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Original Thread: Let's Play Mega Man 4 - The Latest in Weapon Technology



Hello everybody. This is Simon. This is what I did before.

Let's Play Mega Man - The unexpected Abraham
Let's Play Mega Man 2 - Birth of a Legend
Let's Play Mega Man 3 - A Slide to the Top

And, smashing in, gloriously illustrated by Signal Interrupt, it's...

After three games of steadily increasing quality, another sequel was inevitable, at least if you've even barely grasped how Capcom's thinking works. So Mega Man 4 was made, but for once without either budget or time constraints, and it shows. I'll harp on that enough in the intro video, but boy is this game pretty, and after two games without a slide and one that made turning around (of all things) clunky, we've arrived at absolutely perfect controls. more thing that's kind of the thread title. But I'll get to that later. Apart from that, though, the fourth iteration is relatively devoid of new stuff. Which, at this point, is perfectly fine, seeing as the basic concept still needed polishing and it's exactly what it got here.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows in my opinion, though; but we'll get to that when we get to that. As always, I'll try and do the game full justice. Show off what the special weapons really are capable of. Figure out neat tricks. Complain about level design as if I knew anything about that. It's going to be great fun.

Also, I'm going to pay homage to the one thing that will always be the game's legacy - and do a video for each (Robot Master, maybe all) stage in which only the Mega Buster will be used. To keep things fresh.

Enough prattling, facts!

Title and releases:

Rockman 4 Aratanaru Yabō!!​ (ロックマン 4 新たなる野望!!, Rockman 4: A New Ambition!!):
Japan - December 06, 1991
Mega Man 4:
North America - January 1992
Europe - August 1993


To summarize the intro even more: After Wily's "death" at the end of the last game (seriously, though, everyone saw that UFO escape in the ending) things are quiet for a while...until a new threat for world peace appears.
Dr Cossack has sent out eight Robot Masters that try to take over the world for him, copying Wily's plan from the first two games exactly. Mega has to stop them again. Dr Light gave him an awesome gun to do so.


Click the pictures for the update posts!

Blip links won't work anymore because blip decided to be assholes and kicked me out. Get the videos on Baldurdash: They're in 60 fps and you can download the source file!

Buster (with psy.Che):

Buster (Stunning Interface):

Buster (with Freezing Inferno):

Buster (with Syrg Sapphire):

Buster (with Trizophenie):

Buster (with Star Man):


Buster (with Taoto):




Bean rocks for having uploaded all of those, go give his LPs a watch, he isn't half bad!

Stage Themes:



This thread featured races! They're all great fun to watch. The astounding Phiggle together with Signal Interrupt managed them for me, deserving eternal gratitude for it. For more information and the videos, klick the picture below (illustrated by the latter gentleman).

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