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Part 30: yopyop Is God Tier

Bonus Update: yopyop Is GodTier

No Yeti here with me, today. It;s the update you've all been waitingnot waiting for!


I'll just link the video. This showss off using MegaMan(BN), MegaMan(SF) and ProtoMan to take down Bass. You can unlock Bass as playable character, but only after 50 multiplayer matches. Sadly I can't show this off.

It's possible to stack up your bombs -- you'll see this at multiple points. Have a bomb, stand near another Bomb Item pick-up. When Bass draws near, you press B, quickly pick up the other bomb and press B again. It takes some practice, and I even flub it a bit, but this is how you kill Bass really quickly.

When you die, Bass will usually speed up by a factor of 2 and just outright kill you. I got lucky at the end with finding Super Speed Up and catching him with a bomb.

It's possible to go up to 3, but that all depends on how the bombs decide to spawn. I've never seen it go beyond a 3-hit, so I doubt anymore is feasible.

When you lose, Mr.Prog gives helpful hints. The hints he gives in multiplayer differs from the one in the story, and in fact, the multiplayer hints tell you how to unlock GutsMan *.

If you win in under 2 minutes, you get a total of 20 points, vs. 55 for 1 minute. I don't like the steep drop. They should have divided the tiers by another 30 seconds. 1 min. 1:30 and 2 minutes.

It's possible to get it under a minute, but the bomb spawns and Bass' initial speed all play a factor, and so, a lot of it is luck-based if you want to go for a certain time.

Yes. I had over 1,000 from just playing. Remember, these rewards are all infinite.

Just the usual grind. Anyways, that's it! Hope you like the minigame.