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Part 22: Bass Fishing

Update #21: Bass Fishing

And so it begins; our final challenge. Run around for a half-hour waiting for a boss to spawn!

A true hero? So not us, then.

Oh. They changed you, haven't they?

Hm. Yes. That's... different.

Changes include:

-HP is now 1500 instead of 1000
-Damage of his attacks are now 200 instead of 300
-His attacks come out much faster
-He doesn't flinch unless he's hit with a move that deals 200 or more damage

I guess the devs found the time to do one final change.

Ah, this is where the interns put all the effort, I get it.

Oh boy, oh boy. It's that move. Hey, Yeti, watch this to learn how to NOT suck.

Instead maybe you could learn to eat ass with your mouth open like that.

I could do this all day.

This is take what, like 100 after getting blown the fuck up by Bass while being smug?

You are a Basshole.

Case in point.

This is the final S-rank, so you should definitely consider watching this. I'm going to give Bass a special episode on my S-rank Guide Saga, since he's the only thing substantial enough to talk about.

...Welp. That's it. We're done. That was the last chip.

Nice, 181/181. A nice round number.

Man, there isn't even a capstone boss to this game. The other games at least gave you something after getting all the chips. Don't you wish we had something like that?

...Like this!?

A surprise?!

The translation reads something like: Serious Rock Man, or some such. So, Serious SFMega? Geo Full Power? However you wanna call it. It was obvious that Geo was holding back from their first encounter anyway.

Tidbit: This data isn't in the original game, so this is more of a recreation. The only footage we have is some Capcom staff member playing against him at an event years ago.

Try him out here.

Sometimes it sucks that games have event-only stuff like this. Let me fight cool bosses, game! That's the best part of your gameplay!

The end!

thank fuck i'm finally free

.....Or is it?