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Part 47: Character Write-Up - Cinnamon

I don't know who this mysterious Red Reploid is, but he sounds like a pretty cool dude that X should team up with.

Joking aside, let's talk about our adorable new blonde friend.


With the amount of stuff she can do, it's very easy to see why Professor Gaudile was VERY against her getting into combat. Alas, being in the presence of X tends to bring out the inner badass in people so now she's going to use her phenomenal power to slap evil into oblivion.

Weapon Type: Gloves (Combat Damage)
Starting WE: 10%
WE Gain per turn: 25%
Action Trigger: Angelic Aid - Party Wide Healing. Improves as she gains levels(higher % of party HP restored). Starts at a max of 40% HP recovery for the party. More WE = More time to build up hearts (10% HP restored per heart).
Elemental Resistances: 50% damage from all elements
Force Metal Slots: 3
Starting Immunity: 20
Hyper Mode: Iron Maiden
Hyper Mode Benefits: +50% LE, +25% Power, +25% WE gain for all party members. Allegedly she also has a chance to automatically trigger 'Defend' status when attacked, meaning she'll behave as if you had her use her turn to defend for that attack.
Hyper Mode Turns: 4

Behold the Cleric of the game, and boy does she get results. Her level 1 start at first seems really bad, but since she gains EXP in the backline eventually she'll catch up and start flexing on people. Despite having probably the absolute lowest LE of any character in the party, her elemental defenses are pretty great, and Angelic Aid being a free infinite sub tank for the whole battle party gives her a safety net if she's in trouble. While she won't be winning any damage races unless you give her the weapon she gets from the Secret Shop, all of her weapons in general are pretty good. A lot of them apply debuffs or status effects of some sort, though outside of her basic series(her default Angel's Hand and its improved versions), one other series that trades status effects for high crit rate and boost to her evasion, and the Secret Shop weapon, none of them do more than a single hit. Her weapons aren't what will keep her in play however, it's all of the support she has just from being on the frontline. Energy Field converting 20% of her WE into a party wide Gain WE +10 is absurd, even before you get into the extra bonus from her using Iron Maiden. To give an idea of how crazy this is, Massimo's WE Gain per turn while in Glint Armor comes out to about 37% of the WE bar. Just BEING in Iron Maiden while Massimo has Glint Armor going boosts that up by +9 to 46% per turn. Before she even touches Energy Field. Speaking of that, its effect is multiplied by any % based boosts to WE gain that comes with Hyper Modes that are on other characters(So X Fire and Glint Armor), meaning it would add another roughly 18% WE gain per turn to Glint Armor Massimo to bring him up to 64% WE per turn.

Go look at the damage Massimo's Action Trigger does and tell me that's not ridiculous. And that's without accounting for X Fire(which gains an extra 7 WE per turn with Iron Maiden around before Energy Field shenanigans) and it firing off more Charge Colliders under these same conditions.

Now as a fool, I never actually used Cinnamon my first playthrough. I tried her out on my second, and I was not disappointed by the absurd utility she's packing along with her. And even with the nerf to her Secret Shop weapon in the International Version, they are still far and away the best thing to have her use because 5 hits is crazy - in fact it's actually hilarious to watch her just slap the CPU out of any enemy that looks at her funny. She's far and away the best party member of the new characters added in Command Mission.