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Part 5: Giver Is A Hammer Bro

Update #5: Giver is a Hammer Bro

The class day was so long, it took us a week to finish it.

Sometimes the time flies, other times it feels like someone put a gun to the head of a clock and said "You'd better slow the fuck down".

I guess Dad drives to work, because if the MetroLine is opening today, then Dad had to get to work somehow. We never see Dad driving or otherwise using a car, though.

I like to imagine he just has a teleporter for private use.

"Pretty good"? B O I

This NPC is really stupid.

Well, that's just par for the course. Competency is the exception, otherwise Lan would be doing a lot less work.

But in order to tell us, she wants 3 Invis I for a shitty Shotgun K. In the original game you can get Shotgun K in a few different places, so this is laughable. What a crap trade.

...Yes, I'll complete once I've grinded some.

Again, par for the course... At least in later games the NPCs only ask for one-to-one trades, because 3 Invis1 I take a lot longer to grab. Though they are renewable.

I'll take it. That's a virus drop, so it's basically infinite.

Repair(BN1): A G H K S
Repair(OSS): A G H S *

Leave me alone. We shouldn't get homework after the day we had. PLEASE.

Nah, the WWW's video reminded kids how important doing daily tasks is. Do your homework, take over the world, eat your veggies. Y'know, routine things.

Fun fact: Dr.Hikari(Tadashi, not Yuichiro) was 45 years old!

45 is ancient! At least, to kids this age.

We finally get to see this map. Too bad it was removed in later games. We can simply jack into the car over there...

Twistys and Mettaur2s are in here. It's hard to find this virus anywhere else, but that just could be my faulty memory.


Remobit(BN1): A C F N O
Remobit(OSS): A C N O *

A code superiority. At least until later, when B code takes over.

No, Twisty doesn't drop his chip in asterisk.

The chip summons an object that calls another enemy instance that slowly destroys the enemy panels, in execution. The chip isn't terrible? Too bad nothing in this game truly takes advantage of it. Not to mention the object you put down can be destroyed easily.

I think they were just trying things without really thinking about how they'd interact with the environment. Which I can admire, at least they tried something instead of just rebooting the MegaMan franchise.


This is the first time this trader NPC is available. It's not a big deal if you don't have this now, you can find them easily in the next Net area.


That's 100 damage down an entire row. S-RANKS BABY

It's also REALLY REALLY FAST because DynaWave is from a Level 3 virus. Seriously, the Level 2 enemies are still optional.

So if you remember, StoneMan is obstructing our progress, but we need to talk to this man to continue the plot.

I always forget that StoneMan is this early in the game. Probably because the NumberMan scenario comes and goes almost immediately.

And Dex's shit is blocking us from going to other web pages. Fuck off, Dex. I don't want to register an account to download links.

Just use a fake email account every time you need to download something. There are generators.

Well, I got it 2 updates ago in preparation. You need to give one up to even fight him, mind.

1: Choose Hammer
2: Press A
3: Win

4: ???

wait i think we got the order wrong

You don't deal damage, Dex. No wonder you can't win.

Dex, you have to hit MegaMan in order to win.

Fate says you will always suck as a boss.

Too bad we inputted a super secret code for the asterisk variant.

: Piece of shit cheatin' ass.

At least Dex is an honorable loser. I imagine that there are no shortage of people in this world that would just flip you off and walk away.

Time to fight FireManV2. There will be quite a few videos in this update.

Finding Navi Ghosts is always worthwhile since now they start wandering.

Hammer(BN1): A F I M Q
Hammer(OSS): A F I M *

Yes, there's a Hammer asterisk. No, it doesn't drop anywhere. To the Chip trader! ...Eventually.

FireMan's V1 chip got an extra 10 points in damage. It now deals 110. Um, sure?

A... weird choice.

Getting one.

Moving onto Internet 2. New viruses, new rewards. Let's do our usual analysis.


Not a bad step up from 1000 Zenny.

Well, there's your free Program Advance.

I'd like to point out that whenever I do this, it's always the non-fixed rewards. You'll know the difference between regular Internet fixed(meaning one time) and non-fixed rewards when I actually get to a fixed one. So far we've only seen fixed rewards from dungeons.

Right now, the GMD Zenny rewards are a little more valuable than the chips, though hopefully that'll change.

Swordys here. Free S-rank. FREEBIE. Also, Jesus, that fucking map.

It looks absolutely horrible. But, at the very least, I'm glad it exists.

And wow, already throwing Swordy2s at us, huh.

This game does not do gradual escalation very well.

FireSword now deals 120 damage instead of 100. I'll take it.

Internet 2 leads to both Internet Areas 3 and 4. Miyu's leads to Internet Area 4, so we'll need to come back later.

