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Part 18: Romhackery.

And the day is saved thanks to a loyal YouTube fan! Everyone thank kojistinson, for supplying the information needed to romhack things together.

Anyway, time to settle the score and finish up this game. There's a few bosses I'm deliberately not showing off, actually, because they all appear in the next game unchanged!

Anyway, remember when I said that Chaud here in ACDC town is special because he's where romhackers work their magic?

Well, popping open the emulator's memory viewer...

And changing that 65 to a 90...

Results in Bass. Bass is pretty tough, and while he has the same moveset in MMBN2, his AI is much more brutal here with fewer pauses. Although his LifeAura, which he stole from the LifeVirus (remember that email?) is hideous in this game.

Well, taking on Bass with the folder I earned and not anywhere near as much HP as I should have was fun and mildly difficult. Let's ramp things up, shall we?

First of all, let's give ourselves everything courtesy of a save posted on GameFAQs.

Pictured: Scary numbers!

Also pictured: Epee Em forcing the game into creating a fight with four of Bass.

Figuring out how to get this to work took some experimentation, actually, my first attempts resulted in MegaMan exploding and then being invincible and immobile for the fight, basically a lockup.

Aaand let's write a 40 to this address to give ourselves a free FastGauge for the hell of it. This turned out to be completely unnecessary, actually.

Because BassBassBassBass is surprisingly trivial. See you all in MMBN2!