 and Wily Wars

by Oyster

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Original Thread: How Break Man got his groove back: Let's Play Megaman 3!


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MM3 Videos!
Snake Man. Chewy. Level condition: Eat something crunchy every time I jump. Boss condition: Only fire when he does, read Pride and Prejudice. Grimfiend
Shadow Man. Level condition: Clap once for each line of health lost when damaged within .5 seconds. Boss condition: One handed. Furry neighbor guests if I die more than 40 times. Grimfiend
Top Man. Level condition: Make a pot reference every screen transition, give footage to Melaneus to edit. Boss condition: use rush coil to jump over him, spout Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver lines. Grimfiend
Magnet Man. Level condition: only move by sliding, only jump when coming out of a slide. Boss condition: Kill him while jumping up and down, then by only hitting him when he's in the air, then not jumping. Grimfiend
Gemini Man. Level condition: Play GuavaMoment in Super Street Fighter 2 with remapped keys of his bidding, if I lose play blind. Boss condition: Split the controls with my girlfriend. Grimfiend
Spark Man. Level condition: get through the level without getting hit. If I do, start over and waste a weapon. Boss condition: Flip the screen 90 degrees. Grimfiend
Subtitled Hard Man because the audio fucked up. Grimfiend
Needle Man. Level condition: don't stop running, no shooting, jump off rush coil when under half health. Boss condition: every time I am hit twice speed up the emulator by 15 fps. Grimfiend
Shadow Man Doc Robot. Level condition: Don't fire unless one block away, sing I'm a Little Teapot every 5 hits. Wood Man condition: roll a d20, jup that many times. Heat Man condition: use search snake, rotate screen 90 degrees every hit.Grimfiend
Gemini Man Doc Robot. Level condition: use a custom ROM hack, only use one weapon per enemy, curse the name of a robot master every hit. Flash Man condition: stay on the highest point, no Gemini Laser or Needle Cannon. Bubble Man condition: use Rush Marine. Grimfiend
Spark Man Doc Robot. Level condition: Use each weapon at least once, beat Raar's time. Metal Man condition: Don't get hit. Quick Man condition: Don't miss. Save states allowed when the bosses come down. Grimfiend
Needle Man Doc Robot Level condition: Can only fire once at each enemy, and must hit if I do. No pickups. Air Man condition: If I am hit, cannot fire again until the next wave of tornadoes is out. Crash Man condition: No jumping, keep moving, no Hard Knuckle, no Top Spin. Grimfiend
Wily 1.Level condition: use top spin, must kill anything killable that comes on screen. Boss condition: No jumping, no riding tornadoes, plasma buster only. Grimfiend
Wily 2. Level condition: Reverse my controls. Boss condition: Fight Yellow Devil from MM1 and Yellow Devil mk2 in MM3 at the same time without using the p-shooter or weaknesses or going into the pause menu.
Wily 3. Level condition: Use Rush Jet, kill every enemy, no weapon pickups, if I run out I start over. Boss condition: Hit every holographic mega man each spawn. Editing by Diabetus. Grimfiend.
Wily 4 and 5. Re-fight condition: Pull out a list of weapons to use against each Robot Master. Wily 1 condition: Slide under both feet before firing. Wily 2 condition: Hard Knuckle, hit him while directing it downwards. Grimfiend.
Wily 6. Conditions? Fuck em. Grimfiend.

