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Part 9: World 3 Water U Doing

Update #8: World 3 Water U Doing

Note: In this update, if you see the word "Official", then that's something the translators localized.

Alright, time for a healthy plot update.

Man, feels like a while since we've done something other than plumb the depths of the Internet. I could do with a nice, self-contained dungeon right about now.

Lan's been stopping plans, but yet they grow worse. We've been slacking!

OK, now for a change. In the original Battle Network 1 script, MegaMan says "...But remember you have weekend class this week?". So this is clearly a change. It was likely due to a change in how holidays work in Perhaps any savvy goons in the comments can elaborate. Now it just looks like Lan doesn't know what day it is, rather than what week he has weekend class.

In the original, they didn't localize so much as translate, which led to weirdness like this:

...where the English audience is briefly confused because we don't regularly have Saturday classes. Or, as a kid, just be glad you don't have Saturday classes.

I never noticed that bird on the balcony. It actually flies away if you get too close. Huh.

Ellipses? That's RPG code for "am sad"

Giver is starving! FEED!


First our oven, now this. As Yeti mentioned a while back, this game seems to revolve round what a kid would find scary. No more mommy's cooking? NOOOOOOOOOOO

Mayl leave me alone. No food and no BattleChips maks an angry Giver.

Along the way, she tells us how she couldn't use any water. Maybe a line to ACDC burst or something.


Welp, time to murder the innocent for their inherent water storage.

Slaughter the weak and drink their blood! Except don't because there's a lot of salt/iron in blood and that'll just make the thirst worse.

This is...odd.

"Wait how did I make it to 5th grade without ever knowing where the bathroom is?"

It's not like you can go in, so, uhh...?

Surely these things can't be connected. Surely

Welp. You guys can't whine about GangsterDex when the game applies the same grammar structure to him.

Dex is a thug.

SWEET! Wait, you cancel class for this, and not the Higsby incident?

Our ____ are gone!

Higsby, huh? We totally owned that lamer.

Time to kill GutsManV3.

You can actually fight him before class too.

GutsMan V3 at 100 damage isn't too shabby. But if you don't pick this up early, don't bother using it lategame. And yes, I got the V2 while I was at it.

Honestly, the GutsMan * is more useful in generic folders.

This is the only place in the game to get GutsPunch, too. You'll have to do semi-poorly on GutsManV3.

This was buffed from 60 to 160 damage. Yikes.

It's a giant fist to the face, I'm glad it deals the damage it should.

Oh damn. Wait, how the hell is the pond gone? I could see any additional water not being sent, but the one that was sitting there? Did...did the vents in the pond just suck up all the water?

Clearly it's just incredibly hot. Or maybe the residents of ACDC already drank it all?

"wanna some chips"

This typo exists in the original game too!

*faintly, as if from a great distance away* Wow your chips suck!

...Why are you asking me this?

NumberMan's chip is OK. Provided you feel like literally rolling dice for higher damage.

The Chip Trader works the same as in the original. That is, it has a 75% chance of spitting back out a chip you own in a different code. You can even do the Folder Stack trick, whereby you pick up almost nothing else in the game but the chips you want to draw. Have the trader spit at you the alternate codes/copies that you can't get. I'm not doing that, though.

Guess I don't need 3,000 Star Colo points for the damn Program Advance!

Ah, the good Chip Trader shenanigans. Where it'll drop every chip in the game, and doesn't make you save first, and checks the reward right before it gives it to you.

Considering the virus only drops its chips in B code, I'll take it.

Yai, I don't care. I want my damn breakfast. Off to the Waterworks!

Man, who cares about some wiener who got themselves kidnapped, let's just fix the problem and then eat. Rescue yourself, random NPC!

Yeah, don't drink the soft drinks. It'll only make it worse.

People don't understand this concept, somehow. I have a coworker that constantly complains about being thirsty, and I see him slam back three Pepsis for lunch.

Can...Can this lady not make enough milk for her baby?

We haven't seen a new mugshot in a while. What a happy-looking individual.

