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MegaMan Battle Network: Operate Star Force

by giver336, GeneralYeti

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Original Thread: (Don't) Fuck This Stupid Power Plant -- Let's Play RockMan.exe OSS



RockMan.exe Operate Shooting Star(MegaMan Battle Network: Operate Star Force) was a Japanese-only Nintendo DS game released in 2009, with a translation patch coming out 9 years later. It's essentially a port of the first MegaMan Battle Network game with extra features and content. Download the patch here. Here's a second patch to remove voice acting if you so prefer.

We never got this game ported over to the states due to low sales. These were going into the bargain bin two weeks after release. I heard a quoted figure of a mere 15,000 sales a while back. The reason for this can mainly be attributed to bad marketing. You see, the marketing conveyed that it would be a new experience, or at least a heavily revamped Battle Network 1. Because of super small budget and team size, we got neither. If you approach this game without too many expectations, it's fairly enjoyable if flawed.


Me, Giver, being my usual self with GeneralYeti in bold.

Spoiler policy?

Since this is an enhanced port, I'll expect you to be familiar with Battle Network 1, as I'll be constantly referring to each change, big or small. Give EPM's old Battle Network 1 LP a read.

While not per se required, it's highly recommended you get familiar with the cast of MegaMan Star Force. Give BlitzBlast's LP a read. Yeti and I will do our best to get you up to speed.


The translators are people who I regularly talk with. As such, I will say "the translators" when referring to them and "the developers" when referring to the Japanese team. The translator did make some QoL alignments in an effort to make it consistent across the series.


Hybrid. Screenshots for the game, videos for the bosses. That said, sometimes certain programs can be annoying for uploading videos.

Table of Contents


The meat and potatoes of this game, containing a comprehensive overview of the game's content. Story, as well as general game completion are updated here.

Update #1: The Boys Are Back

Update #2: The Same But Different

Update #3: Our Puns Are Just Straight Fire

Update #4: 01101000 01110101 01101000

Update #5: Giver Is A Hammer Bro

Update #6: Giver's Playground

Update #6-1: Prof Explains The Mystery Data Bug...In Great Detail

Update #7: Mean Green

Update #8: World 3 Water U Doing

Update #9: Giver is a Meanie Poopiehead

Update #10: Art Lessons

Update #11: Handyman

Update #12: MissEchelon's Opinion of This Update Shall Be Binary; Love It Or Hate It

Update #13: Fire the Interns

Update #14: The GeoXLuna Fans Are On Suicide Watch

Update #15: Ya wanna backtrack some more huh?

Update #16: Just

Update #17: Yeti's throwing S-hade ranks.

Update #18: Deja vu

Update #19: Chump'd

Update #20: Drawing This Out. You Shall Hate Me.

Update #21: Bass Fishing

Update #22: It's The End...But I Feel new Life

S-ranking Navi Section

-The section of the LP that details overall strategies in defeating bosses in 30 seconds or less for some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Given, however, that this is Battle Network 1....well.

Update #1: Intro and Overview

Update #2: WWW Story Bosses

Update #3: Friendly Bosses

Update #4: They Called Me a Robot in the Thread; They Asked For This

Update #5: ClockMan and the PostGame Navis

Update #6: Basstard


-Ancillary content such as the Humor Program text and the Star Coliseum minigame. Check here for the Chip Encyclopedia as well.

Update #1: yopyop Is God Tier

Update #2: (Don't!) Fuck This St-

Update #3: Press LClick The Screen To Die

Update #4: Volume 1: Standard Chip ID: #001 - #091

Update #5: Volume 2: Standard Chip ID: #092 - #181

Update #6: Volume 3: Program Advance ID: #001 -- #038
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