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Part 21: Drawing This Out. You Shall Hate Me.

Update #20: Drawing This Out. You Shall Hate Me.

A consequence of the Internet being so open is that the postgame is super short. No new areas to explore, but we at least get some new bosses to fight. More than Battle Network 4's.

Hooray, more boss fights. The most fun part of any Battle Network game.

With some games, I have a need to complete everything, and that includes buying out all the shops. However, with each shop having 3 copies of everything, I'm not able to do that. Everything is so god damn expensive.

Brb, spending 90 minutes farming datas.

Just use a zenny cheat, nobody will judge you. Except me.

Aren't I a good little Giver? I'm contributing to the already-FUCKED economy.

I only vaguely remember some of The Giver, but didn't the Giver fuck like, everything up because he was the only one that had emotions?

Bow to Giver. Accept me as your king.

Nah. I'll accept you as janitor at most.

This was literally the only item left and it took me a whopping 100,000 Zenny to buy.

This game is silly. You can't actually reach Level 100 until you achieve Library completion. This is supposed to take the place of now-removed Armor item. I guess it's good for game feel. It's just a secondary thing nagging you to complete the game.

This is your punishment for not stopping at 420 HP, you know. That knowledge that you're only at level 98 for a long time.

Time for some cleanup. We have a particularly magical boss to beat.

Boo, hiss. Get off the stage.

In the original Battle Network game, this chip could auto-delete any virus in a given 1-in-4 chance. This was buffed to a 1-in-2 chance for OSS.

I think that freeze is due to an emulator screw-up. Anyway, it's not that great. Your focus should be multi-deletion.

Auto-delete is cool but only until you realize it screws up your clear rank.

Once you've beaten the game and reached at least Level 70, go to the spot where you get KnightSword B. Yes, I stole this boss' treasure before he could spawn. Giver mean.


PharoahMan is kinda cool with the hieroglyphic writing. If you step on his traps, you're either gonna have snakes on your field, or meet a barrage of arrows flying at your entire field. Don't let that happen, obviously. If you have to step on them, make sure you can press the Y button

Once again, we have another attack that hits the entire field. Only it's null-elemental and thus it sucks compared to the likes of SharkMan's chip.

It's really weird that they just randomly spawn bosses in areas without actually giving you much warning. Just hey, here you go, here's someone to kill.

PharoahMan has increased from 100 to 120.
PharoahMan V2 has increased from 120 to 140.
PharoahMan V3 has increased from 140 to 160.

A respectable increase, even if it pales compared to some of the other buffs.

This is the only code that Anubis drops in. It was actually pretty strong in the original game. It reduced HP at a rate 30 HP/s. Now it's been reduced to about 7 HP/s. Fucking giant nerf.

I'm genuinely surprised they dropped it that much, or at all.

If you have 140/175 chips in the original game (or I presume 144/179 in OSS), and have defeated PharoahMan, you can meet your next boss.

Ye olde nerf bat strikes again. ShadowMan has been changed from S to T. Look, I get the need to do it; I just don't know the name significance of T.

ShadowMan has been reduced from 80 to 60.
ShadowMan V2 has been reduced from 90 to 70.
ShadowMan V3 has been reduced from 100 to 80.

Not unexpected, since the original let you deal 240/270/300. But with the NaviChip changes, this feels like a lot.

I mean, compared to some of the other chips getting incredible buffs and the drop to T chip status, the 60 power nerf doesn't feel so bad.

In the video, I got Muramasa, which still is a Sword-range, not LongSword like it's BN3 and above counterpart. Using it with Geo's Lock-On is spicy.

Time to go fight- eh, let's end it here.

I have the next updates written, and I got a surprise in store for you, so don't worry about the wait. Those of you who followed my BN3 thread should have an idea.

Sounds like we're about to get some rare, never-before-seen footage of a boss fight.