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Part 18: Yeti's throwing S-hade ranks.

Update #17: Giver Forgot A Title So I Get To Roast Him Now

seriously though what kind of idiot loser forgets to put a title

Flood their servers with shitty cat gifs.

I imagine that every SciLab official is immediately shitposting at them non-stop.

You fool, you're making the orbs touch!

Christ. ClockMan with his uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and Wily with his eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keys.

I think everyone just has stuck keeeeeeeeeeeeeeys on their keyboard.

Well, shit, it had to be built somehow. Call in the APC-130; I have the Killstreak for it !

Maybe they air-lifted in all the supplies.

I plumb reckon he's a downright Southerner he is.

Walking is just to much work. (Translator error, whoops! Yes, it was there in the original text, but that's no excuse. Especially since they're so proud of their work, right?)

Hahahahaha, Yeti is throwing some shade this update. "But Giver, you missed this one minor change, as well!"

Right, this is your clue on where to search, but it's honestly quite easy.

Well, if we don't know how they get in, who would? And if you still don't know, MegaMan's hint is pretty good.

Wily absolutely loves to give away his identity and broadcast it on national television.

Gotta get that recognition somehow, right?

Now I'm picturing a rocket with hands hacking on a tiny laptop.

...I mean, it's not out of place for this world's tech? I wouldn't put it past them, anyway. Though more realistically, the rocket will contain a NetNavi that will transfer itself to the satellites and take control. Or a virus. Maybe of the Life variety.

Dang, poor Haruka. Her sons are always marching off to war. If you talk to her as an NPC...

Aw jeez, don't make me feel sorry for Haruka.

You'll see a weird bug in that video where ProtoMan randomly takes 150 damage at 0:25 and the final hit...without me hitting him. Twice. This is like the 3rd or fourth obscure bug I found so far. I'm a bug magnet. Hire me, Capcom.

Imagine the poor dev that gets your bug report. "Yeah something just did 150 damage and I don't know what or why, have fun. No I can't recreate it, why do you ask?"

Bustin' a bomb.

I empathize with this NPC.

Why am I laughing at this?

W-Wow, I forgot how dark the first game could get, that humor is pitch black.

Yeah, sure. Ask your nearest 11-year old to save you.

Only 2 Quiz Giver NPCs in this game. Ho-hum.

I am not screenshotting the answer.

It's Yai, right? It's gotta be Yai.

Ms. Mari teaches Spring. Ms. Yuri teaches Summer. There has to be some name-pun I'm missing.

Maybe some sort of character joke? I don't know Japanese at all, so.

Even if this was your first game, come on now.

I really want to meet Bigsby now, though, dude sounds rad.

Better. But all they did was re-use one of NumberMan's dungeon questions.

If you get this one wrong, just delete your save.

Or maybe they're not paying attention to - yeah no if you get this wrong what are you even doing.

The game barely mentions it, and only at the start, but yes.

This one is fair to miss, though.


Actually trickier in old-school BN1 due to not seeing the names on the map.

It's a cross-shape, but that doesn't help much.

I was so tempted to say a stuffed Lan.

That's Lan's room after Thanksgiving.

Told You So, Bitches posted:

Game please.

I like the implication this screenshot brings.

Not...bad, but nothing super good either. Ratton3 in OSS is decent, and the code is fine for M-Code usage like Quake 3.

Plus it's a Quiz reward, those are very rarely worth it.

Spoilers: I'm bringing this NPC back for Chrono X.

*The thread better remember this.

*The thread will remember this.

This seems like a bad trade, but a lot of players that I see hate getting Wood Aura due to tough formations and the droprate, so this gives them another avenue. Thing is...Ratton 3 drops from the same area the MegalianW's do, so you'll eventually get the chip if you try for long enough.

I'll just take the new code since I have it anyway. It still isn't better than LeafShield C, in my opinion.

Chips is chips. Even when he has to give up three chips to get one.

There's no way this is worth it.

Top-secret, you say? It better be damn good and super-rare for needing 3 V3 Navi Chips-



I had to grind for the rest of the HP memory's. He has 4, and since they increase in price by 3,000 each time, it wasn't enough. Now I'm broke.

You monster, why would you ruin your perfect level total like that.

