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MegaMan Battle Network: Operate Star Force

by giver336, GeneralYeti

Part 16: Ya wanna backtrack some more huh?

Update #15: Ya wanna backtrack some more huh?

This update may be shorter than usual since my housing situation is a bit fucky. The show must go on.

I think someone put a virus in Giver's electrical box. Quick, send a NetNavi to get it taken care of.

And we're back to our regularly scheduled BN1 plot. Hope you haven't had too much fun.

: With the Super Dragonballs, I can summon the Life Virus and destroy that pesky operator!

All the world's SuperPrograms are mine!

Now I'm picturing Wily with a doge head.

Such virus, much wow.

Wow. Dr. Wily is actually tired of monologuing and laughter. Is this a moment of meta commentary by our Capcom developers?

Look, he's getting old, okay? That kind of thing really takes a toll on the lungs.

In addition to we need a delete emote.

But Tadashi Hikari is dead, asshole.

Wow, talk about holding a grudge.

We cut to Lan receiving an e-mail, and wow nice textbox.

Fuck no.

God no.

A dude with a red jacket seems a little blue. Blue because MegaMan kicked his ass and blue because sad. This series and its puns holy shit.

...Wow, that's... and wasn't ProtoMan's original name Blues?

No. I'll do what I want. Instead of checking in on Chaud, let's see how our useless friends are doing.

Probably still being useless. Though you might be able to fight GutsMan again.

8 year old girl knows a lot about the Undernet. Seems legit.

Knowing about it is one thing. This lady talks like Yai's actually been there.

No RollV3? Useless.

That'll show her.

No new information? Useless.

This is the first time you can access the Teacher's Lounge. You know, that one room Lan was in when he was fighting Higsby. There aren't any items in here, so I really don't know why it was restricted. It just makes finding Ms.Mari that much harder because you expect not to be able to go in here.

Ms.Mari's just really good at hide and seek, actually.

And you kind of need to find Ms.Mari for the hint to the puzzle in this scenario, so, dick move, game.

The problem here is that Ms.Mari was always in the other rooms, so coming in here seems... pointless.

Descriptions suck. Yeah, I really don't know why this room was locked. You can't jack into the server behind Lan, there, so it's basically fluff.

Though it makes sense that Lan, as a kid, might not know what everything is called. I think he learns the name for these in later games?

Hey MissEchelon, it's Gunther.

Net-battle chicken!

I have a lot of Zenny saved up, but I want to buy out literally everything because why the hell not. With each chip in this store having 3 copies, that means I'm about 110,000 Zenny. Let's fix that, shall we?

It's okay, you can just go fight viruses for a while.

No, I didn't cheat. You should know how I did this, by now.

But I will cheat now. So let's do precisely that.

Cheating is perfectly acceptable in these situations.

We're gonna head on over to the Network menu. The bottom screen eventually moves to a standard Name Input screen, but I didn't get to capture that. Wait, name input?

Hooray for immaturity

Oh for the good old days before they had profanity filters.

Select this bad boy with your cheat enabled.

You're gonna select this cell, and yes, Bass F is still an event chip in this game. Capcom please.

Wha -

Move over here and grab the new event chip they added: Rogue B. Only way to get it is to go to a now-unavailable Capcom Event, stand in the proper place, and download your chip. No way to earn that in-game. I am not surprised.

Oh shoot, that's... well, new chips I guess.

New to OSS, the event chips show up as separate spots in your library upon acquisition.

We're going to skip putting in Bass because I don't want to break the game too badly. But we'll be using Rogue since the main starforce content is over with. Also, damn, nice chip art.

I like it, almost as much as I dislike Rogue. (I dislike Rogue a lot.)

Rogue does 60x3 to the entire column that the closest enemy is located in -- provided that enemy was on the middle square. Rogue then does 60 to each enemy it hits in subsequent columns.

That's actually really neat. The wide sword beam is nice for clearing out weaker enemies, at least.

And we're going to be using this chip that we got last update. My folder is set up to test some Program Advances, so pay no mind. And damn, really nice chip art.

The art in this game for the new stuff is surprisingly good. I'm impressed that the interns did that well.

MegaMan SF S summons Omega-Xis to do a BeastSlap on the first 2 columns of the enemy field, then the first enemy on the field is locked onto by Geo. Geo then follows it up with a FighterSword, totaling 200 damage to the enemy getting hit by both attacks.

I... don't remember him ever having a FighterSword in the game.

I was actually wanting to use these so badly with Geo. With his lock-on ability, Burner would find so much more use. To my dismay, Geo can't lock on with this chip.

The few fucking attacks I want to use it on, I can't. Not even shit like RingZap would work. Why Capcom!? Why!?

Because the interns didn't have that long to work on this game. They did a good job but you can't expect perfection.

What, only now? Also, despite the fact I have Geo selected, the Overworld is still MegaMan. I get why, Capcom, but you went through the trouble of making full Overworld sprites. I assumed you wanted more mileage out of it.

It takes the regular Navis time to catch up to recent events, obviously.


It's currently October, or should I say Spooktober ooooh spooky scary skeletons

ClockMan's dungeon is permanently gone, goons. Sad, because it gives a more convenient place to farm some chips.

The time zone has collapsed, obviously.

The game is clearly not having any of my bullshit with these letters. This PA is still a disappointment, only doing 200 damage spread.

It looks cool, but damn it's not useful. UGH.

That looks really neat, though. Shame that it's garbage.

