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Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Saurian

by BlitzBlast

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Original Thread: Find out what really killed the dinosaurs in MegaMan Star Force 2!



AstroNut is doing Star Force 1, and SSNeoman Star Force 3, so I might as well round out the trilogy with Star Force 2.

What's this?
Released in 2007 (2008 for western audiences), MegaMan Star Force 2 is the second game in the Star Force trilogy. And in the MegaMan franchise, that's a very important position! Classic, X, Battle Network, Zero... take a look at almost any of the other MegaMan series, and you'll see a pattern: the first game introduces a ton of new concepts, and the second refines them into an overall better game. Star Force 1 was released a year prior to this, and it would be an understatement to say that it was rough around the edges. But it sold well enough to greenlight a sequel, and that was Capcom's chance to really sit down and fix up the game system into something better.

They utterly failed and killed the series.

Wait what?
Let me just quote something from the SF1 LP:

Astro Nut posted:

Barring the first entry in the series, the series saw a massive decline in sales, with almost 600,000 unit sales in Japan later falling to under 300,000 for the second game, and less than 200,000 for the third and final entry into the Star Force franchise.
Star Force 2 is a not a good game. It is silly, lazy, short, and extremely boring. Its only saving grace is its surprisingly robust multiplayer, but the simplicity of the battle system taints that too. This game was so bad that, even though Star Force 3 was a remarkable improvement in every possible way, the series could never recover.

Why are you even LPing this if it's so bad?
For all of this game's faults, I enjoyed it enough to 100% all three versions. This is one of the most poorly balanced games I have ever played, and it's all in favor of the player. It being short also inadvertently turns into a plus, since rampaging through the game as an unstoppable royal electromagnetic ninja-dinosaur-swordsman superhero doesn't have time to get old.

Yeah that's the natural response to anything in this game.

What's the policy on spoilers?
I could not give less of a shit. I don't have any respect for this game, so I'm not going to expect the reader to either. You can post a picture of the final boss for all I care; I'll be summoning him to do my bidding from the second update onwards anyways.

With that said, that only applies to events in this game and SF1. Spoiler stuff from SF3, since there's a LP of that going on. I suppose you should spoil stuff from SF1 too, but why would you look at a sequel if you didn't want to be spoiled?

How is this LP going to work?
I'll be mostly summarizing the events of the game, but I'll transcribe some stuff. I'll try to update weekly, but no promises.

Will there be viewer participation?
Yes! If anyone ever wants to be a part of this LP, fill out the following form:


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And I'll be able to harvest your friendship energy become best buds with you in-game! Either PM that stuff to me or just post it here.

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