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Part 3: Dust Man


Stage Comments:

As I do not fail to mention right at the start, this stage is a bastard. The very first thing a novice player will do is get smacked in the face by HAHA SHIELD OUT OF NOWHERE. You think I exaggerated when I said that shield attackers could be very surprising and are among the most dickish recurring enemies. Having gotten over that shock, the aforementioned player will jump over the first hole, only to get smacked right down in by the pop-up dude who says hello.
I hate those fuckers. What kind of game design is that anyway. At least it's at the start of the stage, but damn!
After you've been properly introduced to the concept of this stage not fucking around, it's a gauntlet consisting of more of the same; if you know what's coming, it's not too bad, but the first time is a real kick in the balls. Still, surprise shield is in effect and may get you.
Our first big enemy appears; not too bad, if you've got a good trigger finger. Or special weapons, I suppose, those are made for dealing with big guys after all! Then another hard part starts.
The cubes aren't even a problem except for the atrocious slowdown they cause, I think they're more to show that the programmers could do that. I think that you don't even have to stop for them to appear. No, the problem are the helicopter heads that are a real pain on even ground, coupled with spiked ground that you really don't want to fall down to and unstable footing...yeesh. I'm very glad to have a trusty better-than-you-thought weapon here.

Parts like that is why I'd like to have buster-only videos, they convey the danger far better.
On that subject, big thanks to whoever left it in my mailbox for doing the Buster video. That the original turned out unuseable was really no fault of his, and he apologizes with his first solo LP video, I think that deserves commendment.

After a few filler rooms, we're greeted with the room most people really hate the stage for, as if it needed more reasons! The crusher is intimidating as all hell, which will make paranoid players spend ages trying to get all of the trash cleared up, only to die at the last part where every time going in could be your last. It's actually clever in its evilness, using the respawning Met at just the right spot to force you to deal with him every time you come back from risking your life, serving as actually a nice reminder that you might want to hurry up out of there asap. If you play this stage a few times, you'll realize that the amount of trash you really have to take out is actually fairly small; I don't think the speedrun even stops in the room. Still, not taking your time is extremely risky.
Most of the time, you'll default to taking longer than you have to, that's pure psychology, and this is what makes it a pain. It's really not that bad, but it seems like it is, and that makes all the difference.

Dust Man's stage in MMIII on the Gameboy, though? One of the most finely crafted pieces of pure, unadulterated I've ever seen in a Mega Man game. I strongly suggest every one of you to find a password online, try the stage and cry bitter tears. Maybe I'll even show it to you some day.

Message from the future: Like here, for example.

And that's all I really have to say about the stage.

Boss Strategy:

Look at this guy's face and tell me that you seriously think you'll have trouble with the boss when selecting his stage from the selection.
I even had to use the exact same colours as for the introduction title card because he only has one colour. It follows what Capcom did ingame, at least.
Damn, that's one worthless Robot Master. Just imagine him actually trying to suck up stuff in his oversized hose. He'd have to push his face to the floor and crawl around on all fours, probably get kicked in his pathetic butt all the time by the cool guys.
I'm sorry and I feel like the worst bully but DAMN.
As for actual strategy...try not to scream at the screen too loudly when he chooses to use his powers of sucking the fourth time in a row, making your charged shot plunk off him uselessly again. The Dust Crusher can easily be jumped by...yeah, just jumping; timing is a bit tricky, the only really tricky thing about him. If you're far enough away from him, sliding works too, as shown. His third attack is jumping and has 0% chance to hit Mega with, maybe when you're drunk, stoned and playing with your feet. No Vicas jokes.