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Part 29: Basstard

Update #6: Basstard

Overview: Finally, a boss worth talking about in exclusivity. OSS buffed Bass' HP to 1,500, which is no small-change in Battle Network 1 (with nerfed folder possibilities). Bass' ability to deploy nigh-undodgeable attacks means you'll have to choose your chips well. Your chip-order is probably more important than what you actually bring.

Bass will move about 3 times and shoots an AirBurst down a single row. His next move will go into the back column and do 1 of 3 moves: blue, red and yellow AirBurst. When he does, his Aura is dropped. If you have a move that deals 200+ damage, interrupt him NOW. If he performs a blue charge, don't use Barriers, this move will pierce it. Otherwise, you have pretty much open reign. If it's red, Bass is still open for very long, but you'll want a defense. If it's yellow, Bass is the least open and just worry about defending through it. This is better shown than read, so check the video.

Top Tier

: Honestly the best chip for this fight. Flinches Bass. Farmable. Can be used by both characters.

: Deploy this when Bass is charging, and his Aura will be broken and continuous damage will be applied. Very efficient.

: Gotta restate, since this flinches Bass. You'll need this.

: Bring Star Force MegaMan. Just do it.

High-Average Tier

: D-code, so not too many options, but hey, 210 damage.

: Somehow DOESN'T flinch him. Game pls.

: The Blue AirBurst pierces Barrier. Just something to take note of.

: Bass loves the back column. I swear these chips were made for this boss.

Suck Tier

: High damage. But unless you have AreaGrabs, good luck.

: The last of this will flinch, but you need to flinch at the right times. The parts where you really need to hit Bass is the time where Mine isn't useful.

: Lot of damage, but that danged Aura will make using this much harder.

: When the Aura inevitably drops, feel free to use this for a very quick 180 damage. Small window of opportunity, so don't put in too many.

: You'll need to use or , but that's still 200 damage.

Avengers EndGame Spoiler Assholes Tier

: Nerfed hard. Only decent as a small damage supplement.

: No.


: Bass can float over holes. Useless.

*Disclaimer: the Thunder piercing the Aura in the video is due to the LifeVirusSP cheat I still had on. Ignore my idiocy. Or laugh. Your pick.