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Original Thread: Let's Play Mega Man 6 - Too Little, Too Late



The Unexpected Abraham - Birth of a Legend - A Slide to the Top - The Latest in Weapon Technology - That Awful Sense of Déjà Vu

With this thread, the last of the NES Mega Mans will get Let's Played. It's been a fun journey, but I'm glad and eager for it to finish. First, though, Mega Man 6.
I don't like this game. I make that abundantly clear in the videos, but I can't stress it enough, because it will be discussed in here and it needs to be prefaced again with a simple sentence so noone will get mad at me destroying their childhood: Mega Man 6 is not a bad game. I state though that it's a bad Mega Man game.
I specifically wanted to start from the first game to also have the LPs take a look at how this game series evolved and changed, because that's very interesting in my opinion. I made it a point to stress what each game did for the series in my closing comments; I'll do the same for Mega Man 6 and try to be fair, because it definitely did bring some new things in the mix. However, it's clear from the start that it being on the NES even in 1993, coming out the same year as Mega Man X, is a big drawback against it. From the start, the date caused problems in its reception, and the game certainly doesn't make a good point for it being a valuable entry in the franchise. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that it's completely useless.
To add to that more clinical outlook, I simply don't have much fun playing this game. I'll address those reasons more in the videos themselves, because there'll be enough times, but why not just make a little list? Everyone loves those.

Things I don't like in this game:
That should cover the major points. But let's be fair...

Things I like about this game:



It fucking sucks is what it does.


Every link titled "blip" will go do baldurk's site instead because blip decided to be assholes and kicked me out. And I'm so not changing the title cards.


I love the soundtrack, 'nuff said. See above. Thanks as always to Bean for uploading it!

Stage Themes:

Thread changes:

I won't be doing big update posts anymore. This OP is the only thing that's going to be archived. Reason being that I simply don't care enough for MM6, coupled with the fact that I can only say "it sucks" in that many variation. I'll try and step up the commentary to compensate. This is also the reason for me being even wordier than usual here. No spoiler tags again, just talk about whatever you want. The story isn't worth it in the slightest, and the rest not either.


Syrg Sapphire is managing races this time around, big thanks to him!

Actually, Syrg threw the towel. A_raving_loon took up the challenge, so I and you owe him much thanks!

Visit this post for details!


Links, as always




Content by others

First of all, this is technically by me, but with others: I streamed my practice sessions of this game, and Admiral H. Curtiss was kind/quick-thinking enough to record them! This is going to spoil the whole game. It's just something for you if you can't get enough Simon or want to see me fuck up way more than I do in the LP.

Golden_Zucchini demonstrates a surefire way to deal with the shortcut in Mr. X's first level:

hawk16zz provided the MM6 title card font for easy download and usage, much appreciated!
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