Wily Wars Videos!
MM1 Robot Masters and all their differences Grimfiend
MM1 Wily stages. Wily 2 is embarassing. Grimfiend
MM2 Robot Masters. Not too shabby this time, but still room to improve. Grimfiend
MM2 Wily stages. Grimfiend
MM3 Robot Masters. Grimfiend
MM3 Doc Robot stages. Grimfiend
MM3 Wily stages. Grimfiend
Buster Rod G. Weapons taken: Top Spin, Bubble Lead, Super Arm, Spark Shock, Gemini Laer, Quick Boomerang, Hyper Bomb, Needle Cannon, Item 2, Item 3, Magnet Beam. Grimfiend
Mega Water S. Weapons taken: Magnet Missile, Shadow Blade, Leaf Shield, Ice Slasher, Search Snake, Hyper Bomb, Crash Bomb, Air Shooter, Item 1, Item 3, Rush Coil. Grimfiend
Hyper Storm H. Weapons taken: Metal Blade, Shadow Blade, Bubble Lead, Crash Bombs, Rolling Cutter, Leaf Shield, Ice Slasher, Fire Storm, Rush Marine, Item 2, Magnet Beam. Grimfiend
Wily 1. Weapons Taken: Crash Bombs, Thunder Beam, Atomic Fire, Bubble Lead, Top Spin, Leaf Shield, Ice Slasher, Spark Shock, item 1, Item 3, Magnet Beam. Grimfiend
Wily 2. Weapons taken: Ice Slasher, Super Arm, Atomic Fire, Spark Shock, Air Shooter, Magnet Missile, Hyper Bomb, Thunder Beam, Rush Marine, Rush Coil, Item 1. Grimfiend
Wily 3. Weapons taken: Metal Blade, Rolling Cutter, Search Snake, Quick Boomerang, Top Spin, Spark Shock, Gemini Laser, Time Stopper, Item 3, Rush Coil, Rush Marine. Grimfiend
Wily Tower Final. Weapons taken: Fire Storm, Rolling Cutter, Air Shooter, Leaf Shield, Atomic Fire, Needle Cannon, Gemini Laser, Hard Knuckle, Item 2, Item 3, Rush Coil. Grimfiend

Race Videos!
Round 1, Group 1: Oyster, Vprisoner, BurningNinja, KingShiro
Round 1, Group 2: Proton Jon, Garin, Argon_Sloth, RChimpCola
Round 1, Group 3: Terashell, Glazius, Krakhan, Sartak
Round 1, Group 4: Kung Fu Jesus, CherryDoom, Diabetus, Pokecapn
Round 1, Group 5: Leovinus, Uranium Anchor, EvilLemmy, Raar_Im_a_Dinosaur
Round 1, Group 6: Phiggle, GuavaMoment, Critical, Twi
Round 1, Group 7: Syrg, TheWanderer, Duet, Dr. Tree
Round 1, Group 8: Medibot, Blackbelt Bobman, WheresMy5Bucks, Russel_Nash
Round 1, Group 9: Syvalion, Dakkel, 13/f/cali, raocow
Round 1, Group 10: Soviet Waffle, Olibu, Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur
Round 2, Group 1: Phiggle, GuavaMoment, 13/f/cali, UraniumAnchor
Round 2, Group 2: Oyster, Glazius, Duet, Argon_Sloth
Round 2, Group 3: Sartak, Pokecapn, Diabetus, The_Wanderer
Round 2, Group 4: Russel_Nash, WheresMy5Bucks, EvilLemmy, Vprisoner
Round 3, The Final: Vprisoner, Phiggle, 13/f/Cali, Guavamoment

Bonus Content!
Raar_I'm_A_Dinosaur reprises his role as the MM3 LPer while taunting me with some conditions
Raar_I'm_A_Dinosaur continues to suck at the robot masters
Raar just can't finish em like he claims he can
Raar posts his Shadow Man fight using search snake from a year ago to sway the masses
Raar completes the Raar robot master saga
Raar was so disgraced by his race vid that he does a makeup, but still sucks.
Raar, yet further disgraced by his inability to succeed, finally gets a decent time.
Cali plays snake man's level with self-imposed conditions
The Beginnings of a Race of epic proportions.
The continuings of a Race of worsening livers.
more racing and how are we not dead yet?
Clavius is a faggot and finished the race long before the rest of us.
The last of that horrid race.

Melaneus makes this...interesting version of the opening theme:

Static_Fiend makes these fantastic get weapon screens:

Before I get started, some info for those of you who are new to Oyster Mega Man LPs and for those of you who hate the size of Oyster MM OPs, here's how it's going to work this time:

I play each level with a level condition and a boss condition, decided by you viewers. If you would like to make a level condition, designyour own robot master. Feel free to submit anything that hasn't been used before in a normal Megaman game (counting classic, X, Zero, ZX, I realize not everyone knows or cares about the robot masters from Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future and such).

Upload the concept art for your robot master to this photobucket account. Username: Rocknrollnblues Password: Megaman3

If you want a boss condition, design a robot master weapon and upload it to the same site. If you suck at art, draw a stick figure or something. For weapons, draw a basic firing animation, feel free to include a description either with the upload or in the thread. Do NOT post what your condition is before I choose which robot master/weapon, so I do not bias to easier conditions/whatever.

Before each level I will choose which robot master/weapon I like best, and whoever designed those will get the level/boss condition for the next level. So get cracking!

