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Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue

by Epee Em, giver336

Part 94: おたく/オタク

In a world where two versions of this game were released overseas in a strange land called Japan...

: What? No MissEchelon art? This is bullshit.

: Wow, their title screen is much better.

In a world where the savefiles for the English versions load properly in the Japanese version.

In a world where...fuck it.

: What!? I can't understand you!

So why are we looking at this? For the sake of completion, I suppose I should show the small differences between the English and the Japanese versions.

I can actually read the former!

In the Japanese version, we get a nice little animation before going into the NaviCust menu!

And here's our jack-in animation. Why were these dummied out in the American version. Take a look:

Free Space (out of 8 MiB for GBA)
Battle Network 3: 1,084 bytes (ouch)
EXE3 (JP)(Black): 724 bytes

The English language simply takes up more space than the Japanese text. So, small things had to get cut from the English version in order for everything to fit on the cartridge. This is the price you pay for lengthy games, people.

While the jack-in animation would have been neat (though they did come back for the rest of the series!) I'm glad they got rid of the NaviCust animation. Imagine having to watch that every time you needed to futz with Press.

And here is the 100% completion screen. You only got this if you managed to get all 7 stars, kill Alpha Omega and have all 20 GigaChips on top of that.

Speaking of GigaChips, getting BassGS from an event will override the Library slot that contains Bass or Bass+.

Now let's move onto fun stuff. These games had a development cycle of under half a year! So naturally, it was eternally crunch time in the low-budget MegaMan dev rooms. You can expect a few bugs, and some questionable design choices here and there.

This screen just indicates that I have equipped 7 Reg+5 NCP parts. With the max total of 50, and these 7, that makes my Regular Memory 85.

Most of those chips that exceeded the max total of 50 can now be equipped! Of course, my setup is completely bugged in order to do this.

Now, pay attention. You see the chip that's Regular'd? That's BeastMan V5, coming at only 84 MB. this.

We are going to unequip all of our Reg+ parts, meaning we should go back down to 50, right? Naturally.

Nothing to report here. Just that the game auto-removes your registered Regular chip now that you don't have the requisite MB. But if we check the second folder...

...we can see that they forgot to account for that.

Pretty clever. They probably either A) didn't bother checking the others or B) hard-coded only the first folder.

And with our NaviCust free, we can equip all the Custom+ parts in the world! DEATH TO EVERYTHING. BEASTMAN FOR PRESIDENT. Man, what an exploit.

OK, so I switched back to the English version, because while I found another glitch in there, this one can be repeated in Blue and White. And it's much easier to explain in English.

Can anyone in the class explained to me what happened?

If you don't see it right away, take a good look at the chip selection slots. The chip we chose was VarSwrd.

First, let's see what we got. We are clearly running the 11th Chip Glitch (technically, 12th, but details).

Now, let's view our folder. Fairly normal stuff, right?

Pfft VarSwrd

OK, there's our GutsPunch! Let's select it.

ignore the chip icon at the top pls You can see that our chip cursor disappeared! That means we're looking at our 11th chip: in this case, Rook Q. Now we enter the field like normal and...



Well this is much better. It wouldn't have done anything useful as a Rook

Let's back this up. Take a very close look at the first, second, and third chip slot in my folder. The fact that GutsPunch is preset is irrelevant to this glitch. GutsPunch transformed into BeastMan V5! The first slot of the chip folder became the 3rd slot.

Now, how does the 11th glitch factor into this? Well, if the 11th chip you're choosing in the Custom Screen cannot be selected with the very first chip in your folder, this causes the first chip slot in your folder to become the 3rd slot in your folder!

In this case, because Rook Q cannot normally be selected GutsPunch (1st slot in our folder), the game then morphs GutsPunch into BeastMan V5 (3rd slot in our folder).


Time to call my buddy Prof! Skip this if you don't care

it's code stuff so yeah.

'Prof. 9 Super Technical Explanation" posted:

So the game has an array of 5 bytes where it stores which chips are in the chip selection, yeah? Each chip is 1 byte. In this array, it doesn't store the value of the chip directly, but it stores the index in the chip folder. So, for example, if you select the chip that comes first in your folder, it stores 0x00.

Now then, this array is preceded directly by a 10-byte array that stores the chip selection states of your custom screen -- one byte for each chip in custom screen. Because Giver is running custom+7, he has a custom screen size of 12 chips, this array overflows. So it tries to set the 'disabled' flag in the first and second chips in your original 5-chip selection.

Therefore, by chance, it sets the second bit in the byte corresponding to GutsPunch (the first chip in the folder), which causes it to become 0x02, which is the 3rd chip in the folder, in this case, BeastMan V5.

This will only happen if the first chip in the folder is selected, because it checks if chip selection state is already non-zero and skips it in that case.

So, to put it simply:

-If the first chip in the folder is in chip selection slot 1(the queue on the right where you saw the icon, guys), it will morph in the third chip in the folder if it cannot be selected together with the 11th chip in the custom screen.

-If the first chip in the folder is in chip selection slot 2, it will morph into the third chip in the folder if it cannot be selected together with the 12th chip in the custom screen

-If the first chip in the folder is in chip selection slot 3, it will morph into the third chip in the folder if it cannot be selected together with the 13th chip in the custom screen

No morphing is possible beyond slot 3 because you can only raise Custom+ to +8 max.

This is a really good look into why checking your array boundaries is important, kids! It's also the reason that a lot of the newer languages check for ArrayOutOfBounds exceptions.

So, following this glitch, we can now make even more impossible setups!

BeastMan V5 (morphed)
Navi+40 (11th Chip Glitch)
Navi+40 (12th Chip Glitch)
BeastMan V5 (legitimate)

Play around with this guys. Oh and someone should come up with a name. All I can come up with is the Chip Morphing Glitch. It's sort of like the younger, slower brother of the 11th Glitch, but you can do niche things with it.

Inb4 I'm asked to do a Glitch LP of BN4.

Let's never bring up that game ever again, mmkay?