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Part 8: Mean Green

Update #7: Mean Green

Oh, I hope this update features Luigi.

Easy StoneMan3. To my dismay, his most frequent attack still only does 30 damage.

StoneMan: A chump as a boss, a chump as a chip.

For our second wave of grinding, just play this song as you read.

Money money money!

For the love of money

People will steal from their motherrr.

For the love of money

People will rob their own brotherrr.

Giver doesn't care who he hurts or be's!

For a small chunk of change it takes up a lot of space.

Got to have it
I really need it

Yeti, can you spare a dime?

Give me a nickel.

Money will drive some goons out of their miiiiiiind.

(sax solo!)

Oh, mighty dollar

Time to grab everything I missed the first time around. Put your chips down where I can see them!

Why yes, I spent hours leisurely fighting things.

Money Chips can drive some Givers out of their mind.

Wait, you have a mind? You're not just some weird single-cell organism driven by arrogance and greed?

Get out of here with your crappy Level 1 viruses.

Spooky3's (the sole encounter in this area) will drop Recov200 L instead of Recov200 A.


Prefix-incrementation is generally better than postfix, unless you desperately need to add one AND reference the current count.

Easy pickings. Swinging back around...

C-code superiority!

It's weird to see A-code losing its position, at least a little bit.

Undernet 10 was a pain in my ass for several reasons. There's a lot of viruses in here that only appear in here.

This thing is in one of two virus rooms in the entire game, luckily they're all in Undernet 10.

That's actually really annoying. I hate when the mobs only spawn in one spot.

I can C this going in my folder.

After hours of farming, I get this. Can we do better?

So begins the C-code transition.

Like all MMBN games, the chip code that makes up most of your library will drift and change over the course of the game. Except BN5. That one you always use S code from start to finish.

That doesn't work on Fire attacks, FYI, but they're a minority in this game.

Already gonna replace SnakeEgg1 * with this.


Honestly, the Auras are probably the hardest chips to get in this game. Just the game feels like being shitty with the droprate.

...And I eat my words. I'll leave a GIF of how I got it because it's so hard to get.

It's not as interesting, but maybe you'll wanna copy that.


Oh, this is a BEAUTIFUL pick-up. C is the Magical Letter.

Leaving this in, since AquaAura R is necessary for Roll's LifeSaver Program Advance. Really weird.

And wow, done here. I got every chip I missed. Not every code, of course, but I'll do that off-screen.

R is also a pretty powerful chip code, in my opinion. At least, for early-game thanks to the Roll chip and some of the others.

Excuse me, I have 30 Guard's to farm.

While going in and out of HP's to reset the non-fixed data. I run into you-know-who and get FireMan2 and 3.

FireMan2's chip power has been increased from 120 to 140
FireMan3's chip power has been increased from 150 to 180

It's great to see that we're getting more firepower.

Hah. I get it. And I hate you.

The buster chips are quite fun. Gimmicky, but fun. I won't be using them much, though.

Buying out this entire shop, because why not.

If you have the cash, you can spend it.

Damn, I don't have these.

So, she offered to throw in cool virus busting tips to sweeten this trade. Fine, what do you have to say?


But don't you see, if you do that, something cool will happen! I don't know what, but something cool!

Just a little tidbit, you can meet these guys in Lan's PC. Bizzare, I tell you.

Giver and I nearly freaked out when I stumbled into this, until we looked around and found out that this was already known.

Welp. 100 unique chips before fighting IceMan. Now this is a Giver LP.

All right, that's enough. Story time!

Time to finally cool your jets, huh.

I feel you, old man.

Ugh. It's even worse when you have an appointment and then the official just doesn't show up because ?????

Story time? I didn't say that. You can't prove anything.

Fake news.

"...the channel change button, and nothing happens? That's because the channel switching program wasn't paying attention to his job.


Mr. Prog! How could you do this to us!

Mr. Prog, you lazy shit! Retire this program!

The fourth Escape code. I only need the 5th.

Cute how we're seeing the Level 1 so soon after we've already murdered its stronger brethren.

He's just saying hi!

Cloud(BN1): B G H O R
Cloud(OSS): B H O R *

Cloud's power has been increased from 30 to 60.

So that means their power curve is 60/80/100 instead of 30/50/100 in the original.

And now he's saying bye! I also appreciate the smoother curve, as opposed to that bonkers 50-damage jump.

Hey Ratty, I killed 2 and 3's. AND I drew BigBomb. Drop your chips and go harrass Yeti instead.

Giver I will call the exterminators on you.