Oh, he's probably not important.

Says the kid.

Damn my screenshotting habits.

Both Lan and Megaman are tired of Chaud's shit. After one conversation.

...Huh. I forgot BN1 was putting forth that Officials can NetBattle anywhere they want. Whatever that means. We haven't seen any restrictions even in this game with regards to NetBattling, so I don't really get it.

I'll just yoink this.

I'm sure we'll return it when we're done.

"Hmm, you look like Dr. Yuichiro Hikari. Don't know why you got shorter."

Yes, we stole this from that dude's belongings.

He can't use it! HP Mems only work with MegaMan. Clearly, Dr. Hikari slipped this in here without the guy knowing.

This is why you don't push out code on a Friday you morons.

Yeah, nobody would ever make deliveries on a Friday. And then leave for the weekend. ...nobody.

Totally not a WWW plot. What would WWW do with the town's water!?

Yeah, things are never this simple.

I don't know, I buy that guy's explanation. The random guy with a unique sprite seems legit.

MegaMan brings up the missing kid in Class 5-B as part of the discussion of things not being all that they seem.

OK, yes, the kidnapped child is Dr. Froid's son, so they're obviously connected. But there's no reason for MegaMan to think that one relates to the other at this point in time. Yai tells us later that the kid is Froid's son, not now.

Gasp. MegaMan is a bad influence! Save yourselves!

Lan was a good kid until his NetNavi started asking him to stay out late and sneak into highly-classified areas. Battle Chips: Not even once.

No one will enter Dad's office, not even Dad himself!

Where even is Dad, anyway?

After much pacing...

Won't Lan's Mom be worried? Wouldn't she call Lan on his PET. Ah, fuck it.

She probably assumes he's hanging out with Mayl or Dex or something.

Well, given that there's a serious bug somehow causing all the water to vanish. I would imagine someone's staying late.

Time to go into the dun-...

She...She interrupted us mid jack-in. How is this universe breaking power possible?

She's got a unique sprite. That's how.

I do like how plausible this is. You forget sometimes that Lan is supposed to be only 11.

Though he did need to have an access card to get in here.

Lan, that is no reason to feel smug!

Oh look, they added a new textbox. Hooray.

Honestly this dungeon isn't too bad. People exaggerate the ~[ice puzzle~ but really, it's easy.

The mechanics are a little precise for what they want you to do, and they clearly dropped the idea of non-diagonal movement being important for later games. Still, it's a good dungeon in my opinion.

Pictured: Quake 3 destroying every encounter in this area.

Just turn on faucets and solve simple ice puzzles. It's pretty chill.

...Pun not intended.

Don't go sliding off the slippery slope when it comes to puns.

Cool new mugshot, ProtoMan.

ProtoMan is super offended by this and tries to kill us for our blasphemy.

ProtoMan you asshole, we're civilians. You nearly deleted a civilian NetNavi.

He nearly killed MegaMan. What a dick. And people wonder why Colonel was the better version of MMBN5.

Nope, we have Internet maps!

Translators PLS.

I didn't screenshot it, but ProtoMan just says "Chaud,sir". No more Load Chaud typo.

The world grows cold.

Load Chaud is pretty great. I already miss it.

Man, was Chaud always this abrasive. I forgot.

See you around, Spider-Navi.

Spider-Navi, Spider-Navi, does whatever a Spider-Navi does.

Remember kids, always pick up your HP.

Gasp. Running water. Whatever shall we do.

It's a shame we don't have some sort of fire-based weaponry, or water-based weaponry, or... What I'm saying is a lot of the issues could be resolved by Lan thinking outside the box.

Heading to the 3rd area, we can see Spooky2's spawn here more frequently.

WideSword in this area is at least better than the Undernet.

The difficulty curve on this game is weird. Reminder, this is Scenario 4.

Being able to walk at least helps with making some of the more precise slides.

With this and GutsPunch B and Dash B, you could make a Program Advance. I'll have to try it out later and see if it was buffed or anything.

