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Part 9: Drill Man


Stage Comments:

Yawn. Drill Man's level is as bland as its background. The combination Mets/ladybugs is certainly evil, but it's workable if you take your time. After a short stretch of that, an unthreatening big jumper blocks the round until more of the same comes. A few rooms with spikes that won't ever kill you later (thank God for that at least), the very annoying cannons that can only be damaged for like half a second impede progress. An easy E-Tank later, the roaders show that they only ever get placed on stairs - compare this setup to the one in Ring Man's level, it's exactly the same. Then the stage finally develops a gimmick, with the switched that activate the ground (don't think about it too much), coupled with very annoying stone droppers. Did I mention that I hate this kind of stop and go gameplay? Fortunately, we've got enough tools to break the fuck out of that part. And that...was that.

Boss Strategy:

Even in a game where Dust Man exists, Drill Man still manages to be even more annoying. His first move is always to dive underground, and whenever he does that, he stays there sooo looong. The time could easily have been cut by three fourths, it still would be surpremely unthreatening, but at least less tedious.
However, when he finally decides to stay above ground, the battle speed changes from Zero to Hyperdrive. He can jump around frantically, dodging his Drill Bombs that can explode in midflight which also block your shots is no mean feat, especially considering he shoots them out quite fast and also moves himself. If the fight consisted only of that, he would be the hardest fight, but also quite fun to figure out - seeing as he is another example of piss-poor boss design, though, I didn't bother. Definitely watch the Buster video for getting an idea of how a competent fight can go.