While I'm cleaning up the Net, let's take care of the bosses and fill out what I can.

I got this in every fight, and it fits well with my C-code majority.

Hits everything on the field. It'll even auto-hit SharkMan while he's hiding. sHaRkMaN iS hArD.

But, but, but, but sharks.

This chip is really only good for viruses. You can use it on MegalianW for easy WoodAura chips. It's fire, piercing through the Aura and can hit him twice if the head is out. And MegalianW has enough HP to get two-shotted by this. Think about chips and how they can be used to counter difficult enemies.

I'll be honest, if I tried to make a better deck than the one I curently use I probably could. I just don't want to bother since it's a pain for this children's card game.

Unfortunately, I was running around for two fucking hours to find these bosses. There aren't any SubChips in the game. Virus after virus after virus just kept coming. 40 minutes just to find ClockMan! FUCK!

All that money from viruses(roughly 400-550 apiece) paid off. 42k-->480-->187k-->12k. It's like the stock market. Geez.

Gotta spend money to make money. Or, in this case, spend money to buy HPMemory.

No more lv. 69 Yeti.

You're a horrible person.

Since I had an unplanned 2 hour grind session, I'm chucking my excess into the chip trader.

"FAC" For FAC this game.


Adding the rare codes to my ever-growing horde.

The Buster chips are always weird, but more codes is good I guess.

"some strange men". Are there more people than Yahoot and Wily left? The old WWW operators? Speaking of, where the fuck are they?

But oh no, how will we manage to find Wily now? Game's over, rocket launches, bad guys win.

Don't tell me they printed "TO WORLD 3 BASE" on a fucking train ticket. Jesus.

The transport officials are in on it as well!

Let's go buy another one!


I do like the implication that Lan asked the conductor "Can I go to World 3 base with this?"

I like the reply of 'Yeah I guess you can but not here, we don't run a train there.'

I'm really surprised no-one bothered to investigate this. You'd think the government would want to know about something like that.

Once more, Wily's schemes are ruined by sub-par contractors building his infrastructure.

Oh, Christ, it was next to the school? No-one looked into this!?

H-How. Though I guess we know why Higsby was sent here? And why Yuri was dragged into the https://www. Also, if you examine the statue before triggering the flag (talking to the second Metroline guy) it mentions that the statue was a mysterious gift for the opening of the school.

Which means that Wily's been planning this from day one.

I hate all of you. Their plans could have been stopped so much earlier. It's been at least a month going by one of the earlier textboxes. I hate all of you.

All of them. Useless.

God dammit.

To make matters worse, this cutscene has a huge issue on "less-than-legal" alternatives. Should you choose to play on emulators, you will get a crash.

To fix it, you'll have to input this cheat as an AR code:

Fix Secret Station emulator crash posted:

::Fix Secret Station emulator crash
521A7380 797968BF
121A737E 00007969
021A7380 DA04290D
D2000000 00000000

Hopefully the translators fix this.

Blinky you god-damned troll!

It's always nice when he comes to help out the commentary.

Lan walks up, hits a wall and falls down. This is something from like the Three Stooges and I love it.

Maybe it swung open and then closed really fast?

This alarm going off has no repercussions. Also, having a loud alarm would just alert more people to the secret Metroline, you know.

"daaaad pls help"

"Dad we got owned by a gate, please do something about it"

It's like the old trick of turning back your computer clock to keep using trial versions of certain programs.

In this case, it's probably just a matter of editing the data on the pass.

He looks so proud to be helping his son. I like this screenshot a lot.

Dads gotta show off too.


Never stop charging!

We cut to this after entering.

Looking out for your son means sending him off to his potential death.

Yuichiro, what are you talking about, you literally just sent him unaccompanied to the enemy base, how is that looking out for him.

This makes what happens at the end of BN3 sadder since Yuichiro let it happen again, albeit almost.

See this dialogue? It's sweet. Reminds me of Geo and Sonia's exchanges 2 scenarios ago.

You can really tell they love each other. They don't say it outright, but the conversation is right there. Good job, writing team.

Says you. You've never seen me S-rank.

He says this immediately after promising Haruka that he'd look out for them. Dad of the year, right here.