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Octatonic won't let my challenge from the past slide by:

The Old Youtube LP posted:

He can not only whistle along, he can do me one better.

Pizzatime made another remix!

Spelling Mitsake got hungry during my Gyro Man video.

I'm sorry, "Gyros Man" of course.

A few guys (listed in the video description) play a very interesting little game - Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch

It's Mega Man in the Doom engine! Multiplayer! Excitement!

DemonTrigger with assorted guests to back him up plays through a Romhack of Mega Man 5.

DemonTrigger posted:

Rockman 5 Air Sliding is a romhack of MM5 made by someone. I don't know who because the original website for it went down. If you like
    Air Dashing
    Kirby music
    Megaman 5's art assets
    Romhacks that don't require robotic precision
then this hack might be for you! You can find a mostly complete soundtrack for this hack here.


Charge Man (feat. FighterKnuckles): Blip Youtube
Gravity Man (feat. FighterKnuckles): Blip Youtube
Star Man (feat. BFC): Blip Youtube
Crystal Man (feat. BFC) Blip Youtube
Gyro Man (feat. A_Raving_Loon): Blip Youtube
Stone Man (feat. A_Raving_Loon): Blip Youtube
Napalm Man (feat. A_Raving_Loon): Blip Youtube
Wave Man (feat. FreezingInferno and Orry) Blip Youtube

Protoman 1 (feat. FreezingInferno and Orry): Blip Youtube
Protoman 2 (feat. BFC and python862): Blip Youtube
Protoman 3 (feat. BFC and python862): Blip Youtube
Protoman 4 (feat. BFC and python862): Blip Youtube

Wily 1 (feat. Simon): Blip Youtube
Wily 2 (feat. Simon): Blip Youtube
Wily 3 (feat. Simon): Blip Youtube
Wily 4 & Ending (feat. Simon): Blip Youtube

Dectilon of course jumps onto every opportunity to make a Romhack his bitch. With no-hit boss videos!