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Part 17: Finale

Stage Comments:

As far as final stages go, it's not that bad, considering. Mega Man 5 doesn't really have that big problem enemy everybody hates except for tigers, but we've seen enough of those used in good ways (incidentally, only in the Proto stages) that putting some here would have been really stupid. Walkers are far more fitting, and, on level terrain completely on their own, they suddenly bare their teeth. Backing up is an obvious strategy, but the respawn rate will eliminate that option instantly. Getting hit is another one, but eeh. Skipping them with Rush Jet is the coward's way out. What remains? Well, kill them quick.
Buster is not that good here, because you have to hit them mid-jump and get six shots off in a very short time - or a charged one, then three - not an easy thing. This is where Napalm Bombs shine, a fitting summary of the praise I've given them during the LP, I think.
Camera issues (in a sidescroller!) and that cannon are still reminding us that yes, we're playing the endgame of Mega Man 5 and it sucks, though.

Boss Comments:

First phase is okay. It's the standard formula, a not too hard boss meant to wear you down a little until the final phase appears. The balls are pretty easy to dodge. The missiles are not. Him sucking you in is interesting, because when you use his weakness - Super Arrow - you'll most likely land on the arrow you just fired and fly towards pain. It's over damn quickly either way, with weakness obviously, but also with the Buster. Don't panic, you're swimming in E-Tanks.

Seconds phase is shit. No two ways around it. It's a tedious waiting game if you don't have or use Beat, and a complete joke if you do. Either way it's boring as all hell. I call this the worst boss because without Beat, you can spend five minutes in a room with black background waiting for his sorry ass to appear where you can shoot it, and with Beat, you can stand in a corner and drink through the metric fuckton of E-Tanks you've got without a care in the world. Press was also frustrating and horribly designed, but at least it wasn't the final boss - that's definitely a nail in its coffin. Shit is supposed to be the climax of the whole game. This is what people will remember when they finally beat it. Or wait, they won't. Because it's shit.

No extra credits theme!

Final Thoughts:

I think I covered most in this video and the old one. Didn't even listen to that before writing up thoughts for today. I mean I could ramble on for hours about different things to like or hate about this game, this time I know I was putting on a definitely more negative spin, but instead of presenting a game I like despite its flaws, now I'm seeing it as one game in a row of games. Keep that in mind. If MM5 had come out on its own, it would have been fantastic if not for the last four stages. The Mega Man formula is just that good. But as a Mega Man game, it has to stand up to comparison, and while overall it's nowhere near bad, it's just also nowhere near memorable, important or, indeed, needed.
Which doesn't matter at all when you actually play it, of course. As said, context, people. After all, I like playing it, a lot, in fact. I can still detest the whole thought process behind it, though!