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Part 2: Introduction & Charge Man


A pretty standard introduction, briefly telling us everything we need to know about the story, which obviously isn't much. Gotta love the capture scene only displayed with sprites; maybe there were space constraints, but I'm pretty sure the real story was just along those lines...

Capcom employee: "Okay making a scarf fall is easy enough, but a kidnapping? You know how much you'd have to pay me for animating that?"
Capcom exec: "Fuck it then, do it with sprites."

Loving the title screen, though. I always like simplicity over flashiness, and the scarf is a pretty powerful symbol for the main "mystery" of what Proto Man is up to really. If Mega Man plots weren't always completely bare-bones, there could have been done more with that.

And yeah, the video is pretty damn short, but I felt there wasn't much to elaborate upon.

Stage Comments:

This is really the perfect introductory stage, and a good example of solid design that doesn't need a gimmick, I like it. Every bit of difficulty is enemy-based, their placement being varied with differently elevated terrain to create challenge that's free of cheapness. Seeing as there are tons of opportunities to farm powerups, even if you're somewhat bad at Mega Man games, you shouldn't have too many problems here.
It's also the perfect showcase for how extremely overpowered the Buster is, and how well the developers knew that - and rolled with it. Many situations, like the two enemies at the start placed directly above each other or the mice which are impossible to hit with normal shots would be somewhat tricky, if the AOE of your charge shot wasn't so ridiculously big. Especially the mice just fully expect you to use the thing.
So there's not much to comment on in particular. It's a fun little romp, with varied enemy types used to the best of their ability most of the time. Nothing special, but solidly designed, like most of MM5.

Boss Comments:

Personally, I really like his design. The concept of a train with legs might be baffling, but his charge attack showcases that with what amounts to rollerskate feet it fucking works. Also, he's a goddamn train, what's not to love? From quickly charging to raining coal, he utilizes the concept fully and that's awesome.

Strategy-wise, he's easy to cipher, with actually a bit trickier behaviour than most bosses in this game. Which is a good thing, I'd rather have simple patterns and easy bosses than what MM4 had. Namely either obscure tricks that trivialized the boss once you knew it or bosses that were pathetic either way you took them.
To get back to the matter at hand, he's got two attacks. One is a quick charge towards Mega, the other is a coal rain of three pieces that fall completely at random. During attacks, he's invincible. After them, he'll walk towards Mega; that means, if you jump over him while he walks, you're most likely getting hit, so don't do that. Jumping over his charge is most preferable, because him moving so quickly means that it's actually easier to clear his bulky frame. Also, if he chooses to segue into coals from walking, them shooting up will hit Mega as he jumps over him, so not a good idea again.
The key here is staying calm, as is often the case, but especially in MM5 where getting hit will lose you the charge. Don't ever panic, the pattern is easy, so focus on dodging. Contrary to other Robot Master in the past who focused on contact damage, his is actually fair in amount, so again, no reason to lose your cool. Hit him right as he ends his attacks, watch out for coals and slide away if and only if needed, and you should be able to down him without too many problems.

New enemies: