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Part 19: Could You All Just Shut Up And Let Me Save The World?

We should be able to see Mu by now.

Geo's Star Carrier starts ringing. It's Zack.

The Zackpedia has given me a lot of information on Vega. She seems to have led quite the storied life...

How so?

Vega first garnered attention as a brilliant scientist.

Zack and Geo parrot this revelation a couple times to make sure the player gets it.

But one day she just vanished. But there was something strange about it.

What the hell do those have to do with each other?

Whoever did it also stole countless relics worth millions! The authorities are still looking for the person responsible.

I mean the player knows what's up, but from an in-universe perspective those are completely unrelated.

What does that mean?

Heh... It means that she's been a bad apple from day one.

When I have more info I'll let you know!

Alright! Thanks Zack!

Anyways, sure is nice of the game to finally elaborate on the main villain now that we're an hour away from fighting her.

As soon as Zack hangs up the earth starts to tremble.

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting.

And then just like that the cutscene ends so I can move Geo outside. Star Force 2, giving us the interactive cutscenes we all never knew we wanted.

I thought I heard a voice in the sky... Was it that Mu thing again?

Hope can be pretty sometimes.

The next cutscene has a shocking revelation. Mu, which just last update arose from the ocean's depths and started to float in the sky,

is still floating in the sky.

It's here!

Everything is ready. As promised, I will show you the power of Mu.


Vega proclaims that the world is about to be conquered by the Neo Mu Empire, of which she is the Empress.

And you all belong to me! You will do as I say!

Neo Mu Empire? Empress?

Just... just stop talking Geo.


As a citizen of Mu, you would have your freedoms restored! You would have rights as part of the great Neo Mu Empire!

Heh... This one's just another comic-book baddie. She really plans on taking over the world!

This is sadly accurate. The main villain of SF1 was closely connected to Geo and Mega's story. Meanwhile Vega is just some random loon with no real connection to our heroes.

And now... We are going to have a little test! Anyone who passes this test may join the Neo Mu Empire!

The screen flashes. Geo has no idea what's just happened at first, but Mega quickly spots trouble.

Mega immediately recognizes Hyde's EM ghost, and the two quickly piece together that the rest are tied to the odd monsters they've faced up to this point.

I am sending out EM bodies from Mu into the world! If you try to resist, you will only meet your end. The power of Mu's EM bodies is limitless!

I guess Mu's ascension has created a worldwide visible zone? Hell if I know.

As an aside, I really think it would have been better to ditch the whole "Visible Zone" nonsense entirely. "Mu's ancient EM waves react strangely with the modern world's" would make much more sense, and account for basically all of the Visible Zone's inconsistencies.

Limitless? Like we're supposed to swallow that garbage!

Yeah, as he is now Geo could easily take out all twelve EM beings.

I can't even begin to count the EM bodies!

Oh come on, I just did.

This is the true power of Mu! Enjoy it while you can! For only the greatest among you... can enter the Neo Mu Empire!

Vega orders the EM beings to cause as much turmoil as possible.

They oblige. The NPCs freak out, especially when they realize that communication everywhere is down. For some reason.

Who's gonna help us!?

Oh no! I gotta go save them!

He does.


But for some contrived reason,

What the heck is going on!? We're all doomed!

No, not all of us. I'll be OK.

even though they could see the EM beings, the NPCs apparently can't see MegaMan.

Not only am I better than other people, I'm cuter too! That's why I'll be a citizen of Mu!

So instead of thanking him for, oh, saving their lives, they start arguing with each other on who's more qualified to join up with Neo Mu.

Geo ineffectually tries to maintain order, and meanwhile Mega's noticed something even more important.

Check out their Star Carriers... Something screwy's going on.

Pretty much all generic NPCs have 0 LP now. Kind of sudden, don't you think?

Not good... Everyone's Link Power is going down. What in the world's going on?

Like so many other things in SF2, this point completely falls apart the moment you think about it. Really? Everyone in the world is a selfish asshole who only thinks about themself? In this world, where friendship is everything? There's forced drama and then there's this crap.

Geo and Mega are figuring out their next move when Vega interrupts again.

People of Earth!


How do you like the power of Mu? But it's not as bad as you think. It's worse!

Vega laughs that Mu has an infinite supply of EM bodies.

Cue respawn.

So what now?

There's only one thing to do! We gotta shut down Mu!


Geo gets another call, because communications are suddenly back up again.

Are you guys OK? Things are a bit crazy right now.

Yeah, we're all fine here... Listen, you're really going to fight this Vega lady, aren't you?


I knew it... There's something I have to tell you...

Luna requests Geo come to her house.


Wow this line sure does jive with my earlier suggestion.

Oh, and if I hadn't already done these NPC's sidequests I could trigger them now anyways. Joining the Neo Mu Empire just isn't as important as asking some random kid for help.

It's safer in here than it is out there. And there's safety in numbers...

EM Beings can't open doors I guess? Or maybe even these ancient monsters don't want to deal with Luna.


Whoa Bud, keep it E rated.

What the heck is Mu!? Just who does she think she is anyway? I'd like to show her a thing or two, that's for sure!

It's too dangerous out there.

Hey, Geo? What are all those crazy monsters?

Luna you've been kidnapped by them. Thrice. How do you not know by now?

EM bodies, I think. All those mysterious incidents recently are connected to them.

I see...

Geo tells the trio to stay the hell out of trouble, and to just run away if a monster gets close.

What don't I know?

Those monsters aren't the only danger outside. The people are starting to act strange, too.

Geo already knew this.

Hmm, yeah. The people I just saved did seem a bit off.

Zack remarks that the same thing is happening on a global scale. He knows this because... um... Zackpedia?

Sonia limps in. I think we're supposed to assume she walked here from the hospital?


Sonia! You shouldn't be here!

Yeah! You should be in the hospital!

Everyone there is acting strange... Talking about how they belong in Mu and such.

Hippocratic what now?

This can't be happening.

It's something the guide said when we went to the museum.

The game helpfully flashes back. Remember, the real reason the dinosaurs died was because they weren't good enough friends.

No... That means...!

I don't want to believe it either. But everyone's ties to each other are growing weaker by the minute.

Luna asks if this is the end of humanity.

I gotta do something! I have to find a way to shut down Mu.

Heh... I guess it's up to you to be the hero again. If I had special powers I'd be right there with you...

Wait for the next game.

Music: Sentimental

I know, Bud...

He's right... We're Brothers and we can't even find a way to help you! I feel powerless...

You wanna help, Zack? You could start by not being such a dick and boost my LP by +80 instead of +50. You know, like everyone else.


......What are you all looking sad for!? So we don't all have powers like Geo! There's still something we can do!

Yeah? What's that?

When did I start playing Earthbound?

We can pray that Geo comes back to us safely! I'm gonna pray, and then I'm gonna keep praying. Because we're Brothers!


Conversation among SF2's writers posted:

Shit, guys, Luna's suggestion is terrible and introduces religious elements to her character out of nowhere. What do we do?

Have her cry! Then it'll look like she's just trying to keep a strong face and everyone will feel sorry for her instead of wondering about what she just said!

Genius! But what about Bud and Zack? Shouldn't they react?

Have them pretend it never happened.


Geo... Promise me something.

Uh... sure. What is it?

Let me warn you. You'd better not break this promise! I'll break our BrotherBand if you do!

Because Geo has such a track record of breaking promises.


You'd better...

OK, I promise I will come back.

*Sniffle, sniffle*

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay! Geo! Good luck to you, dude! You come back and I'll give you all the ginger beef you can eat!

*Sniff* Good luck to you, Geo! I know there's nothing on it in the Zackpedia, but I know MegaMan can't be beaten! *Sniff!* Keep your promise to Prez...!


Geo. I have to tell you something before you go... It's from when I was working for Vega.

It's Hollow... He's the only one she trusts.

She has a Brother?

Hollow has a Star Carrier?

Sonia admits she doesn't know much about Hollow, but she feels that Geo should be careful when he faces the duo. Geo takes her advice to heart and thanks her.

......I'll be sad, Geo...


But I'm not gonna cry! Because this isn't going to be the last time! I'm gonna see you again real soon... *Sniffle...*


I gotta go now. But I'll definitely be back!

And so, with that touching moment concluded,

Geo gets mail.

Aaron proceeds to tell Geo everything Zack said in that earlier call.

Geo, I know what it is you are trying to do.

You're planning to go to Mu, aren't you? I want to tell you not to go, but you're the only one who can save this world.

Sorry, I'm just worried. Anyways, I thought this might be of some help. Please take it. I made it using the data Detective Copper found while investigating the scene of the UMA incident. I'm sure you'll find some use for it.

Aaron hands over what would likely be your first Giga card in a normal game. Zerker version gets Avalanche, and Ninja version Flying Impact.

Be sure to make it back safely!

In SF1, after the rousing last pep talk, to reach the final dungeon Geo just had to walk through one area.

In SF2 he has to walk all the way to the end of Bermuda Maze.

Well, might as well see what Hope has to say first.

Kelvin... I don't know what's going on with the world, but it makes me wish you were here...

And with that,


run all

the way

to Bermuda. Oh look, it's one of those special Hertzes. Is this the guy who offered to be a shortcut?

Nope, he just wants my money.

So remember how, last time I went through this maze, I had to solve a series of puzzles to find the way? Well thankfully the designers decided not to do that again.

Nah, this time they just expect you to write down these instructions.

...(It's the same thing.)

...(That's what he said.)

Also there must be a gag I'm missing because this sure as hell isn't the Konami Code. Or the way to Hollow.

And speaking of that,

I need to go back to the maze's center.

And I didn't mention it last time, but there are actually guys spread out across the maze who'll give you gifts if you talk to them. There is absolutely no indication that they are there, so I hope you have a guide.

You can get a Puff Blast 1, a Needle Attack 1, a Recover 150, a Stealth Lazer 1, a Plasma Gun 3, and a Heavy Cannon from the Hertzes on the way to the center.

At the maze's end is a warp.

It'll take me to Vega's hideout. This place won't be important until postgame,

but there's some treasure to be had at least.

Also, Hollow's ghost will be here after I beat the game. So I'll need to take a trip all the way here every time I want to face his SP form.

Now off to Mu. No fancy puzzles here, just follow the instructions given.

At the end are a bunch of broken stairs,

and a merchant who solely deals in the best healing Sub Card in the game.

Through that nearby warp,

is the staircase to Mu.

The Sky Hertz is completely freaking out about it, but Mega blows it off as just a legend.

OK. Mu is just ahead. Let's do this!


Along the way is a Hertz who reminds me of basic game mechanics. AKA that if I pulse out on the Sky Wave, I'll return to the last Wave Hole on the ground I used.

And at the top is this chucklefuck.

Ah, it's that hack again. For an entertainer, he's got some lousy timing.

Out of my way! I have to stop Mu!

It's too late to change the script! This is where you exist, stage left.

There he goes again with that nonsense... Just finish him off, kid!

You got it!

Dark Phantom laughs that Geo and Mega have no hope of defeating him.

The script says so! Behold the power bestowed upon me by Lady Vega!

Geo growls that Dark Phantom's different from before.

Are you surprised? Heh, heh, heh... I was given this power as a reward for taking the OOPArt from you!

And what's more, when I defeat you this time, Lady Vega will form a BrotherBand with me!

Oh look who thinks stealing from an injured kid is a victory.

Heh... Give the guy a little power and it goes straight to his head.

I'm going to bring down the curtain on this show! Cry or scream if you want, but you will take your last bow!!

Yeah! We gotta get past him no matter what!

How To Serve A Beatdown

1. Toss the ingredients with a cyclone.

2. Apply electricity.

3. Chop into fine pieces.

Huff, huff...

God damn it Geo, that battle took two seconds.

Out of my way, Dark Phantom!

I... will stop... you... if I beat you... Lady Vega... will form a... BrotherBand with me!

!!! Is that...? Lady Vega!?

Since when did she speak in ellipses?

The voice is disappointed in Hyde's performance, and he begs forgiveness.

......Please... Please, just give your faithful servant a small piece of you power! I will show you can I can defeat MegaMan for good!

Hyde gets his last chance.

Thank you!

Excellent! You are the greatest, Lady Vega!

Hmph! Now he's got even more power! He's like a whole new jerk!


Does my power frighten you? It does, doesn't it? I will enjoy watching your face contort with fear! I will bury you in darkness!!

Oh no, Dark Phantom is just so powerful now, how ever will Geo get out of this pickle.



Oh thank goodness you're here Rogue, now you can easily one shot this all-powerful enemy that Geo had no chance of beating.

What do you want?

I'm here to see Vega.

You no longer work for us... Heh, heh... You've been dropped from the cast. But since you're here, you can share in MegaMan's fate!

Bring it on then! I never liked you anyway!

Believe me, the feeling is mutual!

Geo and Mega have no idea what is going on.

You interfered in my fight with MegaMan. And when you realized that your pathetic power couldn't beat him, you used me to do your dirty work. Am I wrong?

Heh, heh, heh... Yes, it was such a great scrpt, wasn't it?

Actually it stunk.

Look, if you two are just going to bitch at each other, could you let Geo pass? He kind of has a world to save.

What you think doesn't matter. I did it all for Lady Vega!

Don't kid yourself. It wasn't for Vega. You only did it for yourself!

How dare...!

Rogue adds that all of Hyde's "power" has come from Vega. Let's just ignore that the same could be said about Rogue's new EM Barrier.

If she ever abandoned you, then you would be without power, and nothing but a pathetic weakling!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut uuuup! Shut up! Shut uuuuuuuuup!


Huff... huff... There is some truth to your words. I didn't always have this power. I am what I am thanks to Lady Vega... That is why... That is why I shall continue to make myself useful to her!

You're just a parasite.

A parasite... you say? Heh, heh. That's fine. Once I defeat you two, I will form a BrotherBand with her! And that'll make me the strongest parasite in the world!

Rogue scoffs.

I've had enough of your insults and impudence! You're finished!

I'm afraid not. It is I who shall finish you. The honor of my ancestors demands it!

Could you just do all of us a favor and kill each other?

Wasn't joking when I said Rogue would one-shot him. Isn't he just so ~cool and powerful~?

You think I'd lose to someone who sponges power off of others?


Don't get the wrong idea. I never liked him. And I wasn't going to let him interfere again. You and I still have a fight to finish.

The hell are you talking about? Geo shattered your "invincible" barrier, what else do you want from him?


Dark Phantom starts to groan.

I... I will not lose...

How pathetic.

Hyde begs Vega for another chance.

Rogue asks if Hollow's here to help Hyde. When he doesn't respond, Hyde takes this as a yes.

I have a message from lady Vega... She says, "I have no need for useless individuals."

Wha...! Guh-yaaaaargh!

Geo you know nothing about these people, please stop making assumptions.

His task done, Hollow warps away. Geo comments on his lack of emotion, while Rogue's still focused on Hyde.

It was a fitting end for someone like him.

That distraction over with,

And what about our... fight?

Geo addresses the elephant in the room. Surely Rogue, after all that bravado and grandstanding, wouldn't pass up a chance to fight MegaMan again?

I'd love nothing more than to take you down right here and now. But I've got something I gotta take care of!

Geo probes for a better explanation, and Rogue elaborates that he won't let Vega take Mu.

It's my home. She can't just do whatever she wants with it.

Then let me help...

I don't need you. Once I take her down, I'm taking you down as well.

Rogue vanishes in a flash of light. Even though, once again, he has actual walking sprites.

Geo and Mega have already seen past Rogue's bullshit.

So what are we waiting for? We don't want him to beat us there!

And with that, the cutscene is finally over.

Dark Phantom will be lying here for the rest of the game.

Music: Mu Continent

It really does exist... I've never read anything that describes this.

Hey, kid... I don't get it. Everything's all broken and stuff...

I guess no one has been here in a really long time...

Even so, it still looks pretty bad.

......Yeah, that is curious...

She's gotta be around here somewhere! Let's find her, and stop Mu from destroying the Earth.


Concept art of Mu.