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Part 3: Wave Man

Stage Comments:

Probably the worst stage in the game. The start is a concept that's semi-interesting because you only have obstacles to dodge, not enemies, and at least those obstacles aren't instant-kill. However, if I didn't have the Charge Kick, it would force me to wait all the time to get by the steam blasts, making it pretty damn boring and annoying. Definitely get the weapon for this level, it'll make it only yawn-inducing, not tedious as hell. It's not as if it were at all difficult.
The following bubble section is just extremely pointless. I think of it as something they did in to show off a little, what they could do with moving platforms and such, and it definitely looks nice - graphically, the sheen on the bubbles, how they dent, the background, it's beautiful - but it's even more boring to play than the first part because nothing at all happens, and even if you take a bit of figuring out where to jump, it's completely without consequences. Again, why they re-used this in Splash Woman's stage (I have a scrapped recording where I call her "Wave Woman", wonder why) is up to anyone's guess. Bonus points for including enemies there. Points lost for making the background a single colour.

And then comes the Marine Bike section. I think I said most of what I wanted to say in the video already; contrary to most of what they do, it's a bad idea that's done fairly well. Definitely more interesting than what comes before, and as said, dodging those dolphins can actually be fun! Still, shows great lack of effort, only one sprite for the vehicle, not even a little cannon animation like Rush Marine had? Come on. Yeah, thinking about it, Rush would have been better. Forget about 2010 me. He was stupid.

That cannon at the end is the most moronic thing. What's the fucking point? It has another attack which I didn't get it to use (it does it in the old video), but that's never going to hit you either if you stay up. On the other hand, a charged shot will take it out from there. The hell? It just emphazises as the only real enemy in the stage how badly executed the idea was.

Boss Comments:

Just noticed that he is fat. Like, spherical. Can jump pretty well for his girth, though. But I guess that's part of the reason for why he doesn't even have a walking animation. (spoilers: he's by far not the only one)

He's our first extremely heavily patternized boss, MM2-style, and more are to come in this game. He always opens with...I guess it's Water Wave, but can you really call it that?, then jumps at Mega very shortly after firing a harpoon. Then water again.
To avoid the spout, all you have to do is not move. I've never seen it get fired directly underneath Mega, which could be luck, but even if there's the random chance of it happening, it's very slim...and moving would get you in the danger of running into it without being able to stop, so don't. To be perfectly safe, you could practice jumping at the exact right time, but who cares.
The other attack is fairly hard to avoid, though...if you didn't figure out the way I use in the modern video. As he jumps and fires at pretty much the same time, you have two objects to avoid, one you'd really love to slide from and one you have to jump over. If you take too long to avoid any and fumble around, you won't be calmly standing still in order to avoid the water...or you'll flub the shot because it'll get blocked. It's pretty good at providing psychological pressure, and really, this game's bosses are all about that. They are extremely simple, but can trick you into panicking fairly well. I like that, it teaches zen, and not panicking is probably the most vital skill in playing Mega Man.
Because he's doing it so efficiently, he's among the harder bosses. About the same level as Charge Man, I'd say. We're not into what being an easy boss really means in this game, so don't worry if they looked simple already, they are.

New enemies: