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Mega Man 4

by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur and GuavaMoment

Part 19

Level Playthrough / Backup

Here we are again folks, the second level of Cossaks lair...smells like shit.

Well, in case you guys were concerned about consistancy, fear not..Mega Man is still an idiot...

But he can learn, by god, he can learn. Sliding is hard with a keyboard

What, you never saw a ceiling mounted skull-shitting device? newbs

Oh man, I'd forgotten how cool it can be to surf above certain death like this. The commie regime has fortunately made it impossible to afford a fortress completely lined in spikes in a private residence

Mega Man shows everyone how to ghost ride a mechanized futuristic canine

Getting through the spike block obstacle requires exact timing and grace

So our buddy is pretty fucked. One day your retard chip will be removed Mega...someday.

The wire adapter will always be awesome, and if you don't think so you're unamerican. So take that.

And these fucking commie bots will always be annoying...were these fuckers in any other MM game? Seriously, fuck them.

Awesome, I'm getting me some of that Robo-swag

Ow shit!



Finally...well shit it was worth it

Oh no...If only I had some sort of explosive device...or like a drill or something...

Pizza for everyone

I can't believe I got through this game once without this adapter. Get ready to be bored by how many times I hail its awesomeness...

I hope there's still enough of you to vote on a weapon. Please don't hate me guys, I've had a rough quarter and I promise I'll finish this. Believe in Raar, for Raar will deliver. Shit, I've finished OTHER people's LPs.