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Part 10: Giver is a Meanie Poopiehead

Update #9: Giver is a Meanie Poopiehead

All right, people, we're officially at the halfway point of this game's story. Hoped you liked what changes you've gotten so far.

I wish they'd been a little bit more thorough with the changes, but I know I don't mind the little QoL improvements they've made so far.

I mean, you have 2 of the SuperPrograms, so while things aren't going optimal, you're halfway to releasing the LifeVirus. Oh, wait, I guess Higsby's defection would cause a problem. Hey, wait a minute, why the hell haven't the Officials questioned Higsby yet? I'm sure he could provide valuable info.

Uh... He's just a contractor, he probably doesn't know anything. For all we know, the WWW just pulled strings to get him into the school and then gave him a tape to play without sharing anything else.

Can't pay your hackers? NO LOYALTY. Wily will eventually seek out a benefactor in later games, so at least he learned from his mistake here.

Ah, yes. Pay your mercenaries or they'll leave as soon as the funding dries up. Pretty accurate.

You mean me. Yeti hasn't done anything.

There are still more fixed data and shops to compare, you know. I don't mind letting you handle that since you're so talented.

Pictured: a blue man on a field in the monitor. I can't believe I never noticed that.

Wily leaves to do evil things. I bet he's having a migraine about how his elite hacker squad can't beat a small kid. Take your Cyber Pills.

Cyber Pills: not even once.

..."Wood". And no, they didn't do anything with the Wood SuperProgram in this re-release.

He knows who Lan is?! Oh no! The horror!

Lan responds non-chalantly about MegaMan's hard work.

Pictured: Me when I update this LP.


New mugshot. I think they made Roll look closer to a teenager. Is it the angle?

Navis: Mailer Daemon.

You know this one: Mayl wants us to accompany her in buying Yai a birthday present.

But... what has Yai done for us? She's blinded us with her forehead and then told us about Froid's son way too late to avoid backtracking.

Fuck that.

Leave me alone, MegaMan. I don't wanna!

See? She's not ready.

We'll do some Net grinding. And if she is still washing her hair, then oh well.

How the hell do you hear running water from outside the house? Are their water pipes just up against the wall or something?

Recov150 L........10000z

In Battle Network 1 as well as 5 from what I can recall, Higsby's shop changes throughout the game. I'm still broke, though.

I pick up this and NumberMan V2.

And now we never need to fight the Dice Boy again.

Poor Haruka is lonely. This is why Lan has trouble in class. And probably why he throws himself into NetBattling. And probably why he's somewhat socially inept in later games.

Oh boy.

This is depressing. Man...

Yes, and you'll be the first casualty.


I'm so glad they give you this option.


Abuse builds character.

You just traumatized this poor child. Welcome to the real DenCity, you're going to learn today!

Dr. Froid gives us access to an Official Mailing List. It may contain useful tips every now and then. Just give me my WWW Pin, Dr. Froid.

We have some fights to do.



WoodMan is still the only W-coded chip in the game. His V1's chip damage has increased from 60 to 70. Boo.

WoodMan is... not good enough to be in any folder.

IceMan has increased from 60 to 80.

Good thing I traded for this earlier.

Jeez, lady, pushy much?

I mean, it's good. But you can find this infinitely in Undernet 10. So, it's just redundant.

Mayl probably still isn't done with her hair, so fuck it.

The touchscreen helpfully tells you what Block you're currently resided in.

I mean it's not THAT useful but at least you know what screen you're in.


You suck.

No bones about it, this Navi is easy.

This lets us access Internet Area 4, which of course we're going to in this update.


We have offered up Progs on the altar, will she hear our pleas?

I mean...I do like the chip, but again, we can find this chip code infinitely elsewhere, so it's a waste.

Quake3 is a good chip.

Oh sweet. This is the only place that you can really farm for CanDevil3's. They do 200 damage with their flame, but the deadliest part is how long the flame takes to disappear from a row. Too bad they only move up/down and there's 2 of them.


The map is more interesting than the virus formation. This was before skulls really became Wily's motiff.

Right now, WWW's sign is really just a fancy W. Skulls are Miyu's thing in this game.

I can make the Program Advance now, but I'll be checking those offscreen in case they snuck in anymore changes. Don't expect commentary on them otherwise.


CanDevil 1 and 3 right next to each other. Weird game.

This game's balancing is REALLY weird.


So, this game did something really stupid. In the original Battle Network, if you find a chip drop in an HP, let's say the Recov120 F in Sal's. It's respawns when you jack back in, BUT the game tells you "MegaMan couldn't decode the data." For some silly reason, Battle Network 1 only disallowed you picking up HP mystery datas repeatedly. Should you have the chip in that code in your pack by other means, no freebie.

In OSS, they updated it so now that if you have the chip in your pack, the mystery data despawns. There's a Barrier * in Miyu's HP (was Barrier S in BN1), but I can't get it. Because I already bought Barrier * earlier.


You get 3 Barrier * from Higsby's, one for free in the overworld (coming up in a few screenshots) and one here in OSS. If you pickup your data incorrectly, you could be in my spot where I can only get 4 Barrier * instead of 5. Stupid fucking game.

I was very confused when playing BN1 and discovered this; to make things easier to get through the game for purposes of taking images (and since I don't care) I used a full sack code to get all the chips in the game. Since that meant I had the Recov120 F in Sal's HP, that meant I couldn't grab it.

Will Pangelina Joly be in this movie, too.

Upgrade Impossible? What, are they trying to get a good version of Windows 10?

This is tucked away, but it's important to find this place.

Yeti, this one is definitely different. Check it.

Yeah, yeah, I will...

Meanwhile, I hate everything.

She doesn't tell us what her measurements are, yet. ...That's a notable piece of trivia since the game quizzes you on it later. I'm not kidding.

This game is weird.

More Battle Network foreshadowing. Not as good as Dad's portrait, but this is something that would hit you later.

"I'm a bad program, you got that?"

Oh man now I'm imagining this Prog with sunglasses and a leather jacket.

I give Battle Network 1 some credit. If you search and talk to NPCs, you'll get early plot reveals, like how Yuri was an ex-WWW member.

Poitton3's. Only place in the game to find them. Ouch.


We are closer and closer to having a fully upgraded Buster.

Whilst farming for HiCannon F (for Program Advance checking) I get into a fight with StoneMan and finally nab the V2 chip. It'll replace StoneMan V1 in my folder.

Huh? Why is Internet Area 2 so massive and twisty compared to the others?

Because the map devs got scolded for Area 2, I assume.


Can you say Infinite Quake3 farming? Because that's what I'm about to do. I need alternate codes, mind you

"Girl, give Handi." And there's your Battle Network pick-up line for this update.

If you're not careful, you'll end up with a Time Bomb of your own. Please use the appropriate protection, like firewalls or an antivirus.

Um, game? You let me buy this from the shop in Undernet 8. Don't think I don't see all this redundancy.

Nothing spectacular.

After the Undernet GMDs, a lot of these are going to be lackluster.

This fixed drop is a cut above the rest.

A-code is acceptably strong.

Miyu's HP is a great spot to jump right into the early Undernet areas. I'll be abusing this lategame.

We'll be here eventually.

What is with this game's terrible shops?

It's worth remembering that a few of these shops (the ones in Internet 3 and Undernet 6 spring to mind) sell the elemental Armors that have been removed from this version of the game.

Once again, HP memories are of low priority for me. It's chips all the way until I'm almost done with my Library.

MegaMan, no! I'm not responding!

At least send a refusal, you monster.


Fine, we'll do this date.

...In the next update.

Time for Scenario 5. We're just knocking these out of the park...