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Mega Man X: Command Mission

by BisbyWorl

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Original Thread: May the Force Metal be with you. Let's Play Mega Man X: Command Mission



Movie: Opening

What is this game?

A spinoff in Capcom's Mega Man X series of platformers, Command Mission is a full fledged turn-based RPG that originally released on the PS2 and Gamecube in 2004, a few months prior to Mega Man X8. Unlike X8, however, Command Mission has never seen a rerelease in any form, which is honestly a shame.

Command Mission was worked on by the same teams that made Mega Man X7 and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, as an attempt to make a more story focused Mega Man X game. We'll be seeing how successful that was during this LP.

The Story

Taking place long after the mainline series, Command Mission is set in the year 22XX. A new substance called Force Metal is found on a meteorite that stuck the Pacific Ocean. Technology based on Force Metal is able to revolutionize Reploid engineering.

In order to get easier access to Force Metal, an artificial island named Giga City is built over it.

Everything was going just fine, until a group of Reploids armed themselves, launched a rebellion, kicked every human off of the island, and declared Giga City an independent Reploid nation. This, naturally, gets them all declared Mavericks and got the Maverick Hunters sent in.

Do I need to know anything about the original games for this?

Not really! The number of recurring characters can be counted on one hand, so for the most part all you need to know is that Reploids are advanced robots, Mavericks are bad Reploids, and Maverick Hunters are Reploids that take care of Mavericks.

LP Style
This will be a hybrid LP, mostly screenshots with added gifs and additional videos for cutscenes and boss fights.

As a note, I'll be playing on the PS2 version, as that's the one I grew up with. The main difference between the two is that the PS2 version has a demo for X8 as an unlockable, while the GC version has GBA Link Cable compatibility to enable a treasure radar.

Due to graphical issues with the PS2 emulator, I switched to the GC version starting in Update X.

Spoiler Policy?
Talking about the series overall is fine, but please use spoiler tags for anything the LP hasn't reached.

Table of Contents

Update I - The communications are out...
Update II - So you're the one who caused all this trouble!
Update III - He protects the secret weapon of the jungle.
Update IV - Stay true to our beliefs, wherever they might lead us.
Update V - Oh no! A time-bomb has been set on the course!
Update VI - I have no choice but to escape from here and head to the city below!
Update VII - The key to this mission is in skillfully evading detection.
Update VIII - She's fine! I just rescued her.
Update IX - With this power... I'll never lose!
Update X - What do you plan to do with these rare resources?
Update XI - We're detecting energy from deep within the lost woods! Find it!
Update XII - Where did that energy come from?!
Update XIII - This is horrible! Why do I have to face someone like you here?!
Update XIV - You found a rare Metal! With it, you can make a new Chip!
Update XVI - I hid myself while I tried to repair myself.
Update XVII - I'm superior to him in every respect, the speed, the power and the body...
Update XVIII - An old robot like you can't beat me... This can't be true!!
Update XIX - I'm just here to cause trouble for you! I hate you!
Update XX - ... With my body I can stop the weapon.
Update XXI - You can't tell what is waiting for you, X.
Update XXII - It was challenging, but I'm OK.
Update XXIII - Turning the light reflectors to make the laser change directions... It's like a puzzle game.
Update XXIV - Gahahahah! Welcome to my silly, silly stage!
Update XXV - You never believe it's a "miracle"...
Update XXVI - Did you know that the earliest form of rocketry was missiles used for war?
Update XXVII - What?! You mean I could be even stronger?!
Update XXVIII - Let us fight vehemently, with courage and pride, without fear.
Update XXIX - Our rivalry is what gives me motivation in life.
Update XXXI - You'll have to complete training sessions for each area in order to move on.
Update XXXII - X... That look in your eyes makes me think you might be ready to face me.
Update XXXIII - It's time I made my escape.
Update XXXIV - None of that matters now.
Update XXXV - I believe it's time we put Reploid potential to the ultimate test.
Finale - For Everlasting Peace
Post-Game 1 - Odds and Ends
Post-Game 2 - The Force Metal Generator
Post-Game 3 - Foxhound
Post Game 4 - Outfoxed

Sky Room Resource Page
Bonus: MM25 Artbook

Bonus Updates: (courtesy of Magnus Ragnar)
Character Write-Up - Mega Man X
Character Write-Up - Spider
Character Write-Up - Massimo
Character Write-Up - Marino
Character Write-Up - Cinnamon
Character Write-Up - Axl
Character Write-Up - Zero
Character Comparison - Shot Type
Character Comparison - Combat Type


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