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Part 25

Okay, back on track. No more state whoring to get to this spot, this is the real deal.

So that fruit asshole doesn't want me killing anything? What a jerk. This is such a condition of death.

I manage my energy tanks very well and don't need these. It's like those people in the RE4 thread who were going to have an aneurysm over poorly managed inventory. I'm one of those people.

Oh shit, how am I going to get past these guys without killing them? This is impossible already. I'd better start whining about impossible level conditions and...

Oh wait, I'm awesome and this is easy.

I remember CERTAIN people who couldn't get to this ledge, but I won't mention names other than RAAR I'M A DINOSAUR.

Okay, a real challenge.

And I'm still awesome. Rush Coil to the rescue.

The bat path. This is going to be tricky as hell.

So I'm not going that way.


Benefits of not taking the bat path include:
-Energy tank
-Skipping the braces jerks who pop up out of the floor
-Breaking Raar's computer


The kick is made!

No good! He got hit! And the stupid screen capture has some kind of delay preventing you from taking images very close together.

This time I fared better.

Back to the main path. That's how much easier it is to avoid the bats. There's two enemies. That's it. Not pictured - me getting hit on a spark that follows the ledges.

Let's go on a wild tangent about Royksopp.

They play that song in that commercial? I guess the commercial has megamen in it or something.

The end! Hit twice, killed nothing, all on my first try. Twas easy.

Jump through the door as I do every single time...

Raar - I'm going to be nice to you and award you with the ability to choose your poison. Weapon, condition, have at it.