BigStraight PA was buffed, actually. From 250 to 350. You couldn't buff PowerCannon, seriously?

No, must punch harder!

LifeSaver was actually nerfed hard. Instead of being a full heal and 30-second invis timerin Battle Network 1, you only get 500 HP and 10-second Invis in OSS. Oh well.

It's time to unlock these. Yeti, do your work.

Ugh... Time to backtrack for hours... Thankfully, I don't have to deal with random encounters because I'm a dirty cheater.

Boo. We get these for free, game!

Welcome! We're at 5/3/5 now.

PowerUps are always welcome in this house.

Each of the early Battle Network games usually has a reward hidden under a bridge. I kinda like this troll.

Hahaha, that's rude.

FighterSword B? That completes the set of B-coded sword chips!

Who needs to buy HP these days?

Hopefully not you, you're broke as fuck. Haven't been fighting many viruses recently?

5/4/5 now. Just one more. And I think I know where it is, but that'll likely be in the next update.

Replace 'Chaud' with Giver and Lan with Yeti's avatar and it still fits perfectly.

Yep, that's accurate.

...what? The secret metroline under the school was stolen? Huh. It weirded me out since we don't even do that this scenario.

I'll be honest, I completely forgot this text was here.

How did I forget about this?

This text, on the other hand, I remembered. Please stop talking about the elementary-school kid's fingering skills.

SharkMan got a buff as well. Going from 90 to 110 In effective range, it's the same as IceMan really, so I don't get it.

Time to play NPC tag, guys.

Ugh. Can't this mopey loser just stay in one place.

I already formed the PA, so you can have these chips.

Only place to get Recov300 in the whole game, so you better do this trade.

We cut to Chaud harrassing a poor woman. The parallels are starting to show. Uh-oh.

Chaud, please. You need help. Lan isn't going to give you help, but you need help.

Ever since Chaud lost to Lan, Eugene's been off his game.

: I fucking that Hikari kid.

Looks like someone's embarrassed they got caught asking some random women on the street weird questions.

You know, Lan, you are interfering with police business. Chaud does have every right to tell you to leave.

"Why would I ever need your help, Yeti? Out of my way!" See? It just works.

What a jerk...

I guess you can make the argument that the ClockMan scenario makes Lan pro-active approach at the end of the game a bit smoother? I don't know. Was this an issue in Battle Network 1 to begin with? Keep in mind I said issue, but the writing will always be, well, Battle Network.

The writing was fine in my opinion. Dad asked Lan to do something, so Lan jumped at the chance to make his Dad proud of him by helping out this jerk he'd beaten up just a little while earlier.

Well, hopefully first-timers have been paying attention when they get to this point, because this is basically a gimme.

There's not that many NPCs in this game, so even if you just go around talking to everyone it shouldn't take long.

Higsby. Learn how to speak.

The trick is remembering you can go around the counter to talk to Higsby.

We went into the Goon Shop and had Tor installed on our PET. Joy.

No really Ubunto is so much better than Wondows see you're going to love it after you relearn how to do literally everything

They overdid his speech tick in this game, I swear.

Eh, early BN writing. Plus, speech tics are a huge thing in most writing like this as a way to easily differentiate between characters.

Hah, Higsby was a puny C-level.

What do you expect, he was a merc that got hired to attack some random elementary school. Though given the WWW's general competency level, I wouldn't have been surprised if he got way more access than he needed.

Don't mind me. Just making sure there's a nice little S-rank on my list.

And that box is checked, nicely done.

Yeah, don't go to the one in Undernet 5. Higsby can't get in over there.

I really don't think Higsby would be brave enough to go to the Undernet. He'd be the type of guy to look in there and then brag to all his nerd buddies about how tough he is for wandering into the Undernet.

Hooray, we found a typo!

Strong virus?

Oh boy, a fight!

Hey, not too shabby. Those HardHead2's will open at the same time to destroy 2 of your panels. Then FroShell3 over there will launch a crapton of cannonballs on your field in an attempt to lock you down.

That shield doesn't like to open up unless it's hit with a lot of damage. So use AOE moves like Quake and Fighterswords.

The nice thing is, 80 HP isn't a lot by this point in the game. If you can remove one of the HardHeads, then the danger drops immensely.

Zenny'd! !

You were just complaining about needing money, there you go!

Sweet, we can cover the four Undernet areas we missed from my postgame stretch!

Ugh, more places for me to go...

Screw the server, I want chips.

Fuck you Higsby.

Well YOU'RE useless.

Fuck youuuuuuuuu. I just came down here. I would have gladly taken care of that first! Dammit. Well, there's no point in exploring now, so I'll take care of that in the next update. Let's end this on a proper note.

This game really loves padding things out, huh? Oh well. That's a systemic issue with games made back when they needed to be a ton of hours long, because that's the only game a kid was going to get for a month, half a year, a year, however long. If they finished it in a day and a half, then that's wasted money.

ClockManV2 does literally the exact same damage as Version 1 just like every boss in this game. The only difference is that Rogue swings for an additional time, as well. And the SF2 boss theme carries over. It wasn't just for ClockMan, but it affects all Ghost Navis.

And he doesn't drop a chip. Instead, he drops the Zenny he would have dropped back in the scenario. This is a really weird moment of inconsistency.

But here is your real treat. It does even more damage than Double Hero in this game. We'll check out Clockman V3 and his chip later.

I like that it needs Barrier for whatever reason, but at no point do you get or use a barrier in the animation.


Whatever you say.

Some people.