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Part 1: Links of interest

Links of interest if you're into that sort of thing




Content by others

Dectilon and Phiggle

Those two who never tire of making great content outdo themselves this time with a playthrough of a quite excellent romhack of this game called Rockman 4 Minus Infinity. You can find info and the game on the site I just linked.
It basically turns the game into something completely different. Even if it's not completely finished, what does get changed is massive, impressive and definitely worth a watch. It's, however, also ball-bustingly difficult. So if it gets to you too much...don't fear! Decti and Phiggle have got you covered.

[(P) = played by Phiggle]

And finally Minus Infinity Odds and Ends

Violen never backs off a challenge.

Violen posted:

With Simon's permission, I'm going to answer to a challenge he issued near the start of this thread and use it as an excuse to showcase my own take on the most impressive Mega Man romhack I've ever played.

Romhacks are a fickle matter. They come with different levels of ambition and different philosophies on design. Some designers take the core of a beloved game and seek to build a faithful reimagining as a sort of love letter. Others look at the product upon which they'll model their work and see a playground of underused mechanics with creative potential, taking it upon themselves to showcase that potential in ways the game did not. Then you have the rare few who divorce from their source material in all but the basest of ways, and craft something entirely different. Rockman: Minus Infinity, an incomplete but definingly ambitious project, finds itself in the latter company. Rather than being a simple retake on a particular Mega Man game, PureSabe has used a solid engine and transformed it to build himself an ode to the entire series, and I aim to explore that ode by way of my usuals: no unnecessary weapon use, and no damage. Whether you care about romhacks or not, I guarantee you this one is worth your time to see.

If you've ever looked at a peculiarly sparse mechanic, wondered why another has been so absent, or imagined the marrying of concepts from across the series, Minus Infinity uses it, crafts it, or combines it, and pushes past the expected and into accomplishments beyond the scope of an NES engine. Its technical wonders are serviced by its level design and outright dizzying bosses. If you've any love for the spirit of romhacking or what true creativity can breed when applied through the ambitions of that spirit, you owe it to yourself to watch what Minus Infinity has to show you. I'm going to employ this minimalistic approach to expose the baseline makeup of this hack from the fluidity of its gimmicks to the consideration in its layout, and leave it to your scrutiny whether its myriad ideas overshoot its quality. During this, I'll attempt to convey at length my own reasons for selling Minus Infinity so highly, while acknowledging the moments it shoots too high. Whether you come away from this viewing appreciative or condemning of the hack itself, you'll at least come away surprised.

To keep this page from becoming suffocated by text, I've instead left my thoughts on each stage hosted elsewhere to be linked here for those interested in reading them.

Hack Overview
Ring Man
Dive Man
Drill Man
Toad Man
Skull Man
Dust Man
Bright Man
Pharaoh Man
Cossack 1
Cossack 2
Cossack 3
Wily 1
Wily 2

I hope you enjoy watching.
I most certainly did .

Charkie, accompanied by Mr. Swoon, attempts to recreate Phiggle's Bizzare Adventure...with the expected results.

Bean made me a video. It's an unbroken-by-death run of the whole game, and accompanied by what I can only describe as "life lessons in the face of playing Mega Man". It's very soothing, I much recommend it.



Mulderman proves that you can indeed do the jumps in Bright Man's optional area without any trickery.

TheGreatGuy makes Rain Flush even more awesome. (it's a patch for a standard US Rom, try it out!)

Funktor illustrates specifically Volcano Style's problems in Ring Man's stage, but I think many people can identify.

Ephraim225 did a small compilation of glitches and oddities in this game. If you think you know the stuff at the start already...keep watching, it gets better and better.

Oyster's LP:
It's unfinished, which is a damn shame, because it's really good. He only uses special weapons as a special condition, so expect even more situations where they're useful compared to what I show. Seeing as this will probably never get done completely, I'll like the videos here because I think they most definitely deserve getting into the archive. Keep in mind that those were never meant as supplements to my LP, because they were done way before my time. Not intending to steal them for my glory or anything. them (but be wary of spoilers, obviously). They're great.