Stayed here for the 4 codes of Ratton1 that drop. The fifth code is in another location.

Also, the Ratty chips got a power boost.

Ratton1's power has been increased from 80 to 90.
Ratton2's power has been increased from 100 to 110.
Ratton3's power has been increased from 120 to 130.


It's already good, let's just make it better.

Hasn't jacking into a vending machine been in literally every Battle Network game?

That's it. Although, their chips are decent for s-ranking if you didn't run all the way to the postgame like I did.

These chips do 70 in this game. They'll face a 20 damage nerf in Battle Network 2, since that game loved nerfing Standard chips in favor of Program Advance spam.

What do you mean spam? Just because every busting folder was a variation on Gater...

Well, we can get these for free in Internet 3, so game please.

Right, right. You still have to talk to this lady, to then be able to hit the button to go up to SciLab's floor. And you'll still always have to hit the button each time you want to go up.

I can't wait for them to fix that problem. I just wish they'd fixed it here.

Man I have deja vu.


Aw. So it's not Luigi.

"I'm making stupid mistakes, like giving out the wrong drink! PLEASE, GIVE ME A VACATION!"

No Vacation for Mr.Progs. Work until you're replaced.

In cases like this, do they blue-screen, crash, or collapse?


Pfft, fuzzy logic

Pictured: How Yeti wishes he could summarize my updates. (etc.,etc.)!

It'd make reading through your ego-stroking so much more bearable.

VolGear2. And that's the last one in the entire family line. Recall that WoodTower drops from Poppers, not anything like VolGear3.

Fuck you, you give me my reward.

AquaTower(BN1): A C G H R
AquaTower(OSS): C G H R *

Man, I wish there was a PA using Fire,Aqua and WoodTower *.

Ah, shit. I DIDN'T PAY. Yeti, my money was wasted on chips. Send help.

I'm still waiting for that nickel.

Yay! I'm a kid. See? Look how I insult the thread! Yeti is the adult.

...was that a compliment? I'm not sure how to take this.

How is the Hikari family not rich? No, seriously. PETs are a worldwide phenomena. We should be rolling in dough and bitches

They're rich, but Yuichiro is good at investing it. They're just waiting for the paycheck to start rolling in.

HEY DAD. Annnnd he's gone. Just like mine.

OK, you know what? This is the most subtle example of forshadowing in the entire series. Even more subtle than some of BN3's.

Yeah, wow, that's... really good. Especially since people won't know what it's foreshadowing until the big reveal.

Yes, that's our program. TAKE IT.

Drat. Being a thief and stealing leftover data didn't pay off this time.

You mean... we can't just get our goodie?

Internet 3 shortcut. Gonna yoink.

Here is another substantial change: The virus machine in the original simply spat out a virus encounter from any dungeon you completed. In OSS, it gives a virus encounter from the next dungeon coming up.

This will be kinda necessary, since one of the areas in the Waterwork dungeon has no encounters. Only way to see it is to check this out now, and hope we get lucky.

This makes it more useful, since it's basically guaranteeing you'll get a slightly more powerful chip than you have. Well, if Giver were playing through normally instead of running through the Undernet at the first chance he got.

This encounter formation is specific to that area with zero encounters, so we got lucky. Fortunately, there aren't any exclusive viruses or anything.

You could just sit here and farm forever. In fact...

Yep, got all 5.

Sorry Dad. I'm robbing your job blind. BLIND.

Game! This is a free, infinite reward somewhere else. PLEASE.

Would you prefer M-Cannon L instead?

First time you'll find Handi2's. 120 damage from a chip is great to have right away.

And I used this in the GIF you saw earlier. Time travel.

How'd he do that

EPM showed this one off. But the game puts oodles of foreshadowing all over the office.

I mean, if there's ever an appropriate place for it, it's here.

"We now laugh, and get mad, and worry like humans do. Is that not the defining condition of humanity?"

Oh no, he's bringing up philosophy in a Battle Network game. SAVE YOURSELVES.

Apparently humanity is the ability to freak about shit.

I want. But dang, I wonder how often he actually gets to come home at this rate.

Cook real food.

We're just going to unlock this and head home.

Hooray dad. You finally sent the PowerUp. I could have used that whilst grinding you know.

We went from 3/1/1 before the massive grind to 5/1/4. RIP game.

They changed this line to X Button. YAY!

Now you have SIX buttons to press instead of four!

More plot next time, I promise.

For what it's worth, we're almost to the next dungeon.


how can you tell, your eyes are closed. how