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Part 1: Race

Alright you procrastinating screwballs, listen up.

See this?

Syrg Sapphire posted:

Race Rules (This Is The Race Post)

Round One will last 3 weeks (until Feb. 3) and consists of killing eight defenseless robots. No restrictions, lay a savestate at the menu screen if you want to keep your e-tanks, passwords don't do that in this game. It'll depend on how many people race (I expect lower turnouts than prior games based on what a lot of people are saying), but let's estimate the top 25%, or whatever nearby number I can make evenly fit a multiplier of 4, will move on to...

Round Two will last (probably) three weeks (until Feb. 24) and involves blowing up castles and menacing old men. God, Megaman is such an asshole. No restrictions, top four times move on to...

Round Three which will have a week or two to be run depending on schedules, and involves playing the full game with one restriction*: You have to kill either Flame Man or Plant Man first thing for an adapter, and use either one at all times from then on out. Effectively you are locking yourself into a limited moveset that has a lot of wiggle room in short-circuiting each stage. Knowing all the hidden passages is gonna become key on this run.

* Restriction subject to change depending on how badly test runs go down.

^This is a race post.

You want to take on the sport of kings? Get some bros together and record a superfight. 4 players go in, 32 dead robots later they leave. Best 12-ish 16 advance to round 2.

31 People have already partaken. Their efforts are being hunted down, salvaged, and reforged as we speak. More are always welcome.

If you arrived here from the turn of last century and moving pictures confuse and terrify you, some nice folks in a skype lobby will be happy to assist you. Provide a skype ID in the thread and someone will usher you into the ball pit.

In light of the situation, round 1 will close Whenever the fuck I feel like it.  Sunday, Feb 26. Try it, it's fun. GET IN THERE  Ronud 1 over. Round 2 Go.

Videos Go Here

Group 1 - TheGreatGuy, Killer Emcee, DemonTrigger, A_Raving_Loon You may find yourself talking in a Skype call. You may find yourself in another racing group. And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

Group 2 - Diabetus, Volt Catfish, Krumb, TomServo Meet the new race, same as the old race. Warning - May cause fleeting glimpses of the world beyond your meagre concept of reality. Download source video if problem persists.

Group 3 - zebrin_star, Star Man, thevoiceofdog, python862 - Just let him get to the boss. That's all he asks.

Group ε - goldenzucchini, Schmeev, A_Raving_Loon, TurboC Timeline E: Eddie defeats Ganon with large energy pellet.

Group 6-D - Taoto, Netmonmatt, WanderingNewbie, VDate Let me sing you the song of my people.

Group 6-T - BFC, Ephraim, SamuraiSnake, Sumdian The stakes are high, the times are low.

Group 7 - Signal Interrupt, Admiral H. Curtiss, Trizophenie, Shindragon Accents.

Group 8 - Jaltos, KingEffingFrost, Zeikier, Venemous Don't Panic.

Bonus - The Mysterious Race Group X It's not your brother. Or is it.

ROUND 1 Standings
 20:20 Tom Servo
22:27 Diabetus
23:06 Krumbsthumbs
23:29 The Voice of Dog
23:34 VoltCatfish
24:29 TheGreatGuy
25:11 BFC
25:39 Sumdian
27:46 Jaltos
29:06 Ephraim225
30:21 Frost
30:35 Turboc
31:17 A_Raving_Loon
31:36 Golden_Zucchini
32:11 Schmeev
32:23 Netmonmatt 

 32:28 Killer Emcee
33:49 Samurai Snake
34:16 Zebrin
36:45 WanderingNewbie
37:04 DemonTrigger
37:30 Trizophenie
39:45 Admiral H. Curtiss
40:28 Signal interrupt
45:50 Taoto
46:01 Star Man
47:17 Zeikier
47:39 Venom
1:33:53 VDate
1:36:33 Python862 


Wherein the finest mega-racers and whoever left their windows unlocked that night take on the Mysterious Mr. X in his crazy Jetsons fortress.

Maybe some other old fuck too.

Let's suppose that'll take until around March 11 a bit longer than that. already over.

Group 1 - TomServo, Volt Catfish, Diabetus, Krumb Again.

Group 2 - A_Raving_Loon, TheGreatGuy, Jaltos, Zeikier Does anyone even read this post?

Group 3 - Schmeev, Ephraim, BFC, KillerEmcee - Sir not appearing in this race.

Group 4 - TurboC, Kingeffingfrost, Netmonmat, TheVoiceOfDog If I am looking for group. Him name rockman, race group.

Bonus Race - TheWanderingNewbie, Python862, TurboC, Taoto, A_Raving_Loon So what's your favourite anime?

 17:14 T0MSERV0
18:06 KrumbsThumbs
20:01 Diabetus
21:13 Volt Catfish 

 21:22 Netmonmatt
22:51 thevoiceofdog
23:05 Frost
23:41 TheGreatGuy
24:49 Schmeev
25:44 Ephiram
25:49 TurboC
26:22 Jaltos
37:26 A_Raving_Loon 

And then,

We answer the question that has forever plagued mankind - fight or flight?

The top four, and maybe the bottom four or even the middle four play the game with a dog welded to their backs. The way God intended.

FINAL ROUND Tom, Krumb, Betus, Volt - The final nail in the Pomeranian.