I will be holding a race for this game, much like MM2. However, a few things will be different. I will allow people to get in on it until 4 robot masters are defeated, after which registration closes. If over 16 people sign up, the races will be held in 3 rounds. The first round will be the 8 robot masters, the 2nd round the 4 doc robot stages, and the 3rd and final round the fortress. Due to the amount of races already, there will not be a loser round with a loser prize, only a prize for the winner. Also, this time racers will not only be competing with people from their group, but I will take their time and compare it with everyone. The top 16 times advance to round 2.

Race registration is closed! There is a backup list I can put you on if people drop out, however.

Round 1 Stats:

Phiggle (21:10)
Uranium Anchor (23:06)
GuavaMoment (23:21)
EvilLemmy (23:44)
Diabetus (24:04)
Argon_Sloth (24:50)
Russel_Nash (24:53)
13/f/cali (24:59)
Sartak (25:50)
Oyster (26:04)
TheWanderer (26:52)
Glazius (27:50)
Pokecapn (28:26)
WheresMy5Bucks (29:13)
Duet (29:43)
Vprisoner (32:24)

Knocked out:
KingShiro (25:34)(dropped out)
Krakhan (32:49)
Raar_Im_a_Dinosaur (32:57)
Proton Jon (33:21)
raocow (33:21)
Syvalion (35:45)
Blackbelt Bobman (35:59)
Raarx2 (38:52)
Garin (41:18)
Twi (41:45)
Dr. Tree (45:51)
Medibot (1:09:30)
RChimpCola (1:19:36)
Kung Fu Jesus (7 robot masters finished)
Critical (4 robot masters finished)
Terashell (2 robot masters finished)
Olibu (2 robot masters finished)
Soviet Waffle (2 robot masters finished)
CherryDoom (1 robot master finished)
Leovinus (1 robot master finished)
Drakkel (1 robot master finished)
BurningNinja (0 robot masters finished)
Syrg (0 Robot Masters Finished)

End of Round 1!

Round 2 Stats:

Phiggle (11:01)
13/f/cali (11:31)
GuavaMoment (11:45)
Vprisoner (12:08)

Knocked out:

EvilLemmy (12:35)
Russel_Nash (12:50)
Argon_Sloth (13:01)
Diabetus (13:12)
Sartak (13:13)
Oyster (14:36)
Glazius (14:41)
UraniumAnchor (14:52)
The_Wanderer (20:04)
Pokecapn (23:13)
WheresMy5Bucks (27:27)
Duet (3 Doc Robots finished)

Round 2 Finished!

Round 3 Stats:

Phiggle (10:21)
13/f/cali (11:01)
GuavaMoment (11:04)
Vprisoner (11:16)

Phiggle claims my money!

Wow. I'm at it again. After Mega Man and Mega Man 2, I'm back to do many a fan's favorite and the first Megaman LP ever done (by Raar_I'm_A_Dinosaur, here),

I take it he's shooting Spark Man, but why does it look like Rush is on Top Man's side?

Once again, The Japanese box art is a good bit closer:

The saucer is kind of a giveaway...

The only major differences between the Japanese and other versions of the game is the title screen:

The subtitle on the Japanese one translates to "The end of Dr. Wily!?" The only other differences in versions is the names Rockman to Megaman and Blues to Proto Man.

The story, from the manual:

"Calling Mega Man! Calling Mega Man! Come in please!

"Mega Man, we need you! We're down to the wire on our peace-keeping project. We've got to get those last energy crystals or we can't finish it. Dr. Wily is here now, too...yes...he's finally found his sanity. He knows where the crystals are! They're in the mining worlds, but we can't get to 'em. The robots are running amok and they're destroying everthing!

"You've got to get there, Mega Man, and get those crystals! You'll have to face some pretty mean metal. Expect the worst! Is Rush there with you? Give him a bolt to chew on and tell him it's from us. What's that...we must be getting static...sounds like you said 'Woof!'

"Mega Man, get to those mining worlds pronto! Grab the crystals and stop whoever's in charge! He's one lunatic guy!

"This is Dr. Light. Over and out!"

They actually believed Dr. Wily turning sane again would make a good story. Well, it is a Mega Man game, after all.

Gameplay has two major additions: The slide, allowing Megaman to travel slightly faster and act as a duck, and Rush:

Rush replaces the items from MM2. He starts with Rush Coil, simply allowing Megaman to jump on him and be propelled further upward, but he can also turn into a jet sled and sub later. Other than these two elements, gameplay is nearly exactly the same.