"Program Advance: Just punch a lot and get in their face or something, I dunno." - the inventors of the Battle Chip system, probably.

You give me that S-rank, Spooky2.


Yeah, that's the good shit right there!

I half-wish the maps showed the ice on the roads as well. It's still as trial-and-error-y as before.

So yeah, the developers didn't fix any of the glitches. In fact, it's still possible to skip the upcoming virus fight just like how they do in speedruns.

A virus fight where the viruses only attack straight. If you have trouble with this, then you suck.

Seriously, these guys are free. They're roughly as threatening as Mettaurs.


A-bloo-dee-blu what?

Excuse me?

Um. A FireShot? That's not a chip!

Whatever this is, it never shows up again, either.

This works and doesn't damage the machine in anyway. Also, floating block of water.


I get they needed a visual representation that Unfiltered Water = Bad, but come on. What the hell are these pipes that this is the result?

Don't you just love these NPCs?

So apparently ACDC's water is literally poisonous unless treated properly. Like, we're talking instant 'You need an emetic or you will probably die.'

Chaud, don't stalk me!

Wow, literally everyone is dumb.

How hard is it to go "Maybe I should drink this glowing purple goop"?

There were...two bugs?

Most people would feel too embarrassed to go back and "help", but not our Lan!

Bitch leave me alone, I don't caaaareee.

"Forgot". I'm gonna smack you on your forehead and subsequently break my hand.

Would it be a hard target thanks to the glare, or an easy one thanks to the size?

"good luck". Yai, you useless shit.

I was about to comment about how we don't get a cool Shark Navi, and then I remembered SharkMan exists! Hooray!

Lazy kidnappers didn't bother to lock the door. Jesus Christ.

Alternatively, Lan was metal enough to punch out the window.

How does he have the Handle program? Ms.Madd ripped it off and gave it to the kid for safe keeping because...?

Need to keep the important pieces of the puzzle together.

Send this message yourself! Why are we the delivery men?

I don't even.

I'm okay! They kidnapped me once but this time definitely not again!

Buying the Spreader K to make the 5-chip Program Advance later.

Barrier(BN1): D F M R S
Barrier(OSS): *

Man, what a usability increase. Fun fact: Barrier is one of the chips that spawn in one of the PCs.

And that reveals another hidden change which we'll cover next update.

Fucking fantastic.

Hey! Assholes! PEOPLE ARE DYING! Wake up!

They drank the water too, that's why they're unconscious.

Why can't we just call him? Chaud called us despite only seeing us for 5 minutes.

E-mail him the message! Go back to the kid and have him call his Dad! PLS!

But we haven't had a boss fight yet.

C-code superiority!

As you can see by the map, we're in the other half of this area.

Things are a lot less complicated when you can see all of the map, even without the ice on the screen.

Puzzles start to get more complicated. You'll need more precise ice slides to make it.

A-code inferiority!

Once we've reached the Undernet, A-code stops being quite as good. That being said, I have an ARQ tri-coded folder for blowing through the game quickly.

: Dayum, that girl got a nice RAQ
Get at her from the back
Cuz she'll like my pack
Tell her Gangster Dex ain't whack

Last update I mentioned that one area in Waterworks Comp doesn't have any encounters? This is it. You need to go to the virus machine and check this area's encounters before you come here proper. Not that you're really missing anything.

Thank the gods they don't have encounters here. It would be awful if they did.

"If you melt the ice with water, you can walk on the area you melted. From the melted area, you can fall into another hole to reach another faucet. Melt the ice again to create a new path. Then you can get to the brown path to the right."

I think they added this in the remake. Yeti, mind clarifying this one?

The Mr. Prog exists and gives similar hints, but the text is a lot clearer than in the original.

For reference, this is the Prog's full hint in BN1: "Fall through a hole to find a path. Melt the ice to create another. Fall through another hole. Melt the ice again to create a new path. Then you can get to the brown path to the right."

The dev team also gives you the answer hints at where you should start.

This is another change in OSS. The original doesn't have that single unfrozen panel.

