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Original Thread: Megaman Legends: KICK THE FUCKING CAN



In a world covered by endless water...

People are forced to eke out a living on the small paMEGAMAN LEGENDS

Also known as Rockman DASH, Legends was released in 1997 on the Playstation as the first 3D Megaman game, along with a PC port, an N64 port in 2000, and the 2005 PSP release in Japan. It was pretty much fucking incredible and lots of people enjoyed the charm and gameplay it employed.

Megaman Legends has already been LPed once before by Golden315. I too enjoyed that epsxe border on the screen. But that's all in the past, because now Legends will have something no one has ever given it before: production values! HOLY FUCK

Seeing as this is my first LP in quite some time, I'm going to be bringing you the most skilled run I can muster, that being a no-damage run on Hard Mode. I've also got quite a few top notch guest commentators joining me for the ride, so I hope that you all enjoy every minute of it.

Note: Baldurdash episodes will be ready to view first; alternate hosts will usually take some time before they're ready due to uploading/conversion.


Episode 1: Weird Rotating Purple Eggs (Ambisagrus, Ceciltron) Baldurdash Viddler
Episode 2: Officer Joe Everyman (Wanderer, Spinningrobo)Baldurdash Viddler
Episode 3: No Damage Taken (Wanderer, Ceciltron)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 4: Final Fantasy IX (Oyster, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 5: Sometimes I Like Cock In My Mouth (Oyster, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
BONUS VIDEO: Shooting the Blimp BaldurdashViddler
Episode 6: Standard Hollywood Strafing Procedure (Pokecapn, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 7: And Now, A Drillman (Pokecapn, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 8: Megaman Legends, Megaman Legends: The Movie (Ambisagrus, Toffile, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 9: Ominous as Fuck (Ambisagrus, Toffile, Wanderer)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 10: I'm So Confused (not meme its you, Spinningrobo)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 11: SolarSystemBus Is Drunk (not meme its you, SolarSystemBus)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 12: Robuttass (KungFuJesus, Sartak, Toffile)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 13: Also Known As Goku (KungFuJesus, Sartak, Toffile)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 14: I Wish I Had a Mug Like That (Spinningrobo, Toffile, Wanderer, Ceciltron)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 15: It's Okay; All the Policemen Are Inbred (Medibot, Toffile, Wanderer, Ceciltron)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 16: Love Love Dancing (KungFuJesus, medibot, HulkaMatt, Oyster, Ceciltron, Toffile)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 17: The Nastiest Uguu (KungFuJesus, medibot, HulkaMatt, Oyster, Ceciltron, Toffile)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 18: Christianity Robots (KungFuJesus, medibot, HulkaMatt, Oyster, Ceciltron, Toffile)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 19: Via My Ass (Ceciltron, medibot)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 20: Grey Cat (Ceciltron, medibot)BaldurdashViddler
Episode 21: Mystery Guest X (Goku's Roommate, Ambisagrus, Spinningrobo)Baldurdash  
Episode 22: Key Buster (Goku's Roommate, Ambisagrus, Spinningrobo)Baldurdash  
FINAL EPISODE: Ceciltron Barbershop Quartet (KungFuJesus, medibot, Ceciltron, Wanderer)Baldurdash  


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