Mineys and VolGears, too. Yeah, definitely make sure you pick up a FireTower F for that DynaWave. It's worth it.

Or this, instead. Damn. I just love these new drops.

Remember, they made the best chip reward drop starting at Level 8 instead of 9. So I just got really lucky.

Playing through the original game is reminding me exactly how nice the asterisk code is, and how much I wish it existed.

Ah, hardheads. Despite their inclusion, there's nothing that can actually break their shields, so. You just gotta wait and use a strong chip. It's not really possible for me to S-rank these currently without some really lucky setups.

The translators localized the name from Howitzer to CannonBall for later-game consistency.

....Holy shit.

It got a sizable buff, from 150 to 200. Man, this thing hits really hard on stationary bosses like NumberMan and StoneMan. Christ.

"Hey here's all this awesome ranged stuff, make sure it's good and in your folder" says the game with a knowing wink.

Mine1(BN1): G H M N P
Mine1(OSS): G H M N *

God damn. You know what? Keep up with these chip buffs and I'll defend you from all the haters, game.

For all the laziness of this port, they did make a few nice changes. Increasing power is one of them.

It's time for GOKGOK. The enemy of YOPYOP

YOPYOP rides again

That's a riveting language you got there. What're the grammar rules?

Clearly it's a tonal language.


(Part of him looks like a stapler. SSSSH)

And just like that, we're done with the StoneMan 'scenario'. We're just blowing through them thanks to not needing to explore too much, and the plot really isn't the focus here, but these things were short even before that.

StoneMan doesn't flinch unless you deal 100 or more damage in a single blow. So pile on your throwing chips. Hell, you get CannonBall in the same area which does 1/3 of his total HP.

MegaMan proceeds to PEW-PEW the rocks.

I'm not sure how destroying virtual rocks eliminates a real landslide, unless the time it took to destroy StoneMan meant that the tracks were cleared.

I fought so many viruses that I bought this afterwards. We're now at 280 max HP.

Oh, this dude. I forgot.

In the original game, this was Recov80 G. Another change. Prof, mark it down.

Recov80(BN1): A C E G L
Recov80(OSS): C E L N *

Do good deeds for the elderly, get rewarded. And they say video games don't teach kids anything.

We're so close to busting this game even more open.

Your eyes are closed, shut up.

Well that's why she's asking, Giver.

Gimme your access links!

But we're only 10.

I used to like Sal as a character, but gods damn if her BN4 counterpart hasn't destroyed any fondness I felt.

Not even using any fire chips, and do you know why?

Hammer is busted, is what we're saying here.

Also, OSS introduced a new glitch with this boss. Take a look at this:

The developers created a new glitch, but did not fix it. Luckily, the translators did. Lazy developer fucks. 'Don't worry about fixing it! It'll be fine'!


This is basically everything we need to snap the game in half.

Before that...let's check out some hidden viruses.

Fucking Poppers. The problem with these things is that they only come down one at a time when they're more than one of them. This means it's impossible to get an S-rank in such cases. I'm glad the S-rank drop happens more frequently at lower levels, but I think they should have addressed cases like these. Keep in mind that Poppers are invincible when they're in the air.

One of the worst viruses right here. They are actively refusing to engage with the game mechanics

Oh, this just won't do.

MUCH better.

WoodTower(BN1): B C H K N
WoodTower(OSS): B C K N *

Ohhhhh boy. FireTower and WoodTower

Poitton's. These things are strong since their attacks are quite deadly. They actually count as Wood-elemental, and guess what I just drew.

Score. I'll be back for the s-rank reward, eventually.

Cloudy2. And we haven't even seen the first one yet. What you're seeing now is a small taste of what we're about to do.

The Lunch Stand Comp is really something I always avoided as a kid, mainly because I was bad at video games back then and routinely got my ass handed to me.

Cloudier(BN1): A D I M P
Cloudier(OSS): A I M P *

MedCloud has been considerably buffed from the original game. (And localized from Cloudier to BN2's MedCloud).

Instead of doing 50, it does 80. Since it multihits, it has enough time for up to 240 damage if it hits something in the middle square.

Another nice boost. I wonder why they made all these changes.

Just for her HP when we find it.

Recov120(BN1): A C E G L
Recov120(OSS): F H L R *

This is almost half of your HP total right now.

Back to Internet Area 2, we can go to Internet Area 3 with Sal's links.

And that's it for this update. It's shorter than my usual, but that's our next one will be pretty long. ...I think you all know what's coming.

We're gonna go exploring. And by exploring, I mean severe sequence-breaking.


I broke it.

god damn it do you have to break everything you touch