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Part 24: Intro and Overview

Update #1: Intro and Overview

Navi S-ranking Series

Q:Isn't this part of the Let's Play?

A: Yes, this is simply a sub-section of the Let's Play that focuses solely on S-ranking the bosses. That's why it's a separate section in the Table of Contents.

Q: Can't you just show this during the updates themselves?

A: I can, but I wanted to take a different approach in regards to bosses. Since a lot of readers are learning things about the mechanics, I figured I would keep to those expectations and impart more of my knowledge. This is Battle Network 1, so there isn't a whole lot to say with regards to strategies [expanded more below and in each boss post]

Q: How will these posts be written?

A: As follows:


[Intro picture]

Overview: General boss opinions and the approach

Tier List: A lengthy section containing most of the Battle Chips that some players would use to fight the boss. I divide the chips into tiers, ranging from God, Good, Bad, and Retard tiers. My reasoning will also be explained, as well as how you could use some of the lower tier chips.

[This is where I'd put screenshots of my folder, but it isn't truly necessary for this game]

[relevant video with voice commentary]



Q: Can't you just use [ridiciously strong tactic]?

A: Of course. Normally I'd try to get mileage out of underused/underappreciated BattleChips. While there is still some of that, it's less prominent in this game, because, again, Battle Network 1.

Q: Ground rules?

A: Just check out the overview to each boss, and the overview to the entire sub-series below.

Some technical information posted:

-It takes 8.5-9 seconds to fully fill the Custom Gauge (depends on the game). It takes exactly half of that with a FstGauge chip or NCP.

-The timer is still ticking when a boss is exploding

-To get a V2 chip, you must score a Busting Level of 9. The time doesn't really matter as long as you can attain that rank. What I like to do is get hit 2-3 times while still doing it in 30 seconds for an easy S-rank.

Moving onto overall chips. These tiers will apply to every boss in this sub-series. Each boss will have their own sub-set of tiers concerning what chips are effective.


You'll want some kind of defense. Barrier and Invis * are obtainable in OSS, so there's no excuse not to have some of these if dodging is something you need help with. Do you want to run around for 40 minutes, get hit and ruin your S-rank at a boss?

Amazing chips. No, seriously. Whether your virus busting or boss killing, there's no reason not to have this chip. Up to 300 damage normally, and you barely need AreaGrab for it. It just works.

Solid Picks

Well duuuuuuh.

A solid 220 in OSS that works with StarForce MegaMan's Lock On. Also comes in asterisk! If you can find it.

It's an AreaGrab; what more needs to be said? But while AreaGrab *'s not easily obtainable. Read: Chip Trader

Surprisingly decent! 180 fast damage that doesn't cause a lot of bosses to flinch.

160/150 damage apiece. Can be farmed and works with StarForce MegaMan's Lock On. Bring.

Global damage and elemental? What's not to like?


Event chips are very strong and not enough of a 'normal use case' to justify their inclusion. Will allow Rogue for funsies, but I'll use it very sparingly.

SlowGauge 2 OP. Must ban.

The last chip you can naturally acquire in the game. If you have this, why are you seeking these guides out for help?

Useless/Not Worth the Effort

Yeah, let's run away from the boss we want to find.

Your health is restored to full after every match, so...?

This chip is for viruses! And it's a gimmicky one-hit-death move kind of chip at that!

You're healing! You shouldn't be taking damage if you want an S-rank!

too stronk cupcum nerf plz

Keeps you still, but you only take 1 damage for a set amount of time. I don't need to explain this.

Doesn't do anything. You hold it down to protect yourself, but that's what you have Invis for.

Bosses don't use chips, so forget it.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot find a good use for these chips.