Because several people have been bugging me about what little continuity the Megaman series has, I will be updating a timeline along with my LPs. I will also include recent games done that I do not plan to re-do.

So, uh, brace for a robot revolution, I guess. December of this year!

As far as the robots guarding the energy crystals needed for Gamma go, they are thus:

DwN-017: Needle Man

Attacking with his Needle Cannon, his initial purpose was to work in energy mines.

DWN-018: Magnet Man

Addicted to magnet therapy, even though he is a robot. Equipped with magnet missiles, he is also equipped with a gigantic magnet he can use to pull other robots close to him.

DWN-019: Gemini Man

Capable of doubling himself, he uses that power to his advantage. A narcissist, he enjoys admiring his reflection in a mirror or a double.

DWN-020: Hard Man

Made of ceramic titanium, Hard Man is incredibly heavy. Originally built for construction work, he can fire off his fists, known as hard knuckles.

DWN-021: Top Man

Top Man possesses the unique ability to spin around uncontrollably and damage opponents. His original function was to entertain children, weirdly enough.

DWN-022: Snake Man

Created at first to investigate narrow areas, Snake Man is pretty stupid. He's also the first robot master to resemble an animal.

DWN-023: Spark Man

Spark Man is the 2nd robot master to not have hands (after Crash Man). In place of hands he has two high-voltage electrodes capable of producing spark shocks.

DWN-024: Shadow Man

A ninja-themed robot master, he was given a giant frog to ride on by Dr. Wily (which, unfortunately, does not appear in this game). Nicknamed 'the menace of Megaman 3' by some fans.

Also making an appearance for the first time is DRN-000: Proto Man

The original prototype robot master, after his creation it was found that a dangerous imbalance in his energy core would eventually kill him. However, due to his independent nature and not having any others of his kind to interact with, along with being troubled by his incomplete status, Proto Man refused to let Dr. Light meddle with his systems and instead left the labs. Dr. Light presumed Proto Man to have died, perfected the energy core, and created Rock and Roll. Before his energy core completely depleted, however, he ran across the estranged Dr. Wily, who extended his life by altering his solar energy core into a nuclear one. This experimenting with Proto Man gave Wily the knowledge needed to create his own robot masters as well. Indebted to Wily, Proto Man served under him using the alias Break Man. However, Mega Man eventually convinced him of the error of his ways, and Proto Man turned on Dr. Wily. However, while he aids Mega Man from time to time, he still refuses to outright help Dr. Light, still holding onto that distrust.

I will also be LPing this little unknown gem in this thread:

Mega Man Wily Wars, called Rockman Mega World in Japan, is a genesis/megadrive game that saw a limited cartridge run in Europe and was only released on Sega Channel in the U.S. It features the first three Mega Man games with updated graphics and slightly changed mechanics. It also features Wily Tower, which houses 3 original robot masters and the ability to take 8 weapons out of the 22 weapons from MMs 1-3 for each level, and 3 items out of the 3 Rush items from MM3, the 3 items from MM2, and magnet beam from MM1. The 3 robot masters, called the Genesis Unit, are all influenced by characters from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. They are:

MWN-01: Buster Rod G.

Influenced by the monkey Sun Wukong, the G stands for Goku, which is the Japanese reading of the characters used for Wukong. Yes, Goku from DBZ got his name from the same place. Buster Rod G. is fought twice in the tower, and the second time he is fought is my favorite boss fight in the entire Megaman series.

MWN-02: Mega Water S.

Influenced by the water sprite Sha Wujing. The S Stands for Sagojo, which is again the Japanese reading for Wujing. It means simiply sprite.

MWN-03: Hyper Storm H.

Influenced by the pig Zhu Bajie, Hyper Storm H. is the only classic series robot master to have two health bars. It's pretty awesome. The H stands for Hakkai, which is the Japanese reading for Bajie. It means simply hog.

I will be clearing MMs 1-3 in Wily Wars in about 2-3 videos apiece, without conditions, simply to point out differences. For Wily Tower I will not be accepting conditions, but I will allow you readers to dictate which weapons I bring to which levels. However, there are some paths that are not accessible without Super Arm/Crash Bomb/Hard Knuckle, and when those present themselves I will automatically take the required weapons.

It's Wily Time!
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