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by giver336, GeneralYeti

Part 28: ClockMan and the PostGame Navis

Update #5: ClockMan and PostGame Navis

The video containing all of these are at the end of the post. They're just grouped up.

Overview: Operation Shooting Star's new boss is actually not too bad. He was programmed like a later BN-series boss, sporting some decent ideas here and there. It's a shame ClockMan's in a mostly-unchanged Battle Network 1.

His movement pattern goes: Move-Move-Pause/Attack. If you interrupt him on that third action with a chip that does 90 damage or more, he won't attack. With proper timing, you can cancel the clock's attack in the background.

Top Tier

: Put this down whenever he's about to attack. Easy interrupt.

: If ClockMan goes onto your side of the field, you have a small chance at dealing double damage. Otherwise, it's good for a near-guaranteed hit that breaks Clock Hands.

: Same as above

: Abuse the movement pattern to know when to attack with these. Can also destroy his Clock Hands and deal sizable damage.


: Good option. Deals enough to flinch his moves and break a Clock Hand at the same time. Timestops, so your S-rank timer is safe. Not Top Tier since it's only 10% of his HP.

: It's not bad. Breaks the hands and causes him to flash, possibly skipping a Clock Attack.

: Can be a bit of a crapshoot but if he never attacks it, he will be super susceptible to its damage output.

: I guess. But that's only if the attack was close to your hitbox to begin with.

Suck Tier

: He moves fast enough that I don't see this hitting at least 50% of the time.

: You destroyed the Clock Hand...Yay?

: I would only recommend these if there were elemental advantages to exploit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tier

: Really not sure why you would choose this.

: no

: He moves around far too much for you to hit with this.

: What are you DOING!?


(credit goes to some dude on some no-name website)

Overview: MagicMan literally does not flinch. You are free to wail on him as much as you desire. Most of the viruses he summons aren't that strong. Spooky3 is the biggest threat by far. You need to bring massive AOE attacks. Not hard since this is BN1.

Top Tier

: Tough to ask for anything more of a counter than this. Only 2 viruses exceed 150 HP: MegalianA and StormBox, at 200 and 180 respectively. Still massive damage all around.

: Double kills galore. Bring 5 of these.

: Be a man and put the smackdown on this encounter.

High-Average Tier

: Most enemies will come to the front, but I prefer to use this on MagicMan himself. He doesn't flinch so he's potentially eating massive damage.

: The viruses don't fly, so you might have a niche for this chip.

: Good damage; similar range to Quake. Elemental.

: Hey, it's good AOE damage. Not-elemental, though.

Suck Tier

[img][/img]: You have better NaviChip options and yet you choose to go with these.

: Fuck you, MagicMan.

: There many better ways of doing what you want.

: I mean, you have AreaGrabs...

Escapes the bottom tier thanks to buffs and SF MegaMan. But that's it.

"I hate Giver; He Bullied Me" Tier

: Wow. A good NaviChip being unapologetically bad because of the fight's design. Kudos! Presented without a hint of sarcasm. No, really.

: Can't hit him. AreaGrab won't let you focus the last two columns.

: Are you even paying attention?

: Who the fuck thinks this a good idea? I would sooner recommend Shockwaves over this.


: Even General Yeti would mock you for your skills.

: I think you know why.


Overview: Much like MagicMan, he, too, cannot flinch from your attacks. PharaohMan is frankly a joke. Just avoid the traps on your field and his AI falls apart. If you stay in the front and out of a sarcophagus' row, then you're completely safe.

Top Tier

: Shares a code with Gaia3 and doesn't cause flinching. High damage.

: Throwing is your friend.


: Use his own move against him. Works pretty well.

: Guaranteed damage. Just eats it.

: Regenerates in-between sarcophagus summons. With this up, he can't damage with anything but the Ratton attack if you don't step on the traps.

High-Average Tier

: It's real easy to time this. Knock out 20% of his HP just like that.

: The sarcophagus can mess with the cloud, so time this right. If you do, you'll get at least 3 hits in.

: Feel like rolling the dice? You'll get roughly 7-8 hits per chip that can be combo'd.

: With good timing, this works out pretty well.

Suck Tier

: Well, you have a small shot of landing a hit. Small.

: Fuck you, PharaohMan.

: Use his own move against him. Doesn't work well.

: The only one of this series that works, and hardly at that.

Universal's The Mummy Remake Tier

: I don't even know where to begin, but NO.

: Yes.

: The only way to hit him with this is to trigger the arrow move. Why would you do that?

: I'm going down, down, down in a shocking ring of thunder.


(seriously? no good .gifs of shadowman.exe? This fandom is slacking)

Overview: Probably the hardest Navi to S-rank outside Bass. ShadowMan spends so much time in the air where he's effectively invincible. This eats away your time creating a frustrating experience. You're going to want high-damage combos. Be aggressive. This isn't Battle Network 1 where you can have 5 ShadowMan V1 and just win. You'll probably want to take a risk or two like I did.

Top Tier

: His own chip is good against him simply for the raw damage that's required.

: He doesn't flinch from this. ABUSE IT.

: Track the real one and let loose with decent damage. You'll need to protect it by shooting the clones.

High-Average Tier

: Spray and pray, basically.

: Doesn't cause him to flash and lets you do a quick combo follow-up.

: Catch him with this with proper timing when he comes down. 200 damage is not to be sneezed at. You'll need all the damage you get.

; A good damage supplement. Follow it up when he lands.

: Pick your moments very carefully. One bad decision and he'll punish you with a ninja star.

Suck Tier

:When he lands, he has a moment where he pauses. Maybe you could make this work if you had follow-up.

: Wait until he lands and use StarForce MegaMan. Otherwise, forget landing these.

: Those ninja stars will expose you. Just stop.

: Yeah, this just isn't really gonna work.

Narutard Fanboys

: We are reaching levels of stupidity previously thought impossible

: Would you use a slow-homing attack on a fast character?

: Feel free to try, but I think you know how this turns out.

: I don't wanna talk about it.