Don't forget this!

Boy, our buster is growing up fast.

It's already as powerful as it needs to be. It will be stronger.

" the right. But this area's slippery, so you can't get there yet... Maybe if you melted some ice you could reach the path? You're almost there! Good luck!"

This one, too, Yeti.

Also just changed dialogue to make the hint clearer. "You can fall through there to get to the path below. You're almost there. Good luck!"

This one's actually misleading, because once you melt the ice with the nearby faucet you don't need to fall into another hole to get out.

Thanks to the helpful Prog hints, we get past this area with little to no issues.

Pictured: an Avery cartoon.

Now I'm imagining MegaMan as Wile E. Coyote, chasing down QuickMan dressed as the Road Runner. "Meep meep! *dam explodes*"

Swordy3's appear this deep in. Dang. Oh, look, BigBombs.

You'll need to do some super precision slides.

I'm glad they get rid of this for the future games. Moving straight up/down/left/right feels weird.

After going there, slide this way.

Slide up.

Then merely go back down.

Slide left, then back down to the position 2 screenshots up, but instead go back.

Oh no, EskimoMan.

Ah, Lan. Not listening to authority. I'm sure you could be arrested for this.

IceMan gets back up and tries to attack ProtoMan.

It's a shame Froid doesn't show up more often in the series. He'd be cool.

God dammit that's the 3rd one this update.

I tried to warn about the slippery slope, but you just blew me off. Guess you're starting to feel the chill now, huh.

"wrong enemy k"

...So, who's B-rank and S-rank operator? I demand to understand how you guys organize their operatives.

Given how much of a pushover Match was, is he C-rank or B-rank? Maybe C-rank is restricted for their contractors, like Higsby.

I guess SuperPrograms were just common knowledge in this game? Don't ask me.

To be fair, if it had to be somewhere, I'd expect it to be in a highly-secure area that can only be accessed by someone with the appropriate ID.

Bye, ProtoMan!

IceMan attacks MegaMan.

These fights are going at a brisk pace. Jesus, OSS.

This one's more on you for going to the Undernet, in my opinion.

Just take the damn thing.

"This mail address". Email. Sent to another Navi to be delivered like a courier pidgeon. Yes.

That's how it works, in this world. Or would you rather give it to a Mr. Prog?

Dad's going to jail and his son will be orphaned. YAY.

Missed screenshot: Dr. Froid says "You... You're right, kid." I may be presenting this at a quick pace, but even this exchange was fast. It makes sense, at least, since Froid's at least got a head on his shoulders.

"I really don't want to do this but they have my son." "Your son's safe." "Man fuck those kidnapper guys, let's go!"

IceMan sucks up the ice he put on the system.

This scene ends...just like that. No, there's nothing after this box in this scene.

Congrats, Scenario 4 complete. We're just flying by.

This is the very next dialogue box. I'll just...go with it.

So, do the SuperPrograms control all of DenCity's properties? Is it just wherever it's installed. So confused.

Boy don't you two feel like idiots.

MegaMan walks up. And yes, MegaMan, we can see that. It's ProtoMan. He said his name.

Judging by Blinky's contribution, I imagine MegaMan is just sighing. "Oh, this dipshit Navi again. He tried to kill me, but couldn't kill a clown."

And he would have deleted ColorMan too if it weren't for that meddling duo.

So, the original dialogue here was "Who are you and how do you know my name"? So, hooray for fixing that minor hole.

They missed a comma after "Who do you think you are" though.

All right, at least Chaud has an excuse: this would be classified information.

You guys didn't change this to "jack out". 0/10 localization.

I guess it kinda works if you imagine that MegaMan needs to pull out of the system? But yeah, this should really be jack out.

No thanks to CHAUD.

Chaud is cool, while Froid is surprisingly warm-hearted.

MegaMan expects snarky Lan.

Yeah, if we don't get to the new Starforce content soon, there'll be riots in the thread.

I can't wait to be utterly disappointed.

Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get in the way again.

Lan and MegaMan: inveterate meddlers.